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VW Golf... Me and my Little Rex... Review with images

AdvantagesA fabulous looking car...

DisadvantagesNot everyone has all the added extras!

"I will say now that the Mark 5 VW Golf has always had a bit of a soft spot in my heart, yes, I know it's a car but I really liked them when they first came out in 2004, even though I was only 14 I've always been into my cars. I blame Dad for that! So when July 2007 finally rolled around and I was hunting for a driving instructor, it was only natural for me to choose one that was using the Mark 5 as their instructor car, I was spoilt i have to say ..." Read review

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The Car that is too Clever for its own Good...

Advantageslooks nice

Disadvantagesnot reliable in my experience

"When it comes to cars I'm pretty uncomplicated really - as long as I can get myself and my stuff into whatever car I'm driving, turn the key and go, I'm happy. Though, in my time, I've worked in tyre, brake and clutch factories (all part of my mission at the time to teach English to the French) I really have no interest in knowing what's under the bonnet. If you are in the market for one of these second hand - VW is on to MK6 now I believe, before ..." Read review

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A new version of a classic and popular car

AdvantagesGreat looking car, nice drive

DisadvantagesPricing, although lower than some years ago, is still relatively high

"Recently, my poor car Joey got poorly (drove over something which severed the fuel pipe under the car) so he had to go to Dr Volkswagen, and, in the meantime while my car was being checked and fixed, I was given a courtesy car, which was a new Golf 1.6 FSI, so I thought I'd review it. The Golf is available in the 1.6 edition as an S model, SE model, Sport, GT, GTi, and R32 models. The S is the base model: as you move up through the different editions ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mynameisrui


What a car!!

AdvantagesGreat interior, wonderful drive

DisadvantagesCosts more than other cars similar to it

"Almost 6 months ago I decided to trade in my Ford Fiesta and get a proper car. I'd pretty much set my heart on a Golf but needed to try some other cars and also decide what mark Golf I wanted. After test driving a few cars I finally decided that the Golf was my favourite and that was what I was going to get. Next onto whether to get a mark 4 or mark 5. From the outside I definitely prefer the mark 4. Its more distinguished and easily recognisable. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1echt


Poor Quality VW GOLF V

AdvantagesGood looks and history as a solid reliable car

DisadvantagesPoor quality parts which are extremely expensive to replace

"POOR QUALITY VW GOLF V! Having bought a new golf in 2004 in the mistaken belief that they are solid and reliable I have been very disappointed with lots of silly but annoying faults. The local garage is very polite but totally inefficient. Last month I fitted a new set of Bosche wipers but according to my service mechanic they are all poor! However my rear brakes which are apparently 99% worn are acceptable and he has passed my MOT??? With ..." Read review

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Community Level 1samsu84


vw golf 1.6 fsi

Advantageseconomical on short and distance journey.

Disadvantagesslow pick up

"i have a golf 1.6 fsi myself and i really like it. beside doing the best for the environment and saving money, the 1.6 liter is a bit slow on pick up and lags what the r32 or gt or gti would have, sporty looks powerful engine and better luxuries, i.e upgraded stereo better seats alloy wheels etc. the only fault i have had with my golf is the COIL PACK which is a common fault on mk5 golfs which cost about £40 to £60. every 2 yr service cost about ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Steffi17


Good Practical Car

AdvantagesEconomical , 6 gears, not slow

Disadvantageslooks standard without coloured trim

"I have purchased this Golf 1.6 FSI for almost half a a year now and have no problems yet with this car. I have upgraded from a Renault Clio and the change is HUGE. The boot space is massive i could fit a 40 LED TV with ease! The room for passengers as well is surprisingly spacious. (I have a 5 door). The improved 1.6 engine offers a generous 112 bhp and shifts pretty well for a 1.6 engine! Although not as quick as the honda civic 1.6vtec which i would ..." Read review

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Community Level 0smartreviews


vw did me no good

Advantagesfast and good looking

Disadvantagesmultiple transmission and over heating problems

" Good looking, high speed, very excellent sound system but serious transmission and over heating problems. This car is a joy to drive but one should know that sooner or letter, the transmission is to start giving problems, mostly automatic transmission and the engine will start overheating .My Golf is only going from gear number 1 to 3. When I put it into the drive gear it starts shaking, it’s ridiculous. As a Golf owner I took time to consult with ..." Read review

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