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Community Level 3ciaomc


Sorry, this card is invalid according to my till

AdvantagesNew system, Innovative

DisadvantagesHardly accepted anywhere

"...bankcard. It was a Visa Electron card (the baby of the Visa Family), which had been out in the UK for a while and according to my introductory book I could use it in over seven million outlets in the UK and online. The Visa Electron uses a system where you cannot go overdrawn as it checks your balance before payment when the cashier swipes it, and, except for Barclays, will not let you go overdrawn. (Barclays offers all Debit Card Holders a ten-pound ..." Read review

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Community Level 4JADELOUISE...



AdvantagesYou don't need to carry cash!

DisadvantagesMany places don't accept it!

"...blue and green and has Visa Electron wrote on the bottom right hand corner. It also says "Electronic Use Only" on the front. The card is NOT a cheque guarantee card.(As it tells you on the reverse) ::::CAN YOU USE IT ONLINE?:::: This is a big disadvantage, the answer is YES, but on only about 2% of all websites! When I first recieved my card I tried it out on quite a few websites, only to be told "SORRY, WE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS PAYMENT METHOD" ..." Read review

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What do you mean I can't use this here

AdvantagesNon that I can think of except that it is better than carrying cash and getting annoying lose change

DisadvantagesWill someone accept the card, PLEASE!!!

"...other places) not taking the Visa Electron Debit Card. I have found it can be taken by many big names on the high street. First of all I can use it in the following places: HMV Travel Centres University (Union bars as well as other services) Electronics Boutique As well as others that I have yet to use the card in that I know takes them. Many small businesses (independent shops) take the card that is ideal if you don’t live in ..." Read review

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Community Level 5nicolemorgan


Not Just for Kids!

AdvantagesHelps you to manage your finances, Available even to people with a bad credit history.

DisadvantagesStill not accepted everywhere. You can still go overdrawn - somehow!

"Visa Electron is a debit card introduced by Visa in the 1980s. Unlike the Visa Debit card, Visa Electron claims to only allow payments if the funds are available at the time. Visa Electron is also linked to the PLUS interbank network which means you can withdraw funds from your bank account using any ATM that displays the PLUS logo. I first had a Visa Electron card with my Barclays bank account about 15 years ago. The thought of being able to sign ..." Read review

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Community Level 2the_midnig...


Power Off... The Visa Electron

AdvantagesIncreased Online Security, Will Eventually Replace The Visa, Excellent And Fast Customer Service, Usually A Good Account Package (From My Experience With Barclays And The Abbey National)

Disadvantages7.5 million outlets in the UK accept the card. 11.8 million do not, and most smaller shops havent even heard of it. Online usage is still very difficult as most sites still dont accept it.

"The Falcon writes... Whilst the Visa Electron, the new 'Electronic Use Only' card from Visa, seems like a fantastic idea since it offers increased security for internet transactions, and a long needed update to the Visa system, and a host of other things your 'Personal Banker' will speil off at you, the card has one quite major flaw. Unlike its father the Visa, which has become the global electronic currency, the fledgling Electron is not accepted ..." Read review

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Community Level 6sarahpervin


Boo Hoo I want Solo back!

AdvantagesYou can't go overdrawn

DisadvantagesNot widely accepted.

"...had changed from solo to visa electron. I was straight on the phone as my partner had used one before and found it wasnít accepted hardly anywhere. The lady I spoke to at the Halifax told me that solo and switch were being phased out and being replaced with maestro and visa Electon, I couldíve cried!! What is visa Electron ---------------------------- Visa Electron is Visa's electronic payment program, originally launched in the 1980s as a consumer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kagomesama


Visa Electron: I want one even here!

Advantagesis accepted worldwide, spend what you have, no fee at Ryanair and Easyjet

Disadvantagessome internet and normal stores don't accept it

"...of you people don't like Visa Electron. I do agree that they have limitations, but they DO have good traits. I'm Italian and have moved to England a few years ago. It's useless to let you know what difficulties I had when I first arrived, but something that really helped me out was my Italian "postepay" card, a pre-paid credit card issued by the Italian post office. You can charge it with up to Ä3000 euros and works pretty well on the Internet ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tnet9202


.:: Visa Electron ::.

