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Community Level 3happyhopwood


Growl, Easy Tiger

AdvantagesThe 3 Cs - Characters, Courses, Controls

DisadvantagesNo Create-a-player

"Argh, the latest installment - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 - and what a gem it is. Firstly, we need to go through the basic facts of the game, such as courses, characters, controls etc. CHARACTERS Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 boasts the biggest selection of professional golfers across any platform, on any game. Some of these include; Tiger Woods, Mark O'Meara, Justin Leonard, Mark Calcavecchia etc. However, there are many fictional characters, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gizmo007


Everlasting Fun

AdvantagesBeing Tiger Woods, Beating Tiger Woods

DisadvantagesKeeps you inside a little too much

"...they are very addictive. Tiger Woods 2003 is definetly no exception, it is a very fun game that you never want to stop playing. NEEDED INFO Everyone knows how dominate a golfer Tiger Woods is, so when you see a game with his name you just need to play it. Everyone wants to be just like Tiger Woods or they all want to beable to beat him at golf. Well obviously in real life you will never beable to do either of those, so this game is the closest ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dazza12


Well well welll



"The last Tiger woods game, Tiger woods 2002 was in my eyes a masterpiece. I played it on the Ps2 the controls were easy and made the game that much better. I have always felt that if the controls arenít that good it takes that edge of the game and I end up not playing it. The last game I experienced this with was the getaway I played it for all of three minutes then turned it off and havenít played on it since. Anyway back to the game that Iím ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Pilling


What fantastic fun

AdvantagesGreat playability

Disadvantagesnone as yet

"...about computer golf games, but Tiger Woods Golf 2003 is absolutely fantastic. Aside from the incredibly high quality graphics, which really do make you feel as if you are there, the playability is superb. It is worth running through the short tutorial at the beginning as this is both clear and helpful. You learn how to play each type of shot, how to put spin on the ball, how to add extra power, appropriate club selection and how to deal with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tomfay100



AdvantagesIt has very good quality!

DisadvantagesNot very good if you dont like golf

"It is the best tiger woods geme ever made. It is the first tiger woods game made on the x-box. You can play many types of games, they are: match play, speed golf, skill golf, skins, pratise and a tournament. Match play is when two players play head to head against each other. This is very good if u are with a friend. 8/10 my opinion. Speed golf is where u hit and run, who ever completes it in the less time wins the hole. This is good if u want ..." Read review

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Community Level 1manchester11


x box

Advantagesthe xbox has good graphics

Disadvantagesits big

"the xbox console caused a big uproar when it was first released last year. I thought to myself that it was a brilliant console and a definate must have computer gaming device. I was wrong i jumped the gun. At the time the x box was out so was the playstation 2 now with the x box being made by microsoft i assumed that it was the best console that could be purchased. Ok it has the facility to record cds onto the console and you can use x box live on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1paranoid_d...


Tiger Woods 2003

AdvantagesFantastic Realistic way of playing computer golf

DisadvantagesNeeds more courses

"... IF you can unlock super tiger woods you will be sorted, he is class or you can build your own player and use another players body. Then by working through the game you are able to improve you player until he is able to hit 370 yd drives and get 20ft of backspin. Makes it a real hit and you will fall in love with the game. ..." Read review

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Tiger Woods Pga Tour 2003 (xbox)

Tiger Woods Pga Tour 2003 (xbox)

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