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Community Level 9LostWitness



AdvantagesFree, easy to use, informative

DisadvantagesSmall area of coverage

"...most people probably regard the Thomson Local Directory as a secondary imitation of the giant Yellow Pages. Personally speaking, I’ve always tended to use the Thomson rather than Yellow Pages, simply because it is better laid out, more user friendly, and covers a smaller, more focused catchment area. About the Directory =============== There are currently 173 regional versions of the Thomson local directory – 39 of which are printed ..." Read review

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ybd@thomsonlocal.com BEWARE SPECIAL DEALS

AdvantagesVery quick and efficient and helpful in taking your money.

DisadvantagesYou will not be recompensed for poor service or non-delivery of goods

"My recommendation is BEWARE of this company and the deals they offer. I bought and paid them for a 32 gb memory stick from a partner business (which has hundreds of bad reviews in different places on the net). I later found that what they had advertised at 67% off can be bought a lot cheaper elsewhere and other similar spec. devices are being sold for half their price! It never arrived and I was not refunded the £3.50 shipping charge. They are offering ..." Read review

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AdvantagesThe area manager who tried to resolve this matter was really good

DisadvantagesI don't think I need to say anymore.....

"...i start? I was contacted by thomson local in january this year. the rep arrived stating how good thomson were and the usual sales talk but one key thing, she did not know the prices! She asked me to sign a blank order form so she could fill in the prices when she got back to the office ! The company name was spelt wrong on almost all correspondence, even though i brought it to there attention on several occasions. It took me several phone calls ..." Read review

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Community Level 1silklady


Find any place inThomson Local Directory

Advantagessaves money.easy to look up numbers


"...from my point of view Thomson Local Directory is a good book.You can find any place you wish to find and the phone numbers.I think it was a good idea to bring out a book like this it saves you lots of money,as you would phone operator for a number which costs alot to dial and put throw.Thomson Local Directory is a easy book to read printing is large enough to see even if you wear glasses.It as some glossy adverts in it of things you really need to ..." Read review

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Thomson Local, Leeds Highly Incompetent



"...have had numerous problems with Thomson over just about all the listings we have with them, on paper and on their website. During these problems they make many promises to call back, which rarely happens. One time our agent just went on holiday without notifying us and when we called she said she couldnít help us. The office staffs donít have the knowledge to be able to convey the technical aspects of a design so it can be produced. This has resulted ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Belski


ThomsonLocal.com and online advertising

AdvantagesMore 'friendly' and work harder for their fee

DisadvantagesCan't buy online yet

"...as traditional printed directory advertising Thomson are also providing a range of online advertising packages. The packages range from the straightforward online directory listing through to pay per click packages. The added bonus is that Thomson distribute their listing to a huge network of partner sites AND are a Google reseller. The pay per click packages are specially designed for the smaller business and come with an account manager to explain ..." Read review

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Community Level 0MarkDanks


Dont publish bad reviews

AdvantagesNone at all

DisadvantagesPublish Lies about Bogus Traders

"This whole site is a complete waste of time since for years they have been plugging esther rantzen why trust anyone else. I have not had one of my bad reviews about companies published as yet. I have looked through the whole site and I have not seen one business get less than 5 stars. Yell with TrustedPlaces allow the good and the bad to be writen to allow people to make up their own minds. If all this site is all about is allowing bogus companies ..." Read review

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Long wait and big disappointment

AdvantagesCustomer service was polite and at least I am sure to be getting part of my money back

DisadvantagesSuch a long wait to be told it was not going to happen and not offering a FULL refund

"...taking up future offers from Thomson Local! The company that I will now be chasing for refund of my Postage and Packing is Fabgifts the only comment I can make about my communication with them is abrupt and not particularly helpful. ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: not helpful

Community Level 1zed2gud


From Hell

AdvantagesJohnny Depp never seems to disappoint!

Disadvantagesbad reviews from others!

"A great film with an even greater cast. Heather Graham is portrayed in a positive light despite her profession which is very interesting to see and Johnny Depp is brilliant as always. He plays a detective very well but unfortunately all does not end well... But i wont spoil it for you! The identity of this gruesome murderer that seems to have little compassion for women is kept hidden until the end and certainly is suprising! The time in which ..." Read review

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