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A Fond Farewell to my Sapphire-Black Beauty... Review with images

AdvantagesDesign, Road Handling, Features, Low Maintenance costs and Insurance group

DisadvantagesNot enough boot or interior space to store things

"...bought, our trusty and reliable Vauxhall Corsa Breeze. Having owned the car for 3 years since we bought it in 2008 and putting every single mile on its clock apart from the 13 delivery miles we collected it with this is a review I wanted to write for anyone considering purchasing this particular model. My experience of this car is extensive having driven it just about daily since its purchase and the simple fact that we have outgrown this car as a ..." Read review

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Community Level 7blackmagic...


~ CONNIE IS THE WINNER ~ Review with images

AdvantagesRealiable, Comfy, Stylish, Cheap to run


" ~ CONNIE IS THE WINNER ~ I’ve had my baby for about eight months now and love it. Connie my Corsa came from a Hartwell’s garage in Bath and I purchased it back in March this year. After passing my driving test in early march I was anxious to get my first car. To be honest I never really liked Corsa’s the old ones just looked naff and I also thought they were the ultimate ‘chav’ car. People around where I live buy them and but stupid mismatched ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stevie-boy


Our Little Reliable Banger!!! Diamond review Review with images

Advantagesvery reliable, nippy, hard wearing. Low running costs

DisadvantagesNo power steering, Basic equipment

"...none other then the humble Vauxhall Corsa. Background to Car ----- We acquired our Corsa in 1998, when my Mother’s Mini was starting to fall to pieces (It was an F-reg) This car was in Dad’s company as a pool car, so it had come to the end of it’s four year lease. We bought it for the superb price of £3,200, with about 40,000 miles on the clock. It was in very tidy and clean condition, and being a fleet car, had been serviced regularly at a ..." Read review

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Community Level 6ScottishWe...


nice looking car, shame about the reliability!

AdvantagesGood looking, refined engine, cheap to run & insure

DisadvantagesReliability, poor switch gear

"The Vauxhall Corsa has been with us since the early 1990s when it replaced the old Vauxhall Nova. In that time the Corsa has always been a big seller in the UK probably down to the fact that its good looking, appeals to all generations, it’s cheap to run & insure & holds its value quite well. I have just been running a number of Corsa models over the past three months (company owned) all with low mileage & all 1200cc models & it gave me a good ..." Read review

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My Car has Four Wheels!

AdvantagesLooks good, very comfortable seats, smooth drive

DisadvantagesA bit too much plastic, problems early on, small glove compartment

"...I went to my nearest Vauxhall dealer to nose round the showroom full of shiny new cars. After almost being talked into buying a Corsa, without AC, I escaped(!) and first asked my dad for car buying advice! I later found out that the 'New' Corsa was due to be released the following month. No wonder, the salesman was so inclined to sell me the old style one! So anyway, a few weeks later and after a nervous test drive (well, I'd gotten so used to the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tel1


The Corsa Club - A Missed Opportunity by Vauxhall.

AdvantagesEconomy, Cheap Spares / Servicing, Compact

DisadvantagesLack of Space, Strange Power Steering, Heavy Accelerator, Sloggy Engine

"...Corsa. I test drove a Vauxhall Club and discovered a few built-in problems but decided I could live with these and bought a new 1.2 in metallic silver. I still have that car and so this is a long-term, five year test of the small Corsa (as opposed to the bigger version marketed a little later). I'll start with a brief overview of this 'compact'. At first glance it appears to be a small, light, nippy car, which is what it should be. However, ..." Read review

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A Cracking Wee Car (But With Flaws!) Review with images

AdvantagesLovely car to drive. Economical. Cheap to tax and insure.

DisadvantagesComes with some common faults which can be expensive to put right.

