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AdvantagesGreat fun, great quality


"==Tobar Catch Ball Set== The Tobar Catch Ball Set is one of those items that we have had kicking around since I was young and Mum managed to keep it up until now so that we can use it with Jack and he is really enjoying playing with it, much like I did. This set is really old now but you can still pick up the set from a ton of different places both on the high street and online. I think we probably purchased it from Woolworth's when that was ..." Read review

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An outdoor game suitable for all the family.

AdvantagesAlmost endless hours of fun, great value for money. Great for co-ordination.

DisadvantagesThere are very few different games you can play with this product.

"...the catch ball set from Tobar was one of my favourite garden toys. I remember this toy because my set was exactly the same as the one in the picture! There is a hard plastic round pad - the similar size to a small dinner plate. On the back of this are a couple of slots through which the black Velcro straps attach so you can wrap them over the backs of your hands and attach them securely to the pads. On the front of the hand held pad is a bright pink ..." Read review

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Tobar Catch Ball Set

AdvantagesA good childrens game

DisadvantagesCan get a little tedious after a while

"...my family last year a Tobar Catch Ball Set. The set basically consists of two ‘bats’ which are completely circular and have a Velcro strap behind the bat pad which you use to attach your hand to the bat. The front, circular part of the bat is completely Velcro. The game is made for two players and if you wanted more players, you would have to purchase more than one set. Within the set you also get a tennis style ball. The idea of the game is ..." Read review

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Catch ball!

Advantagesfun for children and adults

Disadvantagesball can be hard to remove, sometimes velcro pulls off

"...that I purchased was the tobar catch ball set and it cost me around five pounds for the set. The tobar catch ball set is basically a set which can allow those with poor coordination the opportunity to try and join it at a catch game which makes it ideal for children. In the set you get two catch pads and a catch ball. The catch pads are basically a circular piece of plastic which is covered with Velcro covering the front of it, half of the Velcro ..." Read review

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Game of catch anyone?

Advantagesfun for all family, cheap

Disadvantagesnot fantastic quality

"...soaked up the sun! The Tobar catch ball set is basically two round discs and a ball which is roughly the same size as a tennis ball. Each disc is around 18.5cm in diameter and one side of the disc is covered with bright pink and green velcro. The back of the disc, or pad as it is also known as, is a hard plastic and features an adjustable strap so it can be fit to any size of hand. The "tennis" ball is also brightly coloured in pink and green and ..." Read review

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Excellent toy

AdvantagesCheap and fun


"Tobar Catch Ball Set It wasa really nice day tthe other day and my eldest and youngest children came around with their children, it was such a nice day that we sat in the garden and the children played games and one of the games was this Tobar Catch Ball Set This set is a great and simple idea for young children to be able to play catch with a ball and a catcher, my grandchildren are seven and nine and found this good fun as they didn't lose ..." Read review

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Who Knew a Tennis Ball and Some Velcro Could Be Such Fun?

AdvantagesEasy to play, inexpensive, amusing for a wide age range

DisadvantagesSet is not very robust, difficult for younger children to remove ball between turns

"A neon coloured tennis ball and some velcro-lined plastic discs might not sound the obvious combination for hours of outdoor family fun but that is, in a nutshell, what a simple Catch Ball set consists of. The idea is very simple, making the game easy to play. This is a game for two people with each player having a plastic disc which attaches to their hand using an adjustable strap. This simple design means that the game can be enjoyed by all ..." Read review

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Anyone for a game of catch?

AdvantagesCan be used by anyone, anywhere.

DisadvantagesDoes slip on small hands.

"...ball sets. I got this Tobar Catch Ball Set a few years ago as a fun game to play on the beach. It comes with two pads and one ball. The pads have a velcro surface on one side and plastic on the other with adjustable velcro hand straps. The velcro is half green and half pink and the ball is created in a tennis ball fashion but with the green and pink colours also. The idea of the catch ball set is to throw the ball between a pair. This is a ..." Read review

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Catch the ball with a sticky bat.

AdvantagesGood for those with poor co-ordination


"Tobar catch ball set. I am going to tell you about a catch ball set from tobar toys. This catch ball set consists of neon green and red furry tennis ball and 2 Circular neon green and red pads these are 18.5cm in diameter. The back of this pad has a strap which you put round the hand. Easily held by a child or adult hand. When the ball hits the pad it will stick to it, so not any good to use to hit the ball back with. A game can be ..." Read review

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