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Take your Thyme!

Advantageseasy to grow,good health benefits,flavour

Disadvantagesnone for me!

"...started. ***************** There are numerous varieties of thyme including the wild Thyme I love to see in Provence and lemon Thyme. I grow the common Varity known as Thymus Vulgaris. Thyme is really easy to grow and requires very little looking after. I bought my Thyme in pots from a local nursery but it can easily be grown from seed. Thyme does best in a sunny warm spot with well drained soil. It is a native of the Mediterranean where it grows ..." Read review

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Make Time For Thyme

AdvantagesVery forgiving and easy to grow, attracts bees, hardy, great for cooking, lots of varieties

DisadvantagesJust for once I really can't think of any

"...have three different varieties of thyme growing in the garden, each has it's own distinct scent, taste and look, but all three are wonderful plants. There are literally hundreds of varieties of thyme available, from the vulgar (or common) thyme to the far more unusual pine thyme. What these different plants have in common is that they are generally fairly compact plants that spread to create ground cover, produce tiny flowers that are a favourite ..." Read review

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Community Level 6phoenixgreen


Thyme for Tea

AdvantagesA wonderfully adaptable herb that's easy to grow and looks lovely (to humans and bees!)

DisadvantagesNone at all!!!

"Thyme for Tea! I love my herb garden – originally a square plot of ground in the vegetable patch, and now moved to pots and tubs in a sunny corner of the garden to make space for courgettes and lettuce – it gives me great pleasure watching the bees go daft for the scented rosemary and thyme flowers, and it makes the taste of my culinary delights so much better! My herb collection at the moment consists of about 3 small potted rosemary plants which ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Freespirit


Thyme for Tea

AdvantagesA beautiful and versatile plant with both culinary and medicinal uses.


"Thyme is, in my opinion, one of the most useful of herbs and a very versatile garden plant as well. I would argue in fact that this herb is, if not itself the king of herbs, certainly a member of the royal family. Common thyme, thymus vulgaris, is a perennial herb with a woody stem which grows quickly into a small shrub about 45cm. While there is nothing wrong at all with the common thyme there are over 300 other species many of which are more ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Gardenex


Thyme to grow this herb

Advantageseasy to grow , many choices of variety


"Thyme is another great addition to the herb garden. Thymus vulgaris can in fact be grown just about anywhere that is not waterlogged ,and has full sun. Light , well drained soil is best though , slighly on the alkaline side . Thyme is a perennial and there are an absolute multitude of types and varieties to choose from. Here a few of my personal favourites. T - citriodorous " Archers Gold " has lovely pale green leaves which are attractive in ..." Read review

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Community Level 4loulou6


It's thyme to use this herb

Advantagestastes yummy in food, easyish to grow

Disadvantagestastes horrible in tea

"Thyme used to be grown in monastery gardens in the south of France, Spain and Italy around the Middle ages for the use as a digestive aid, cough remedy and a treatment for intestinal parasites (no, not Alien3!). But poor old thyme, it’s sometimes seen as the ugly duckling of the herb world. It doesn’t have the extravagant display of blossoms that sage does, nor does it have a distinctive taste like tarragon. But it IS an invaluable ..." Read review

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Thyme for a review

Advantagesgood for cooking, medicinal properties and nice in the garden

Disadvantagesnone it's good gfor you

"Thyme is one of the best known herbs there is, but not only is it a pretty flowering herb to have in your garden, it is also good for lots of ailments. Thyme is a perrenial plant which means it grows all the year round and doubles in size every year. There are lots of different types of thyme you can grow and buy from the health shops. I prefer to grow my own then I can nip outside and cut a bit off the plant for medicine or cooking with. There ..." Read review

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Community Level 1billy1970


beautiful coverage

Advantagesgood coverage


"thyme is a herb that is used quite often in cooking of different meals, usually to add extra taste to something or to marinate meat before or during cooking. thyme will grow pritty much anywhere so is a realy easy plant to grow, it is found in the wild usually growing in dry grass lands, heaths and dunes, Thyme produces a beautiful pink flower from april to september so will look good aswell, it is a ground hugging plant which when crushed ..." Read review

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