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Community Level 1Safehands



AdvantagesChunky build quality, grin factor

DisadvantagesRear passenger headroom

"My review of the new shape VW Beetle (1.6). I'm assuming there's one of three reasons you're reading this review. One, you're thinking about buying a new Beetle. Two, you've bought one and you're simply seeking reaffirmation of your decision - marketers call this post-purchase dissonance. Or hey,you're just randomly browsing. This review is intended to help prospective buyers, but Beetle owners may find reaffirmation and browsers some interesting ..." Read review

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Funky styles, superb drive you can't go wrong



"Test model VW Beetle 1.6 Luna Reg No. DU54 LGD Mileage 9,100 Actual 0-60: 10.2 Obtained MPH: 125mph The beetle is a popular face on the UK roads. And why not? It is attractive and funky looking. One thing I have learned is that you either love them or hate them We have been fortunate to get hold of a 2004 model which had a few revisions up to the new model release this year. The main difference between our model and earlier models is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lizzyb21


my beloved versatile bug!!

Advantagesexcellent quality and value, stylish good looks.

Disadvantagesonly 3 doors.

"I've had my '02 1.6 beetle for almost 3 years, and from the moment I drove it home I've fully enjoyed my purchase. I opted for the basic 1.6 model, but added alloys and a 6 cd auto changer. I wanted a very understated colour and went for black, a choice which I love and hate. When it's clean, I love looking at it, when it's dirty it looks dull and bland. The interior trim is very hard waring and suitably smart, all the instruments have a very ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sadcrab


Love Bug

AdvantagesA whole new experience. Original (stand Out from the Crowd). Cost of replacement parts. Buy it only if you can live with it's older design features.

DisadvantagesFuel economy Driving Position Safety

"The Volkswagen type 1 better known as the Beetle. A two door four seater car with the engine in the boot! The engine came in several sizes, the range included the 1200 1300 1500 and 1600. The most common engine was the 1300 which came in two versions depending on year of manufacture. I’ve had three VW Beetles all of them 1300 versions (I did put a 1500 engine into the first Beetle I had). I fell in love with the shape of the car and I suppose ..." Read review

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Owning a New Beetle

AdvantagesLooks, looks, reliability, driving experience and yes, looks

DisadvantagesPracticality - but who cares?

"...and braking is assured. Being a Volkswagen you expect the build quality to be good and it doesn't disappoint. The trim feels solid and secure and there are no rattles or shakes in any driving conditions. My commute takes in back roads, motorways and stop-start traffic and the car is pleasant to be in at all times. It is very quiet at motorway speeds and never feels like it is working hard. Reliability has been good so far with only one fault so ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Nadeboll61


Drinks like the big lady it is

AdvantagesNice looking car

DisadvantagesGas guzzler

"I took this car out for a test drive to put my wife off buying one...but i really enjoyed it. It was a 2.0 dark blue with white leather interior, 6 cd changer and air con. I bought it on finance and traded in my 1.1 peugeot 206. The differances between the two cars was immense. Handling better, speed better, looks better. I think i was more impressed with it than my wife! The one fault i can pick with the Beetles is that they are gas guzzlers. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kurowski


What an experience!

AdvantagesCheap to maintain (can be done in your garage), has the image factor, fun to drive and be in

DisadvantagesVery bouncy! Most Beetles only do 20-30mpg on a very good day.

"It is not widely known, but the old shape Beetle can still be bought from a company called Beetles UK (www.beetles-uk.com). I, however, decided to go the route of buying a second-hand Beetle, last October, for 325 pounds. Once the restoration of the car was complete, I had ended up spending about 2500 pounds, which is about the amount you should expect to spend, no matter the initial price you buy the car for. The VW Beetle is renowned for being ..." Read review

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Community Level 2BrunetteBo...


