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Vanish those carpet stains Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to use, effective, powerful, generous size.


"...get good results with the Vanish range, and this 'Power Foam Carpet Cleaner' was a product soon on my radar when it were introduced a number of years back now. If you stick to the big brands when it comes to cleaning products you will usually get good results, and as I had had good experiences in the past with the vanish range I had a good idea I would get good results. I am sure most of you will have seen the adverts for this product in the past, ..." Read review

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The stains went 'Vanish' in a puff of foam!

AdvantagesFantastic results!

DisadvantagesNone for me - one of the few items I'm prepared to pay full price for!

"...resounding vocals chords ‘Get the Vanish – QUICK!’ – it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he thought my poor child’s name actually was “Bloody Vanish – Now!” it has been yelled so often these past seven years plus! Priced at around the £3.95 mark at all major stockists, I tend to buy mine from Wilkos as it this store does some super offers on this product – the last one I purchased I paid a wonderful £2.65 for – in my opinion that’s a bargain ..." Read review

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"Out damned spot"

AdvantagesA great effective emergency cleaner.

DisadvantagesNone for me.

"...many years I have used Vanish as an excellent remover of the spots in my life. Having worked mainly on boats for the last 20 or so years I am convinced that boat designers never actually live on them much less clean them or they would not have such a desire to carpet them in pale cream, mainly wool carpets that attract any spots that are going. I always have that pink magic can close to hand to remedy whatever is the culprit be it sun tan cream, orange ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kyward


Power Foam carpet cleaner

Advantagesworks well on everyday stains

Disadvantagesnot for tough stains

"...had in stock was the Vanish Power Foam carpet cleaner. I remember it being quite expensive but since it was the only one I bought it. I assumed it couldn’t be too bad as it was made by Vanish which is quite a trusted brand. I can’t remember exactly how much is was that I paid at the time, but a quick search on mysupermarket reveals that Asda is currently the cheapest at £3.50, with the product costing £4.09 at most other retailers. This price is for ..." Read review

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Cleaner Carpets!



"Vanish Carpet and Upholstery Foam...... Since moving into our flat a couple of years ago now we have had laminate flooring which is very handy especially as I am rather accident prone and Jack being a toddler is just a messy stain waiting to happen. However In the front room we do have a rather large beige and light brown rug along with the bedrooms which are carpeted with a cream coloured flooring thus this does need cleaning from time to ..." Read review

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Clean carpets faster!

AdvantagesQuick and easy to use, cleans grime and dirt effectively


"...regularly! I spotted a new Vanish powerfoam carpet cleaner whilst shopping a few weeks ago, which seemed to be an ideal solution to the problem. This was priced at £4.09 in Tesco’s. The spray is designed to be used to clean carpets in ‘high traffic areas’ of the house and my hallway is certainly that! I’ve used quite a few different carpet cleaners in the past but they have all been liquid based ones, which you dilute in water. These do the job ..." Read review

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Does not do what is say on the tin

AdvantagesEasy to use

DisadvantagesDoesn't really work

"I bought this as I have a cream carpet in my living room. Obviously with daily traffic through the most used room on the home it begins to look a bit "grubby" from time to time. Usually I would get down on my knees and use good old fashioned soap and water to give the carpet a bit of a spruce up. This obviously leaves the carpet damp for a while after. Being as the winter weather is now starting to set in, I wanted to try something that would be ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shay21


Vanish Power Foam for Carpets - cleaning power?

AdvantagesGood price for light cleaning

DisadvantagesNot that good on the tougher stains

"...traffic stains. I bought the Vanish Power Foam as a cheaper alternative to having someone come out and clean it - and the following are my comments on how it performed. I think overall the foam is useful on lightly stained areas - I did the whole living room carpet - which used the full tin by the way - exactly as described on the tin (spraying from the right height rubbing in and vacuuming up later - instructions summary in basic form there!). ..." Read review

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Mst Vanish Power Carpet Foam 547687

Mst Vanish Power Carpet Foam 547687

Product Description For fast & effective cleaning of high traffic areas. Are you ... more

frustrated by a busy family making your carpets
look tired and worn? New Vanish High Traffic Area
Powerfoam is perfect to ensure that the high
traffic areas of your carpet...

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Vanish Power Foam High Traffic Carpet Cleaner 600 ml (Pack of 3)

Vanish Power Foam High Traffic Carpet Cleaner 600 ml (Pack of 3)

Vanish are renowned for their cleaning products, and that's no suprise given the cleaning ... more

power in this stain removal formula Thanks to its
unique technology, it seeks out and removes ground
in dirt, wherever it may hide deep in your carpet.
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