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Community Level 2buyer991


All across Europe with my TomTom

AdvantagesSmall neat device that works well and excellent navigation software

DisadvantagesNon-replaceable battery, maps getting out of date

"...Cameras Plus services from the TomTom web site. THE RECEIVER The new MkII version of the receiver is a flat silver dongle-like gadget with a hole at one end. It doesn't say anywhere what the hole is for but I suspect it is for a neck strap (although none is supplied). It's very small and light, quite rugged and quite stylish. Although the supplied software only works on PDAs or smartphones, the receiver itself is an ordinary Bluetooth device ..." Read review

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Community Level 1p-sutherby


TomTom v5 - Good software with some minor bugs

AdvantagesEasy to setup and use, Clear maps, Works great!

DisadvantagesSome minor bugs, Costly to keep maps up to date

"TomTom Navigator brings the market leading SatNav software and functionality to a PDA. Plan your routes with your preferences (avoid toll roads, fastest, etc). The software is very easy to install - just run the CD on your computer and it copies the files to your PDA - easy! This does take a long time however so dont think you can just install and use in 5 mins... set it going whilst you are doing something else and leave it to it. Once the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tekcom


Top class piece of kit

AdvantagesCross-platform compatability

DisadvantagesComparative cost, maps not up to date

"--INTRODUCTION-- TOM TOM has been a strong contender in the GPS / SATNAV market for a long time now. Before they branched out into the standalone-unit market, they were involved with churning out software and GPS receivers that could deliver what they wanted. This is my second TOM TOM product that I have bought, that tells you a few things about me... Either I don't know what I'm talking about, and just choose to buy whatever I can find. Or ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fcampbell


Getting you from A to B, via C

AdvantagesAttractive on-screen display, re-routing ability, simple to install

DisadvantagesDoesn't always pick quickest route, needs a decent-sized screen for best results

"Tom Tom is probably the market leader in terms of satellite navigation, and putting the software on a mobile phone or PDA seems the logical solution - after all, who wants to have their windscreen/dashboard cluttered with several electronic devices? Navigator 5 is not the newest version, but it is still a fantastic choice if you have a PDA running Windows Mobile 5. The software and maps arrive on an SD or miniSD card, and while this only has a capacity ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Purpletige...


Some interesting journeys.

Advantages3D Graphics, voice instructions, Bluetooth capability, PDA compatable.

DisadvantagesMaps Not totally up to date.

"I purchased TOMtom Navigator 5 in a package with a Palm Tungsten T5, described separately. This package is one of the most up to date and easy to use of all the navigation systems i have tried. With a compatible bluetooth PDA it works well and i am sure with a dedicated bit of hardware works even better. The standard functionality allows you to program routes using an address, a postcode or just searching a map. You can also view the route ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Leedle


Navigator 5 - never get lost again!

AdvantagesCheap way to get satnav in your car

DisadvantagesCan be time consuming and awkward to get hardware working

"...some research I decided that Tomtom Navigator would be my cheapest option. Tomtom are well known for their Navigator software. Version 3 was widely used on both Palm and Pocket PC platforms with both a wired and bluetooth GPS unit available. Version 5 of Navigator offered a few new features, one of the most appealing being a full UK postcode search to find your destination. The software set up process is very easy, just connect the PDA using ..." Read review

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Should you Tom Tom?

AdvantagesHelps you find your way in new areas

DisadvantagesA pain to install,

" Tom Tom navigator 5 This sat nav system is available for most PDA and Mobile 5 phones; you can purchase this system in a few different ways. It can be bought as a complete set, which includes a 128mb SD card, Instructions, Product code, and Wired GPS receiver. OR as 128mb SD card, instructions, Product code, and Bluetooth GPS receiver. Both for around £ 199 Or just as a 128mb SD card, with instructions and Product code. For around ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pehorts


show me the way tom tom

Advantageseasy and intuitive to use

Disadvantagesi have only found 1 minor bug so far

"tom tom 5 is very easy to set up, I recieved mine pre installed on an sd card with my pda so i cant comment on installing from scratch. i did start playing as soon as i took my pda out of the box and charged the batteries. the navigation system uses the sirf II satelite system, with 20 satelites in view at any one time you can be sure you will quickly get a good signal, i usually get a usable signal within 30 seconds of turning tom tom on. if you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1glennbailey



AdvantagesClear Mapping, Clear intructions, Good Maps

DisadvantagesMaps can get out of date quite quickly

"...but if you use the TomTom GPS device, or a built in one, this is just a one click setup. Using TomTom is very simple; everything is assessable by the very simple menu system. Choosing your route is a matter of typing in the town, street and number, or you can use the postcode feature. It is very simple to setup favourites too, again just type in the address, and add it to the favorites. There are a few options you can enable via the TomTom website; ..." Read review

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Community Level 1choudhury3...


The Best Sat Nav Software for PDA's

AdvantagesComes with software pre installed on the memory card and a registration card. Install software activate the software and away you go

DisadvantagesInstalling the software and the initial setup can be a bit tricky, but worth the extra effort.

"Very simple menu system and easy navigation on the device. Clear screen layout with good quality maps also downloadable from the free membersite (www.tomtom.com). Clear quality voice navigation as well. Adjustable screen colour for night mode. Set your own point of interest through the map (i.e shows petral station, cash dispenser, hospitals, airports and othe interests that you decide to have). The product I bought had toll area and speed camera ..." Read review

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Community Level 2evergreen46


A way to get lost?


DisadvantagesExpensive way to get sat nav

"...itself is much like the tomtom one. It does not contain europian maps but with a purchase of a larger card, this maps, can be added at tomtom rates. The unit itself comes with an option to have tomtom plus, traffic, spped camera locations, weather etc/. but depending on your PDA which you must own (or compatible phone) you may not be able to use it. To update the maps is simple and all done via the PDA but is expensive. Start up time is slow at times ..." Read review

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tomtom shows the way

Advantagesbest brand

Disadvantagesnot the cheapest

"...everyone will know about the TomTom software.The map detail and presentation on the screen is excellent and whether you decide to use 2d or 3d mode you will be impressed by what you see,you can also change a lot of custom settings with tomtom,you can decide what points of interest it displays on the map(petrol stations,tain stations,ATM's etc),you can also decide how it calculates the best routes when navigating(you can go for shortest routes or quickest,you ..." Read review

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