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Create Your Own Theme Park...Wooohoo!

AdvantagesFun. Easy To Play

DisadvantagesA new copy can be expensive

"...improve. When I saw this Theme park game for DS, I knew that he would love it, as it is a great example of the type of game that he enjoys playing. We actually owned the same game on PC about 10 years ago, but unfortunately, when we updated to a new computer, the game wouldn't work, so I had to get rid of it. It was a really popular game for PC when it came out and I was very interested to see how the game would translate to the DS format and ..." Read review

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Take your theme park eveywhere

AdvantagesIts a classic game and its fun to relive the nostalgia

DisadvantagesThe AI is terrible, the music and sound effects are annoying and you can only save one theme park

"Do you remember Theme Park for the PC? It was a game where you ran and managed your own theme park. It was released originally back in 1994 on the PC (I have vague memories of buying this in the big cardboard box you used to get PC games in and playing it using floppy disks lol) A couple of years ago Theme Park was re-released for the DS. The idea of the game is really simple. You get given a plot of land on which you have the task of creating a ..." Read review

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Community Level 4hi_nicola


A Top Strategy Game

AdvantagesIdentical to the PC version, complex


"Theme Park DS is one of those games that appeared quite randomly. As far as I could see there was no advertising for it whatsoever, and I probably wouldn't have known it even existed if a friend hadn't mentioned it to me. With that being said, did they keep the game hidden for a reason, or is this actually a worthwhile copy you should definitley consider picking up? I can guarantee the majority of you will have played the PC version of this game ..." Read review

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Theme me up

Advantagesunique features, good tycoon style

Disadvantagessmall screen affects gameplay

"When I saw that Theme Park was available to play on the DS, I simply had to buy it. This was because the game transports me back to my childhood Ė I whiled away many an hour in front of my PC playing this game. I had two questions that needed answering: 1) how would the game transfer on to the DS, with itís smaller screen size and more restricted controls and 2)how would it live up to my fond memories, was it really that good? THE IDEA BEHIND THE ..." Read review

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Theme Park (Nintendo DS) Review with images

Advantagesfun addictive game

Disadvantagesgraphics need improvments

"...too example "welcome to my theme park" You are them taken to the page where you can set the levels you want to play at. There are 3 different levels that you can play at, sandbox, Sim and full. Sandbox is the easiest level there is, Sim is where you have a few more responsibilities where you control the people you employ's wages. Full is where you have to control everything from the rides, management, payroll and more. I always play on sandbox just ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sakura_latte


Theme Park DS: Is it as good as we remember?

AdvantagesAs addictive and entertaining as ever

DisadvantagesA couple of weird bugs, only one save slot.

"...as it's easier to read) Theme Park DS in terms of the game as a whole, rather than in comparison with earlier versions: NOTABLE GOOD POINTS - Once you work out the controls, it's fairly easy to get into without having to read the instruction manual, especially if you've played the original. - The advisors, although a bit rubbish (see below) are useful for reminding you to restock, raise ticket prices, etc. - You can choose from three different ..." Read review

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Community Level 1surveyboy999


A standard port of a block buster game?

AdvantagesEndless amounts of features, great replay value, easy to pick up & play

DisadvantagesFar too much to think about & rather out dated graphics

"Theme Park on the Nintendo DS is a mildly exciting port of the classic game franchise from the PC. This is the original outing and has been followed by many sequels, and even inspired many separate series. Big names such as Rollercoaster and Zoo Tycoon, all spawned from this game's humble roots. As you would expect the game has been updated with touch controls, a nice interference, a tutor (to guide you park building) and has just been generally made ..." Read review

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Theme Park - relive gaming memories - back on the Nintendo DS

AdvantagesAddictive and fun game to play

DisadvantagesCan get repetitive, needs missions and challenges

"...for the Nintendo DS game, Theme Park, developed and published by Electronic Arts. The game, like its predecessors on other consoles and on the PC, is to build a theme park including the rides and infra-structure and keep your guests happy as they explore your new park. The concept of this game is quite simple, research and build rides, build infra-structure such as paths and food outlets in your park, and then open up your theme park to the paying ..." Read review

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Theme Park: Nintendo DS

AdvantagesEasy to play, lots of options, hours of play.

DisadvantagesPoor graphics.

"...PS3 games when I spotted Theme Park for Nintendo DS for just £4. Now, being from CeX, the game was second hand, but it was in good condition as the games usually are in there. Online the same game will set you back just under £25 new, which I couldnít really justify paying as I hadnít really heard of the game before and knew that it would probably only be something I used for a few weeks. ==Playing the Game== The basic idea of the game is of course, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2skipper6


Theme Park is a classic

AdvantagesJust like the original and totally addictive

DisadvantagesNo challenges to work towards

"...was delighted when I found Theme Park as I always loved this game when playing it on the PC when I was younger. You have to design your own park with rides, shops and features whilst keeping your visitors happy. Employing staff and servicing rides is also a key feature. It is very easy to play on the DS as you use the pen to place items that you need. I was a little disappointed that there are no challenges or objectives to complete as with the newer ..." Read review

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Community Level 3blossom11


Creating your own park couldnt be more fun



"xxINSTRUCTIONSxx Theme Park is not a very complicated game, and in the begining they will give you a choice of guides who help you through the game. You will be asked for your name, your gender, your blood type (do not know why), your birthday and a message. To continue press R. Then a map will appear just press ok. Now enter your park name your game mode your level and if you want a tuturial or not. Now you can choose someone to help you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rubyramone


Theme PArk (DS)

AdvantagesFun game, very much like the original, perfect for theme park fans or strategy fans

DisadvantagesNot really many new ideas, sometimes too addictive

"...You have to start a theme park, add new rides, amenities, shops and staff to build a successful themepark. What I like about the DS version as there are different styles of play such as easy, difficult and hard and also some where you have banking responsibilities and have to negotiate with uniopns. You can choose at every level whether to make it easier or more difficult depending on your experience in the last country. There are a wide number of ..." Read review

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Theme Park DS



"Theme Park for the DS is a game where you can build and run your very own theme park, you manage money, rides, advertisement and also researching new rides and surroundings with the main goal of making a profit and making your customers happy to do so. This game was first released for the snes and other platforms around 1994 but now its been re released with its same great charms for the Nintendo DS. This is a great game with lots of hours ..." Read review

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Community Level 2MyViewMatt...


Your Very Own Themepark

AdvantagesFun and you get to use your imagination

DisadvantagesCan take up alot of your time

"...game you build your own theme parks and make money from theme park goers. This Nintendo DS version is a re-make of the 1994 version and is very very similar indeed. The game was released in 2007 and probably brought back alot of memories for people. It certainly did for me. I remember playing this on the Playstation when it first came out and was very addicted to it then. When I think I have got rid of my addiction, they bring it out on the Nintendo ..." Read review

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Community Level 4katherineh...


Park and Ride

Advantagesexcellent variety of things to do, good graphics

Disadvantagessmall screen size makes it difficult to play

"I loved the Theme Park game on my PC, so when I saw that it was available for the DS, I jumped at the opportunity of purchasing it. For those unfamiliar with the format of the 'Theme' games, they are basically simulation games where you have to make as much money as you can!] In theme park world, this involves starting a theme park from scratch and building it as you like - designing the format. You also have to hire scientists and spend money ..." Read review

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