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Community Level 1Maggie-May


Fantastic Mr. Dahl does it Again!

AdvantagesExciting and descriptive - encourages the child to read too!

DisadvantagesFor the above reasons, may be a little too graphic in description for younger children

"...working his way through all the Roald Dahl books, and has this one on audio which he loves. He listens and reads at the same time. An audio book is the ideal introduction to a new author or to add extra interest in one that is already well loved. It has been a wonderful way of maintaining that bedtime story as well when he doesn't always want Mum or Dad to read to him anymore. This audio book was taken to school and has been integrated ..." Read review

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Community Level 1marie2005c...


BEWARE witches are real.......

Advantageswonderfull story


"...wonderful teacher. The audio books teach the children to listen as well as gearing them up to want to read the books when I first started reading to my son at 4 year old I found that after a while he got restless and fed up then a friend passed on her audio tapes and i found that he was very captivated the narrator told the story wonderfully and often he he would ask me can we listen to the story again and as he got older he was reading the books ..." Read review

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Community Level 1artybloke


thumbs up for Dahl's toeless creations

Advantagesbrings Dahl to life, and truer to the novel than the film

Disadvantagesmay be a bit scary for very young children

"The plot? Turns out Witches arn't merely myth, but are in fact all around us, and focussed on eradicating children from the face of the planet. Wouldn't it be great then if a child was to turn the tables and get revenge on the Witches?... Roald Dahl in audio book form has got to be a blessing. With Dahl's book as popular as they are your child will most likely be requesting The Witches is read to them countless times, and so by buying the audio ..." Read review

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Community Level 1djkg2005


About the book

AdvantagesA book for both children and adults to enjoy

DisadvantagesMay be a little scary for younger children

"...women, but loathe all children. The seven-year-old hero and his grandmother go against them at a convention for witches where they are plotting to exterminate every child in England. The boy is taken in by his grandmother (who knows a lot about witches and what they get up to) after his parents die in a car crash. There is a great bond between the boy and his grandmother, a strong understanding that goes on even when the boy gets turned into ..." Read review

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Community Level 1zella123


Amazing real witches

AdvantagesFun,Exciting book


"...and again until i finished the book. This book is not an story -tale it is an true story. Everbody should buy this book because it is a fantastic book everone should have the whole collection because Roald Dahl is the number one author of the year. This book is fun and exciting when the little girl's grandmother is ill the doctor tell's the little girl that she can meet her grandmother. In this story the witches do not look like witches because ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jessie567


How to handle a whitch?

Advantagesfun, amazing book


"...do something not imaginable. If the whitches were working on a typing buisness letter or a casher on a supermarket they will be stillbe thinking about all the bad stuff they need to do when they gety home, stuff like killing some body. If the whitches were living in an ordainary house a normal woman- like doing stuff like anordainary woman, and some normal jobs if the whitches do that stuff. it would be hard to catch them because u are doing normal ..." Read review

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