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I'M A SUCKER FOR THESE Review with images

AdvantagesHelps to de clutter, keeps clothes fresh

DisadvantagesFastening could be better designed

"...possessions by buying and using vacuum storage bags. I hadn't heard of these until this time and didn't really see how they could minimise things that much. But my son told me they had used vacuum bags (his girlfriend calls them 'sucky bags') to store out of season clothes in which they would bring to my house and cuddly toys which his girlfriend is fond of, to her parents' home. When we move them back home I was surprised that the clothing ..." Read review

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Community Level 7pennywa


What a Sucker!!

AdvantagesGives you loads of extra space, clear so you can see the contents inside

DisadvantagesNone at all

"...wave when he suggested some vacuum storage bags. He said he’d seen them advertised on the shopping channel. We had no time to wait for a delivery though so we decided to go out to the shops to see if we could find some. We have a (very small) branch of Lakeland Plastics near to where we live. So, we drove out to see if they sold any. They did – but we underestimated the cost. Lakeland were selling them for £14.99 for a measly two bags. We reckoned ..." Read review

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Betterware (£13.99) V Superdrug (£4.99)no contest!

Advantagestake up less room

Disadvantagesdepends which make you buy!

"I had decided to buy some of those vacum storage bags from the tv shopping channels. You know the ones i mean out all your spare bedding, clothes, towels soft toys ect in the bags suck all the air out and they store in a lot less room and are safe! The only problem was that they were quite expensive especially when you add the postage costs in to the price, so when my betterware catalogue was delivered a few weeks ago and I noticed they had started ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gilly_v


Great idea....in theory

Advantagesreasonable price, brilliant idea, easy to use

Disadvantagesdon't work if you don't get the right type, only available in a few stores

"...the air out with your vacuum cleaner. Again there are different ways to do this depending on the type of bag, so more on this later. The bag and its contents shrink down to about half their original size and the whole lot is much easier to store. How do they work? -------------------------- As I said there are different types available and I have three of them. The first type works in two ways - you can either seal and roll up to push the air ..." Read review

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Community Level 5dawnmarywh...


Suck it and see

AdvantagesVery handy, maximises storage space

DisadvantagesYou get what you pay for - cheaper ones develop leaks

"I first stumbled upon vacuum bags a good few years ago now, while looking for storage solutions that would work in our tiny rented cottage (I wouldn't stop buying clothes you see). I actually bought my first few on eBay, and they were unbranded. I later got some JML ones, which have lasted a lot better. The idea behind these is simply to remove all the air, compressing whatever you have chosen to store inside. You can see a lot of dramatic before ..." Read review

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Suck out the air and triple the storage

AdvantagesStorage problems solved easily


"JML VacPac Vacuum Seal Storage Bags ==Why I bought them==. A large quantity of bedding, clothes and other odds and ends that needed to be transported over two hundred miles from home to my narrowboat in readiness for my next cruise was causing me a real problem. Since retiring to enjoy my boat and freedom, my income has dwindled to nil and downsizing is the name of the game. My car has downsized too, now a little Ford KA, great for shopping but ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Zoe30



AdvantagesExcellent storage, cheap and very versatile

DisadvantagesYou want to suck and seal everything

"...invest in some Space Saver Vacuum Bags, now widely available at most shops. Argos, Littlewoods, Lakeland Limited all sell these through their catalogue services, and not forgetting the place where they first appeared on our screens QVC. These bags are a miracle for people with not a lot of space or a large amount of clothes, summer duvets and odds and sods they want safely storing until they need to come out again. I purchased some of these ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Space Bags

AdvantagesGood storage


"...or as you use a vacuum to seal the bags, Vacuum bags! I first used some when I moved from America back to England. I had countless amounts of clothes, duvets, ski equipment, etc that I wanted to bring back with me but a limited amount of space and so someone suggested I get some of these bags. They are incredibly easy to use. THey are plastic storage bags in essence and you basically just fill up the bag and then close up the water tight zip and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CuteSurveyor


Its damn good ..

AdvantagesLots, saves space, reduces weight of the storage space

DisadvantagesI only worry about the durability of the plastic

"This is one of the best thing I have found in recent time... My husband bought it for us to pack all of our travelling clothes etc. and I have just fallen in love with the idea and the product. First of all its quite good size to accomodate clothes full of a suitecase. Then it saves you storage space. I have got just two of them now, but planning to buy more to sort out things at home which are not required in coming winter and then store them in ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sorehead


Extra Space under the beds



"We bought some vacuum storage space saver bags form Wilkinsons about one year ago now as we were finding we had so many things that we were not wearing but did not want to sell, throw out or give away, mainly the little lads's baby stuff. We decided to invest in some of these as we had read about them being a great space saving device and they sounded like they might do the job. We bought a pack of 5 from Wilkinsons for just under ten pounds. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Junglejuic...


The best space saving gadget bar none!

AdvantagesAbsolutely fantastic!

DisadvantagesNot too good if you get a puncture!

"...out of so I discovered vacuum seal bags! They are a wonderful invention! I have used two different types so far - one from Lakeland and one from La Redoute catalogue. I have to say that although I normally swear by Lakeland, the ones from La Redoute are better! They cost approximately £14 and you get two in a pack (they come in two different sizes). The beauty of these bags is that they also come with an outer bag which gives a bit more protection ..." Read review

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Community Level 1funkychic123


Vaccum Storage Bags

AdvantagesSpace Saving Ideas for Home and Abroad

DisadvantagesNone I can think of

"...the bag with any pipe vacuum cleaner and reduce the size of package to less than a quarter of the size. Brilliant for duvets and pillows i might add and to top it all off it keeps all those bugs away and when you do unpack them they smell as good as the day you washed them and put the items in there. Excellent I would rate these to anybody you can even use them for going abroad and storing your much loved items and reducing space which we all know ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JessicaLan...

Quick review of Vacuum Storage Bags

"These bags are great, easy to use and great space savers. I was a bit weary at first as everyone said how good they were, but really are truly great especially for large things like duvets and blankets which take up so much space to store. Also, handy for all those winter clothes over the summer period. Would recommend them, as takes such a short time to fill, reduce size. They are also hard wearing.

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Community Level 1macswiggins

Quick review of Vacuum Storage Bags

"These are brilliant for keeping all your clothes nice and clean and ironed for the summer or winter. They save you loads of space and hassle, and are also really handy for fitting everything into your suitcase after a shopping trip away!

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Best vacuum storage bags I've found

AdvantagesStrong, air sucks out easily

DisadvantagesWish they were cheaper but they do last!

"...notice a number of branded vacuum storage bag packs in shops and they said they had guarantee - I tried a bag from eBay and I was happy, when I wanted more I found the same bags cheaper at Scatty Squirrel http://www.scattysquirrel.co.uk/large-big-vacuum-storage-bags-292-c.asp - they seem thicker than normal and the air sucks out quickly with hoover, great for duvets and pillows and things, I tried the gusset bag and it's massive if you want a really ..." Read review

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