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Community Level 6magdadh



Advantagesvariety of known cbeebie characters, good educational activities, cheap

Disadvantagestoo heavy on formal school skills, I don't like their approach to parents (plugs, patronising explanations)

"...always remove the offending freebie toy before passing the magazine into their little hands. We have a mixture of activities from clearly formal-educational (counting, writing, letter recognition, sorting according to size etc.) to more play-orientated (story, picture-comic like story, board game, maze-tracing) to ones aiming at the more creative/artistic side (colouring, tearing out shapes, drawing). I have to complain here; I am annoyed at all ..." Read review

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It's great for the little ones

Advantages Cheap, contains more than one character, lots of things to make and do

Disadvantages None that I have found

"BACKGROUND My little boy is a huge fan of Bob the Builder. He is also into a variety of other characters from CBeebies. I like to get him a magazine every now and then for a treat. Because he is into so many different characters, it would cost me a small fortune to buy a magazine for each of them. I needed something with a bit of everything in it. THE PRODUCT The magazine I found was Toybox. It cost me 99 pence and looks as though it comes ..." Read review

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Community Level 2linasi



AdvantagesInteresting, educational *and* cheap!!!


"What would you pay for an hour's quiet play by your 3 year old? I took a straw poll among my friends and found out that that average for the hour would be five to six pounds! This magazine has been 99p for a while now, and can capture my three-year old's attention for anything up to an hour, followed by an hour of mummy-guided puzzles. Very cheap, and can save you from shoving your little darling into the rubbish bin! It's made by BBC magazines, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3cjohns


Educational fun! Review with images

AdvantagesFun and educational


"My 4 year old daughter is a great fan of Toybox magazine. The magazine is aimed at children aged between 3 and 5 years old and is very competatively priced at only £1.50 per issue, compared to other children's magazines which range from £2 upwards. The magazine contains 32 pages and is issued every 4 weeks. Toybox is a BBC magazine and is filled with all the popular characters from BBC children's programmes that your child will recognise ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kirstyemma


jump of the shelf

Advantagesgood value


"On Friday I was in Asda,s shopping with my 5 year old daughter, when she asked me for a magazine normally she would pick one up that is £2. I was suprised to see she had picked one up that was £1.10 called Toybox,it was great value for money and had alot of educational stuff in it.It includes all the latest characters like Postman Pat, Tweenies,Bob the Builder, Teletubbies and alot more. It was packed full of educational games , puzzles, crosswords, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5danniell


preschool fun

Advantagesgreat magazine


"...year old still loves the toy box magazine. It is aparently the uks best selling pre school magazine and i can see why, at only 99p per issue which are released every three weeks it is cheaper than any other pre school magazine in our newsagents and is packed full of things my daughter loves looking at or having read to her aswell as things to do and a free toy every issue, if it keeps her happy for a few hours it is a £1 well spent. This magazine ..." Read review

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