Love the look, hate driving it

AdvantagesLooks great

Disadvantagesdriving position, position of pedals, difficult to park

"Ok, I haven't bought this car. I have been given it for two months by work as a pool car, so I can't comment on servicing costs, purchase costs or any more really important stuff. But I've been so surprised by this car I thought i'd post my thoughts anyway. When work asked me if it "was OK" if I had a Beetle I practically jumped from my seat in excitement and danced around the room (as you can tell my life (especially at work) is lacking in general ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mrbell



Advantagesstreed cred (if youre a woman)

DisadvantagesGas guzzler, high tax class, hard to park, tiny boot, patchy dealer service

"I own a 2001 2 litre beetle and it is the WORST car i have ever owned. Yes it looks great but its a pig to drive (try to NOT scratch the arches), driving position awful, our car has been in and out the garage with various problems including electrical issues, steering problems, all sorts of stuff and now the sunroof leaks. We had AWFUL service from the main VW dealer in plymouth too which didnt help. The car DRINKS fuel, is wobbly at speed if a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lollez2


new ltd edition vw beetle cabriolet solor

Advantagesstylish, comfortable, and lots of great extras

Disadvantagesthe back window is tiny and it uses to much fuel

"im in LOVE with this car everytime i drive it i have fun and im smilling. the very lond dashboard makes it feel like you have a millions miles ahead before your near the car infront as the bonnet glides downwards. the red leather seats are a tough but soft leather and the heated seats make them the most comfortable car to drive. there is two different types in this ltd edition car the silver car with the red roof and matching interior and mine ..." Read review

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Community Level 1punchbuggy...


Buy a Beetle - go on, you know you want to...

AdvantagesVW reliablity, comfort, style and it makes you smile when you drive it!

DisadvantagesTakes a while to get used to parking.

"I have owned my 52 plate Beelte 1.6 for 3 months now, and I have to say... I LOVE it. I had wanted one since they were released in 1999, but thought I would never be able to afford it... Until I saw mine on a local forecourt for a bargain price. With the part-ex of my Hyundai Coupe, I ended up driving the Beetle away for under £3k. It has slightly high mileage, but with one lady owner, I can't complain. The car is well appointed, with endless ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Piers85


Don't we just love the Beetle?

AdvantagesStunning style

DisadvantagesLimited views from the inside

"Whether it's the stunning exterior or the stylish interior, the new Beetle is a modern, trendy car that suits everyone. The 1.6 is perfect for town driving (since I live in London), and its size makes all parking spaces accessible. The car is reliable and has an easy and cheap upkeep cost, and most of all it catches everyone’s eyes! For a relatively petite car, the interior is particularly spacious, not only for the driver but for all three other ..." Read review

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Community Level 3JamieMckeen


its gotta be done

Advantagesits a classic

Disadvantagesbit old, and difficult to find one in really good condition

"This car is a classic that will never fade. I have wanted one of these since i was about 8, but still dont have one. The looks are amazing, and when pollished up properly, they gleem. The engine is not the most powerful ever installed in a car, but you dont buy one of these for the engine (ok, you might, cos they sound amazing:-)). They have been all over the place, inlcuding in various films inlcuding "Herby" :-) All in all, i love this car, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1amanda_leo...


2 Years into my Beetle

AdvantagesCool Looks, good residual value, Reliability

Disadvantagesrear passenger space

"I have had my beetle now for nearly 2 years, when i first bought it i didnt really consider the reliability or cost of running it, i simply wanted it for its "looks", let's be honest it looks like no other car on the road and it stands out. Perfect! With nearly 2 years of road use the only problems i have had with the car have been mainly down to me. With the only fault being a minor electrical fault on the dashboard. Servicing has been minimal ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jamiebourn...


VW 4 u

AdvantagesGood stylish car

DisadvantagesLike everything there are draw back

"The new model has captured a lot of style from the original. However they are beleived to be overpriced in comparison to other similar cars on the market. Having seen a few of theese I would definitely not but a red Vw as every one i have seen has been badly faded in under 2 years however careful the owner has been. Any one thining of buying this car i would recomend deep metalic blue. Vw provide as always a high standard of customer service both ..." Read review

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