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Community Level 9LostWitness


V good

AdvantagesSee review

DisadvantagesSee review

"V Shop is the newest name on the music retailing High Street. Gradually replacing the scourge that was Our Price, Virgin decided that they needed to come up with an entirely new concept in order to embrace the online age, and so V Shop was born. Let's make no bones about it - this is a well thought out concept from the start - does the V stand for Virgin, for Virtual, or both? - And they have my support. The shops are modern, and trendy. There ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rhiahnnon


A worthy replacement for Our Price

Advantagesa mordern feel to the shop

Disadvantageslack of previous releases

"Our very own V Shop, the replacement for Our Price. I used to enjoy browsing the large selection of CD's in my local Our Price and it had been the venue for many a meet-up with me friends on a Saturday morning. So one day when it just disappeared without any warning, I was a bit concerned, because where would we meet up again. When the brand spanking new V Shop opened up, I went inside and inspected what was to be my new music outlet. What I found ..." Read review

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Community Level 5java


Ourprice has just had cosmetic surgery

AdvantagesV. clean, V.spacious, V.good selection

DisadvantagesV.high prices, V.bad staff

"...someone think of this earlier? V shops look V modern and futuristic but the make over to me is not enough. The main problem is that they're still V. pricey. Most albums will still set you back around £13 and doubles still cost around £16. However they have simplified prices a little and now they no longer use the £3.99 price tags, it's put in much more simple figures like £4.00. Clever idea, and you dont get the annoying penny change. So the prices ..." Read review

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Community Level 3S_Osborne


Ah well never mind

Advantagesnone what so ever as far as i can tell

Disadvantagesthe A-Z, the poor use of floor space, prices...etc.

"...You Can’t Leave Behind. In v shop you have to pay 14 pounds for this CD. Some people may find this acceptable but I don’t because if I go just round the corner I can buy the same CD and I mean exactly the same CD for 12 pounds I am sure that this is not the only CD that this has happened to and as a result smaller privately owned music shops are getting more business. However there advantages and disadvantages both ways. Advantage: hard ..." Read review

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Community Level 5nictastic


stop trying so hard.

Advantagessome fine deals to be had

Disadvantagesit's too shiny

"...the past year or two V shop has managed to earn my respect. And here is why. A few years ago our tried and trusted Our Price shop was unfortunately closed down (boo hoo). Despite everyone’s favourite music shop having disappeared off the scene. The glitzy glamorous V Shop no sooner replaced it. The style and colours shouted out meaning you didn’t miss it. As you’d also imagine it was overrun by customers wanting to get a peek of our brand new shop, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4jenny_carr


A smaller version of Megastore

AdvantagesIt's a great shop in all

DisadvantagesIt can be small and busy

"The V Shop is a literally a smaller version of Virgin Megastore. The V Shop range are taking over Our Price but I don't see why people are complaining about it. I think it's for the better personally. There's lower prices, mobile phones, phone vouchers and Virgin are just simplily better than Our Price. MUSIC ~~~~~ V Shop sell a different range of Music at reasonable prices. The Prices are in round numbers, no silly 99 pence of the end. The ..." Read review

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v. shop

AdvantagesReasonable prices.

DisadvantagesAwkward layout, music unclassified

"...organised v. bad layout I could continue. V shop's prices are reasonable, the store assisstants are helpful, and relatively nice (although there are times when it seems there's more staff than customers which must be pushing the prices up a bit). Chart music is easy to find. Non-chart music is however a nightmare - the music doesn't appear to be classified in general sections, let alone have all an artists releases in one place (admittedly there ..." Read review

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Community Level 1filtr8


V Poor

AdvantagesStyle Space

DisadvantagesWhere's the music?

"...the new modern, funky, young V Shop. At last there semms to be some organisation and space for more than two people in the same aisle at the same time. Good first impressions. Then you start to look for that CD. Where have they all gone. Yes there is the TOP 40 but nothing else. The same CDs are placed on different shelves all around the stores. Well what is on all the other shelves. Mobile Phones! I'm sure that we've had enough of this boom industry. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2graham.m.c...


Is V shop better than Virgin megastores

AdvantagesV shop is local and very helpful

DisadvantagesV shop is small

"I visit my local V shop nearly every weekend. The local V shop is small but is still very good. The goods are nearly always in stock but it is only once in a blue moon that they are not in stock. I regularly buy Virgin top-up cards for my Virgin mobile phone. V shop sell a manner of different phones including the Nokia 3210 and the Nokia 3310. They also sell reconditioned mobile phones. The settings are reset and the phone is repackaged and sold again. ..." Read review

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