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Community Level 1kyussmondo


Highly recommended

AdvantagesReliable, great motorway cruiser, refined, great interior

DisadvantagesDull styling, rear suspension not that great for towing

"...this is a definite plus. Toyota reliability does also not disappoint. Had absolutely no problems yet after 2 years of use with 63k miles on the clock just the usual servicing. Usually what lets these cars down though is the interior which normally feels very shoddy. Not so with the Avensis. It feels like they have taken pointers from their parent company Lexus. The plastics feel solid. Usually after 1-2 years your start to hear these annoying little ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ciaobrescia


Excellent value for money

AdvantagesReliability, consumption, price, ride confort


"...Mondeo. With the new version Toyota has clearly upped its game and as well as keeping up with improved Fords and Opels is after more upmarket competition. The general quality and comfort is easily in the Passat standard, and probably also Audi A4 as well. Unless you give a high value to the badge on the front of the car, given that Toyota will also have a superior build quality to these other makes, it's hard to see really convincing arguments in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1colour_red


The mediocre hits the streets.

Advantages Large car, front back and boot

Disadvantages Everything else, it is terrible

"I once had a Vauxhall Viva running on crossply's This is up there with it. My wife refuses to drive it as she can't see out of it. Let me see. Fuel filler replaced, wrong type, kept spitting diesel over my clothes. Only a year and 30000 miles to sort out. Front seat collapsed (I weigh 11Stone), replaced. Has just collapsed again. Rear boot cover fell apart, replaced. Washers have been replaced three times, keep blocking up. Turbo ..." Read review

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Community Level 3classicmum


Not just a sales rep mobile! Review with images

AdvantagesSafety, economy, build quality, performance.

DisadvantagesTurning circle, slight visibility issues, no cruise control.

"The Avensis is a frugal, easy to drive car that excels in many areas such as ride, build quality, safety and practicality. My experience with the T3x D4D is a very good one. The car really does justify the reasonable 16K (approx) price tag, as I fail to see any competitor in this price bracket that can offer the superior build quality, unrivalled safety and sheer quality of drive. You can return around 45mpg for daily use with ease, and the ..." Read review

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Community Level 19124polly


2004 T2 D4D estate

Advantages nice dirve economic

Disadvantages this car could kill you!!

"...problems has been modified, but Toyota are not recaling those with the faulty wishbone. the car is lovely to drive bur the clock has never kept time form day one always running 2 minutes slow. even when i set it 4 minutes fast within a few weeks it is 2 minutes slow again. i may have a Friday afternoon / Monday morning car. But the attitude of the toyota company customer services has left me cold. as soon as i am financially able i will change this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1marting007

Quick review of Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D Saloon

"I use this car for business. I've got a 52 reg with 130k on the clock. Problems... none. The comfort is good but lacks a centre arm rest and cruise control. I get between 47-58mpg so its good on the diesel. Pulls well and cruises on motorways with ease and you know you still have plenty under the bonnett if you need it. Good size boot. Even after the miles i've done in it the rattles are minimal and the engine is still quiet. Personally I would spend extra and get a T3 or T4 you'll get years of reliable, comfortable motoring from this car.

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Community Level 1andythemull


The best car I have owned in 20 years

Advantagescomfort, economy, performance beyond what you expect of a diesel

DisadvantagesThere just aren't any

"I cannot speak highly enough about this car. I am a 25k miles a year driver and required a car that would give me value for money, economy, comfort and a feeling of luxury whilst maintaining a level of performance. This car does not dissappoint in any area. The economy is 50 to the gallon, and the trip computer is superb in assisting me to achieve this. The performance on the motorway and urban makes the car feel like a petrol engine. Once warm (after ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ksaund


Diesel Power - Not enough

AdvantagesAll the extras as standard

DisadvantagesLack of power

"...while to get used to. Toyota seem to have acknowledged this and improved this on the new Avensis. The diesel engine is very economical, I get 44 mpg even when using the air conditioning in the summer, well for 1 day anyway! I'm not sure what will happen to the fuel consumption if we get 2 hot days next summer. There is a down side to having a diesel, they lack power and require frequent gear changes making overtaking difficult. Toyota have addressed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1munchulas16


Toyta avensis

AdvantagesGreat fuel consumption

DisadvantagesParts are exspensive

"The Toyota Avensis is a very reliable car. The fuel consuption is very good at around 40 mpg. Value for money The Toyota Avensis is great value for money because it has a range of gadgets and gismos ranging from eletric windows to air conditioning. A brand new Avensis could set you back around £20,000. But for this you get a very large boot ( around 500 litres) and a 2.0litre engine. Quality of the car The car is very reliable and rarely goes ..." Read review

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