"...that it is marketed as Vauxhall and as Opel throughout the rest of Europe. They are one of Germany's oldest car manufacturers (1863) and manufactured their first motor vehicle in 1899. Since 1929 they have been part of the world wide General Motors Group. I was never a huge fan of Vauxhall cars, having been put off them at an early age when I was unfortunate enough to purchase an old 1960's Vauxhall Victor early in my motoring career. It was a total ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JHubbard


Is it Sxi, Corsa it is

AdvantagesStyle, Quality, Ride, Comfort and Cost


"...with our rather good little Vauxhall Corsa ‘Sport’ (See my previous Op); and after the usual tramp around the showrooms we have replaced it with... another Vauxhall Corsa – an Sxi 1.2 16-valve! This time, however, we opted for the Corsa Sxi, and, now baby is less of a baby and more of a little girl, we decided that 5 doors (i.e. 4 doors and a boot) are better than 3 doors (that is – 2 doors and a boot)! Having now owned ..." Read review

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Cool and Classy Corsa Diamond review

AdvantagesSmall but perfectly formed


"...the lines of: “A 3 door Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Sxi with twin airbags….” Admittedly, I am not an expert on speed, revs per minute (or whatever they are) or abs (I thought that was some sort of muscle in your stomach), but since taking ownership of my beloved Corsa, I have become a lot more interested in cars in general. I started looking for a replacement for my annoying Ford Fiesta, after the gearbox seized up on the way to an important meeting. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Adavies344


The Baby Of The Family

Advantageslow running costs


"...no claims). Having never driven a Vauxhall before I took to the controls fairly easily, all the usual stalk controls are where you would expext them to be. Although the intermittent wipe is still a mystery so I will have to look it up in the owners manual, it seems to vary in speed but I don't know why without further investigation (some indication on the stalk would be helpful). My only major complaint is the positioning of the fog light switches ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ryan270286


Is the Corsa 1.2 sxi the star buy?

AdvantagesSmall, reliable, easy to drive and safe

DisadvantagesFuel consumption slightly high

"...agree that the new shaped Vauxhall Corsa is very nice to look at. It has distinctive features such as the classy Vauxhall "V" shaped chrome grill which is nicely surrounded by the uniquely shaped headlights. This gives the car an exlusive attractiveness which is complimented by the rear tinted lights, side skirts, front fog lights, matching coloured door handles, bumpers and side mirrors. The Corsa also comes with 15" alloy wheels as standard and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1svpworld


Very refined classy supermini and cheap to run!

Advantagesbig car feel from this class of car, very refined and airy cabin, lots of luxury toys, quality!

DisadvantagesPoor rear passenger legroom, 1.2 engine can feel strained at times, glovebox is a joke.

"...although I dont know why Vauxhall didnt program it so the headlights only came on at night when you unlock the car! The air con on mine isnt very cold, maybe it needs regassing but the car is only a year old and I would have expected it to be ok... anyway will get it checked. The car though doesnt get stuffy inside and always feels fresh. The design comes with the CD30 mp3 audio unit and 7 speakers (the odd one is in the centre of the top of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pluem


Economically car

Advantagesquite and nice performance.


"...I was never a Vauxhall fan until I got my Astra about 2 years ago. The Astra was brilliant, but my job has moved me into working in the city centre more, so the Astra was heavy on fuel and a bit too big for on street parking. I traded in the Astra and got a new Corsa - Silver Lightning SXi 1.2 16v. '04 spec with the new front grille, making it look a bit like a Mk5 Astra from the front. The seats in the Corsa are pretty spectacular compared ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Dingg





"Recent letter to Vauxhall RE Vauxhall CORSA SXI. NEW MAY 2007. I wish to complain strongly about the design faults that are inherent with this vehicle. I initially filled in a website form about these faults requesting who to complain to at your head office; I received an answer phone message, from Gina, case no 1-679175445. She stated that one of the problems I had listed, regarding the reflection on the windscreen could be resolved under warranty ..." Read review

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Community Level 1linkz0rz


What does the X in SXi stand for?

AdvantagesParking. You can drive in one. That's it.

DisadvantagesWithout one, you'll have to make do with another form of transport, such as walking

"...radio will be the classic Vauxhall bland cassette tape player unless the previous owner opted for the CD player or fitted a new one himself. Metallic paint also comes as standard but the silver colour cars will cost more. But let's be honest, silver is the colour of choice for most cars. The interior feels very cheap with everything from the speed dials to the knobs controlling the vent fans all having the same boring grey plastic. It's like you're ..." Read review

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