AdvantagesUse abroad and in UK, accepted in most retail outlets

DisadvantagesNot many online retailers accept

"Yep, now at the age of 11 you can claim your own debit card from both Natwest (Solo) and Barclays (Visa Electron). As usual with most banks you get a cash point card, but it is not to useful if you want to use it abroad. So, eventually I got myself an Electron one, and found it extremely handy. Virtually every shop in Europe will accept Electron and most high street shops too. This is because of major card merchant services like Barclaycard and Streamline ..." Read review

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Community Level 1elliott2424


Learn to manage your finance!

AdvantagesYou won't be in the red

Disadvantagesnot widely accepted

"I have used a visa electron for the past 5 years, and I find it easier to manage than a normal visa. The great news is that the Visa Electron looks like a normal Visa with a chip and PIN. But let's get to the point: with a visa electron you are not untitled to any overdraft. The money you spend or withdraw is automatically deducted from your account straight away, so there are no bad surprises at the end of the month. If you want to purchase something ..." Read review

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Community Level 2fred123


Electron Card Needs Accepting

AdvantagesSome larger stores take it, checks balance immediately

DisadvantagesNowhere takes it!!

"When I got my Visa Electron card (quite a battle in itself) I was hoping that it would mean that I could use it in shops and online. Unfortunately though it has turned out that hardly anywhere takes it and as such it is no use other than the same as my previous card - to withdraw money from the cash point. So, it is a little disappoiting. I think that the idea of the card is great - there is no chance of overspending because your balance is automatically ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gem412


Visa Electron

AdvantagesOne of the only debit cards available to under 18s

DisadvantagesNot accepted everywhere

"...to under 18's, one being Visa Electron and the other being Solo. I decided when I was 17 that I wanted a debit card, as they are so much easier than carrying cash around with me - and much safer too. My bank account at the time was with Lloyds TSB, but they could not offer me any type of debit card because of my age. After finding out that Halifax would be able to give me an account with a Visa Electron card I quickly accepted and opened a new ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Barthezz


The Not So Flexible Friend

AdvantagesNone really...just the same as a Solo card apart from you can't use it anywhere!

DisadvantagesVERY few outlets accept this card.

"A few weeks back, my VISA Electron card dropped onto my doorstep. On opening the envelope I was greeted by a nicely designed card. I read the users guide which said I could use my card at any cash point in the UK and there are also 7.5 million outlets worldwide that would accept it. Great I thought so I signed the back of my card and walked down the street to have a go of it. First shop, happened to be a Day Night store, would not accept the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2scottjones...


please enter pin: Review with images

Advantagesits so efficent

Disadvantagesmy card is pink

"...read other reviews on the visa electron and i have noticed that people are saying will some-one accept this, but since ive had this card i havent had any trouble melting my card, i have bought items of the net, ive bought food, ive bought music and dvds and i even bought some clothes, i think this card is a pretty much a practise debit card for anyone like myself between the ages of 16-18. you are able to get this card once you are 16, and then ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Luke702


Visa Electron - Time for an update!

AdvantagesAccepted most shops,

DisadvantagesCan have problems online.

"...will be offered a normal VISA debit card. -- Where can I get Visa Electron? -- Visa Electron is given at the follwing banks and building societys: * Lloyds TSB * Barclays * Halfiax * Bank Of Scotland * Abbey National * Alliance and Lescister Hope this has helped. ***The ratings below dont apply*** ..." Read review

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Community Level 1media_fan


Good if your under 18

Advantagesfast, easy way of payment, no need to carry cash

Disadvantagesnot widely accepted

"...but I could get a Visa Electron card. I was disappointed as she said that most sites donít accept it, and store branches are only beginning to use it. It was best for withdrawing money from the cashpoint, and it came with a chequebook. I used it mainly by carrying it around when I went out, so I didnít have to take lots of cash and if I needed more money then I could pop to the nearest ATM for a tenner. However, I continued to surf around the ..." Read review

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