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Community Level 4opinion-ma...


A 'Lexus' for family car money

Advantagesvery safe, stylish, well built, executive image, loads of toys, flexible engine

Disadvantagesslightly harsh ride, slightly louder level of road noise, Optitron lighted instruments

"...the Avensis. I read that Toyota used Lexus as a benchmark, and I can very much believe that and my Mercedes E class (99 reg) is quite agricultural in comparison. The flexibility of the 127bhp 1.8 engine is very good, and pulls much more cleanly off the line than my 2.4 V6 Mercedes engine and exhibits more torque, so it doesn't require much revving to get the most out of the engine, I can get away with gear changing at 2000 rpm. However at the top ..." Read review

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A Good Japper Made Here In The U.K.

AdvantagesReasonably priced. Extremely reliable. Economical to run and maintain.

DisadvantagesA bit sluggish. Lot of road noise. VERY intrusive seat belt warning.

"...The latest model of the Toyota Avensis follows admirably in the footsteps of its predecessor. In a previous incarnation, the Avensis was called the “Carina”, and even today you can still see hundreds of this excellent car, and the old model Avensis, on the Dublin taxi ranks. The Avensis took over where the popular Carina left off, and the newest model to hit the showrooms will without a doubt continue to increase Toyota’s considerable ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sadoldbag


Toyota Avensis T4 Spirit Auto 1.8 saloon

AdvantagesGreat value for money, reliable, looks good, very safe car, loads of gizmos

Disadvantagesno rear wash/wipe, no MP3 dock, not brill on MPG, expensive parts

"...getting old and unreliable. The Toyota was the only other car I found with a such a big boot. I can get a big pushchair, a pile of random junk, a week's shopping and baby paraphernalia in it with no problem. I think it looks great - though the boot does stick out. It is one of the safest cars on the market - it got top marks for in-car passenger and driver safety according to Which (5 stars), though only slightly below average marks for pedestrian ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Whinger


In most cases this car IS a winner!

AdvantagesComfy on long trips, Reliable, Safety Features

DisadvantagesVery Few, except the mpg in town at rush hour

"...it is after all a Toyota ... isn't it !?!!! I have heard of some tough-luck stories re this model but by and large the car seems to me to be mechanically 'bulletproof'. In fact it has never let me down save for a leaky water-pump replaced at 90,000miles. The car has since done 134,000 miles and is still going strong. The used car salesman that I bought from told me that the lean burn engine Avensis was reputed to be good easily for 400,000miles if ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jayin


A wolf thats not in a sheeps clothing

AdvantagesWell built, smooth gear changes, very safe car

DisadvantagesHandling not so good

"...I was left with the Toyota Avensis VVT-i 1.8 T3-S. Performance wise on paper, this was as similar to my Honda that I would be able to get to. It was supposedly more fuel efficient, and due to the low cost of Toyota part, this model was cheaper to insure than my Honda. I have only managed to get between 120-130 Mph in this car, which I was quite disappointed. Being the same engine size as the Honda and also possessing variable valve timing technology, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Asif


Wouldn't buy one brand new

AdvantagesRelaible, Good level of equipment, smooth drive

DisadvantagesExterior styling

"...never had any problems and Toyota has an exceptional reputation for reliability anyway. This experience has left a positive impression and this is why I would consider the Avensis again, but as a second hand car. With all the equipment listed above and the reliability factor, this would be a good second hand buy. Why not buy brand new? Personal choice...great car, but lacked in the overall comfort area (i.e. interior seats, cabin look and feel, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wacjac


The car in front is erm.... NOT a Toyota

Advantagesnice styling, nice drive, lots of good gadgets

Disadvantagesreliability on early models

"...- it had Peaugot and Toyota on it, and also some quite high spec'd models from the ranges too. After extensive trudging around the possible manufacturers dealerships in the local area, and after much deliberation,I plumped for the Toyota Avensis 1.8GLS 5-door saloon in a beautiful head-turning 'Carribean blue metallic'. I would state at this point that this report/review is not centered around cost/value - as you will appreciate this would be ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tetsuocloud


