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Journeys are less stressful with TomTom

AdvantagesSome useful features, clear instructions on screen at a glance, good lane positioning advice

DisadvantagesA few annoyances, but nothing major

"I bought this TomTom for my husband last Christmas, to replace the awful satnav we had previously been using which we discovered was impossible to get updates for, rendering it useless. It was on offer in Halfords in the run up to Christmas, costing me around £80. Aesthetically, the TomTom is fairly standard in size, with the screen measuring 4.3 inches. This is the perfect size to be able to see the screen easily at a glance, without it blocking ..." Read review

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AdvantagesEasy to use, no need for a map

DisadvantagesSometimes wrong

"I was given a TomTom for my birthday a couple of years ago now as I have a tendency to get lost. I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever so a satnav was a must have for me. From a practical point of view, it is much safer to listen to/glance at a satnav than it is to try and read a map or directions whilst driving. So if you find yourself getting lost a lot like me or if you travel a lot for business etc. then a satnav is a neccessity. ..." Read review

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A Larger Faster TomTom XL

AdvantagesBigger and Quicker

DisadvantagesOngoing issue with updating maps

"...off with the basics, the Tomtom XL comes with a bracket on the back to attach to your vehicle screen. It charges at the bottom with a standard USB lead, the power bottom is displayed on the top and of course touch screen. In the box you get a charging cable, a USB cable, however no plug although this seems to be standard with a lot of electronic devices nowadays. This means you can only charge it through the likes of your laptop or car. The last thing ..." Read review

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All the quality you expect from a TomTom

AdvantagesBig screen, quality of the screen, flawless navigation.

DisadvantagesNone to mention!

"This was my first sat nav that wasn't on a mobile phone, and the first thing that struck me was the quality of the screen. The size of the screen makes it really easy to use, and I've never had any problems with the navigation itself as I've had on the mobile phones (asking me to turn left when actually the road was just a sharp bend.) Having the speed limit at the bottom of the screen is also really useful. A few people seem to have had trouble ..." Read review

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tom tom one xl

Advantagessimple operation inbuilt safety camera detection comprehensive coverage

Disadvantagesmounting suction cup prone to lose grip on bumpy roads

"The TomTom one xl is in my opinion the best navigation aid in it,s price range. Further I would with no hesitation say. it gives systems out there that cost £3000 or more a run for their money. Having previously owned the TomTom go. which I found to be of great usefullness . This improved and updated device satisfactoraly adresses any slight niggles the TomTom gomay have had. I found the route calculation speed to be fast The device also has many ..." Read review

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TomTom XL Classic Local Satellite Navigation System

TomTom XL Classic Local Satellite Navigation System

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