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Community Level 5ladyboymon...


Oven passes to Bickham!!



"...am I plumped for the UEFA Euro 2004 game released in May 2004 - I sadly paid full price - £34.99 and shudder ever time I think of how many decent pre-owned games I could have bought instead - in a nutshell this game is bobbins - quite possibly one of the worst ever released on the X-Box and the worst football game known to man. The basics of the game are that you take control of one of the teams who qualified to play in Euro 2004 and using the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JJBDude



AdvantagesTeam news, scout reports

DisadvantagesNo licences

"UEFA Euro 2004 is a football game which in most people's eyes wasnt going to be a huge sucess. When there is a big football event like a Euro competion or a World Cup taking place there is normally a game released just before. The last game being released was World Cup 2002, this was lacking in peformance and because of that people expected this game to be the same including myself. Well I got the game and I was proved very very much so wrong. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bobbydave


Euro 2004 hit or miss

AdvantagesNice graphical details

Disadvantageslacks depth

"I recently purchased euro 2004 as the euro 2004 cup was taking place at the time. When i realised the game had come out i was looking forward to putting into my xbox and firing england to victory, however this wasnt the case. After playing pro evolution soccer on my ps2 i realised just how dissapointing and dull this game is. The gameplay engine is basically the same as fifa, and lets all admit (even u die hard fifa fans) it aint that great! The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1WillBP


If Beckham hadn't missed...

AdvantagesLooks great, all the real players

DisadvantagesIts just Fifa 2004 with bells on

"Uefa Euro 2004 was released to cash in on the championships held earlier this summer so I'm pretty sure that if you look around now then you should be able to pick it up for a steal. But is it worth the effort? Well yes and no. First off if you are mad on football then you may be advised to wait until Fifa 2005 comes out in the near future. If you own Fifa 2004 then this is basically the same game with bells and whistles. If you have no idea what ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CADC


Euro 2004 NO GOAL!!

AdvantagesGood graphics

Disadvantagesno different from fifa 2005

"I found Euro 2004 not much different from any of the Fifa's it is the same just no club's n focusing on Euro 2004,obviously. The realism of the game graphics wise is great the graphics are not a let down. They brought the game to life! They really captured Beckams long hair well. I also enjoyed the ability to take one country through the entire build up of friendlies, qualifiers for the actual Euro tournament. However the gamplay was not up to ..." Read review

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UEFA EURO 2004 (Xbox)

Marrying the glitz and glamour of the Euro 2004 football tournament to a highly playable ... more

game, UEFA Euro 2004 once again finds EA Sports in
fine form. The idea, unsurprisingly, is that you
take your nation of choice through the qualifying
stages and nu...

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