Wise Choice

AdvantagesSpacious, Big Boot, Comfortable, Sat Nav, Climate Control

DisadvantagesNo Voice Control, No Leather as Standard

"Toyota have always impressed me from the various fleet cars i have driven,Toyota have always come out top against its class competitors. So there is was no surprise when i found my self in a toyota garage looking for my next private car. I opted for the T4 automatic option (manual available), when test driving i really didn't realise how easy it was going to be to drive. All the controls were where you would think they'd be and no hunting through ..." Read review

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Community Level 2aurian


Good car, pity about the headroom

AdvantagesLooks good

DisadvantagesHeavy brakes, lack of headroom

"...both been admirers of the Toyota Avensis since it appeared on the market and intented to purchase one on replacing our current vehicles. It was thus with pleasure that we found we'd been allocated a Toyota Avensis during a week's vacation to Scotland visiting family. The car looked good (although we'd normally go for a hatchback) and we set off with high expectations. I'm not too tall so leg room and height are rarely a problem for me, but my partner ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stevet284

Quick review of Toyota Avensis 1.8 VVT-i Saloon

"We owned a 1999 Toyota Avensis 1.8 GS estate for 7 years. We bought the car from a car supermarket with 13,000 miles on the clock and sold at 99,000 miles. During the 3 year warranty we had the clutch and a gearbox bearing replaced. Once out of warranty we had no problems whatsoever. All MOTs passed 1st time and our only expense was routine servicing. This was an excellent family car, economy was 36-38 MPG, performance good, even when fully loaded with camping gear. To replace t we have bought another Toyota.

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Community Level 2BigGip


Avensis 1.8 Gls

AdvantagesVery reliable, smooth, comfortable drive

DisadvantagesCould have quicker low-gear acceleration

"I have now owned my Toyota Avensis 1.8 GLS for about one year. Before I bought the car, I set out a criteria of what I wanted and then sought to find a car that best met my criteria. I extensively researched the car market and even got a copy of Which! magazine's car report's. Two cars stood out - the Avensis and the Honda Civic. However when taking everything into consideration the Avensis came out on top. The criteria I set in order was - reliability, ..." Read review

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AdvantagesReliability and build quality

DisadvantagesLack of performance / power

"...1.8 GS VVT-I saloon. Toyota charge £14495 for the privilege of parking one of these “things” outside your house. Toyota have long been associated with build quality and reliability, but in my opinion that is all this car can offer. So what do you get for your money? The answer, the basics! A steering wheel, five wheels and tyres – steel of course – rds radio cd, air con, electric front windows, 3yr warranty. And that’s ..." Read review

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Quick review of Toyota Avensis 1.8 VVT-i Saloon

"This car is an absolute pleasure. I purchased my Toyota Avensis when it was two years old and have found it to very ecconomical and reliable. I can honestly say that it has mechanically caused me no problems at all. My favourite aspect is the absolute comfort of the interior. I find this car a pleasure to be in and more importantly a pleasure to drive. Its the smoothest car I have ever driven. Its a very spacious car, ideal for the family with plenty of storage space in the boot.

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Community Level 1arncroach


Legendary Toyota Avensis!

AdvantagesFaultless reliability, comfort, refinement, near silence.

DisadvantagesDated interior

"...I had had my first Toyota 3 years ago, a Celica, and could not believe how together a 150000 mile car could feel. I needed a five door family car, so my first stop was to test drive a Vectra. With banger money, I was disappointed with the sheer amount of rust that these models had! Then I thought, why no try a British built Avensis. It had more room than the vectra, was quieter and according to the trade books,more economical and of course it had ..." Read review

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Community Level 1taximark


210,000 miles later

AdvantagesVery Very reliable and low running costs

DisadvantagesOlder modals now look dated and bland

"I'm a taxi driver and my 1.8 gls Avensis has gone past the 210,000 mile mark and this car has been the best car i have ever had for reliability - and for me thats paramount. Ofcorse parts do wear but i have to say the only parts ive replaced is the clutch at 190k! a few bushes at the front, an ignition switch (wear) and thats it! I would recomend this car to anyone but the only worry is beware of people flogging pre owned taxis as this car is a ..." Read review

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