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Uneasy virtue Review with images

Advantages"Lord, make me good…"

Disadvantages"…but not yet." (St Augustine)

"...shying away from gilts - UK government bonds - which would be the first sign of a crisis. On the contrary, gilts can still be auctioned at historically low yields, even at yields below the current rate of inflation, which arguably makes borrowing an attractive option. Moreover, the repayment schedule for outstanding UK government debt is benignly weighted towards the medium-to-longer term, making an imminent implosion unlikely. All of this is true, ..." Read review

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We Won't Get Fooled Again

AdvantagesAlternative perspective, well-written, research-based.

DisadvantagesRadical outlook might be hard for some to understand

"...institutions (including banks in the UK and Europe). In short, banking institutions persuaded other banking institutions that the risks involved in taking on their debts were manageable. By doing so, they reduced their own risk (by off-loading debts that were high risk). This merry-go-round continued until 2007 when the US housing market imploded and people realised that many of these debts would never be repaid, and that the default rate would be ..." Read review

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Last one out turn off the lights! Review with images

AdvantagesGet rid of the fat in the public service

DisadvantagesBut a lean time for all of us

"(Written before the spending review) The national deficit is £158 billion pounds - the welfare bill is £170 billion. You do the math. Too many British people are not working, be it because they are too old or too feckless, and so the nation living beyond its means. We have to bring down that gap or the country is finished. Its Greece time! The Tories intend to do it over the next four years and we voted out Labour so have to respect it’s their ..." Read review

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You Think I 'Os-borne' Yesterday? Review with images

AdvantagesMuch needed house-keeping in UK households

DisadvantagesIts a global matter therefore should be dealt with globally via illegal tax-havens

"...finance plan has saved the UK from immediate double-dip probabilities. Sadly, the shop-door is closing at the end of December as many posts will never be re-activated, under this coalition, set on the intentional austerity measures. Impending public sector cuts *will* wipe off £84bn worth of contracts to private companies resulting in 450,000 job losses. Business models and expertise inevitably will be forced to compete in more precarious work patterns ..." Read review

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Every Child Matters...Not Anymore.


DisadvantagesHigh child death rate, false economy, less police protection, unemployment

"==On a Personal Level== So the first part of the question is how will the government cuts affect me. This isn't really the position I like to take on this because actually I'm in a pretty good position. If all goes well I'll be a qualified social worker in June and so the chances of being unemployed are slim. My wage will be slightly lower than it would have otherwise been but after living on £6,000 a year any wage is going to seem huge. If you gave ..." Read review

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Community Level 5kayleaf


Are they doing the right thing? YES!

AdvantagesCutting the debt

DisadvantagesIt's going to hurt everyone.

"I've answered half of the question in my title my saying yes I think they're doing the right thing no matter what anyone says the coalition government that came into power this year said they were going to cut the bill and yes, they are delivering, is it sounding particularly fair at the moment though? No, not really. Before I really get into this, let me describe my situation. We are a low-income, half working family in the West Midlands. My partner ..." Read review

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