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My Top 10 Scents Review with images

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"...the café section about my top ten favourite perfumes. Perfumes are pretty important to me, I have been collecting perfumes for a number of years now; most of the time I don't buy a perfume because it smells nice, ill buy a perfume if I like the shape, design or colouring of the bottle. I pretty much like any type of perfume as long as its not too floral, such as they type of perfume your granny would wear like Coty L'aimant etc. I like a wide ..." Read review

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My top 10 signature scents Review with images

AdvantagesBeing knowledgable about scents

DisadvantagesLoving perfumes can be a costly hobby

"...bottom but narrows towards the top in a concave fashion where it finishes off with a rectangular top. There is an envelope-shaped dent in the front and back, it serves as a grip on the bottle which is quite heavy and bulky compared to the amount of fragrance it contains. The stopper is golden with a 'tie' neck on the front and back with a round top. '''The fragrance ''' '''Top notes: '''orange, bergamot, mimosa, jasmine The first impressions ..." Read review

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I'm not an addict........

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"...first thought about writing my top 10 perfumes I realised that it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. Not just because I had to wade throw several thousand bottles or so it would appear that litter my dressing table but because I started to think about all the perfume I’ve ever used. No sarky comments about that must have taken you months please! If I’d have written a top 10 favourite perfumes opinion ten years it would have been a hellva ..." Read review

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Smell you later!

AdvantagesVariety is the spice of life!

DisadvantagesToo many choices can be confusing!

"...occasions. So here's my top ten: 10. Flower by Kenzo It's called Flower for a reason. This is a lovely floral scent that is also musky. I like to wear this on summery days. I say its a good scent to wear to a summer wedding or party, because it get more intoxicating with warmth. It's very feminine 9. CkOne by Calvin Klein This is a lovely lemony scent. It was the first unisex fragrance and in my mind is the only good one. Somehow it manages ..." Read review

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Happy Memories

AdvantagesMakes you smell great


"...back. Here are my top 10 ‘perfume memories’ in descending order: 10. CACHAREL – probably the first ‘proper’ perfume I had as a very young teenager. I was sooooo cool wearing this!!! A lovely light perfume. 9. CK1 by CALVIN KLEIN – My sister gave me ¼ of a bottle of this when she got fed up with it. I made it last ages by only wearing it on very special occasions. It never did help me to pull! 8. LIGHT BLUE by RALPH LAUREN – This floods back ..." Read review

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