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Community Level 2onthebeach8


Rub it on your teeth

AdvantagesCheap easy to use, lasts for ages

Disadvantagesnone as yet !!

"I discovered the tooth stain eraser about 5 days ago when i was in Superdrug !! I'm not a believer in new high tech equipment that claim to take away the stains, BUT , this gadget is small, has a little handle and a small pointy bit at the end which looks like an eraser . It was £2.95 and i thought , not too bad a price , i'll just give it a try . As about a month ago i discovered stains , on the back of my bottom set of teeth.It's probably ..." Read review

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Community Level 5anjib


I don't smoke honest

Advantagescheap, hopefully will help son's teeth staining

Disadvantagesnot a permanent solution

"I have suffered with a chromogenic tooth staining since I was a little girl. I remember having flouride painted on my teeth to help them (that sickly sweet banana flavoured stuff). It of course had nothing to do with the staining and is no longer used as it makes the teeth mottled and grey. The staining looks as though I smoke heavily or drink black coffee by the potful. It is mainly on the front of the top teeth and the back of them all. I have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2samc


Minor miracle for manky molars!

AdvantagesRemoves stains with ease!

DisadvantagesNone so far.

"The product is very easy to use. You simply rub the metal tip gently but firmly over the stain, changing direction every few strokes. It is totally painless and although I suppose it must work by some sort of gentle abrasion, it doesn't feel as if it is scratching the tooth. My teeth did feel very slightly rougher when I first used it, but after cleaning with a regular toothpaste they feel perfectly normal. I looked at this product last week, ..." Read review

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