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Banish that sore throat!

AdvantagesNumbs your throat

DisadvantagesNumbs the rest of your mouth too! Effects don't last the full 3 hours

"...My younger sister swears by Tyrozets when she has a sore throat and so I headed over to Tesco to hunt them down. Tyrozets are throat lozenges, made by Merck, that are available behind the counter. They come in a distinctive red and orange coloured box and are priced at £2.73 for 24 lozenges that I thought resembled the fire burning in my throat! As I’d never tried these before I read the box before parting with my cash and learnt that the lozenges ..." Read review

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AdvantagesGreat ailment for a sore throat

DisadvantagesAinseed flavour!

"...outs of medicine, then each Tyrozets lozenge contains… Tyrothricin 1 mg and benzocaine 5 mg. Other ingredients include: Acacia, magnesium stearate, maize starch, sodium chloride, sucrose, anethole, erythrosine (E127) and peppermint oil. Of course, don’t give Tyrozets to children under the age of 3. If your problems don’t clear within four or five days, then make sure you see your doctor. As basic over-the-counter throat lozenges go, then these ..." Read review

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Hypnotise that sore throat. Review with images

AdvantagesFast acting, numbing sensation calms sore throats, affordable.

DisadvantagesAniseed flavour may not appeal to everyone.

"...advice from my local chemist. Tyrozets provide rapid relief for sore throats and infections in two ways. An antibiotic in Tyrozets helps fight throat infection, with an anaesthetic quickly numbing a sore throat. Tyrozets are a medicine I came across by chance and upon a recommendation from a professional. I suppose you could say they are a secret cure to your sore throat. Having tried most of the Strepsils range and other branded throat relievers ..." Read review

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Tyrozets - Instant But Brief Relief from Sore Throat Pain

AdvantagesPleasant taste. Instantly soothes the pain.

DisadvantagesDoesn't last nearly long enough.

"'''INTRODUCTION''' I recently suffered from a nasty sore throat and after my GP declined to prescribe anything for my troubles, my wife did me the kindness of going to the chemist to try and get some over the counter medication to ease my woes. I sent her to get some sugar-free Strepsils, instead, on our local chemists recommendation, she opted for Tyrozets. Never one to turn down a reviewing opportunity, I decided a write-up was in order. '''PACKAGING ..." Read review

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DisadvantagesDidn't find that they worked to be honest

"I got recommended to try these a few months ago when I went up to my local branch of Boots, advised that I had a Sore throat and they recommended these to me. The Chemist said that these Soothe but they also Kill the infection of a Sore throat, so surely if the infection is gone, then the Sore Throat is gone? I got these in a pack of 24 and not sure if you can get them in any other pack size. These cost me £2.99. These are in a box, and when ..." Read review

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