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Community Level 2mouse_20


Virgin mobile - fantastic!

AdvantagesGreat prices, service, rewards, website... and lots more!

DisadvantagesWebsite sometimes won't load

"...and Vodaphone but have found Virgin Mobile to be the best by far. Costs: I have found the prices very reasonable: 10p texts to other networks and just 3p to other virgin mobiles 15p per minute for the first five minutes of calls each day and 5p after that Although this is a bit of a pain if your friends are not with Virgin you can now also buy a range of different bundles including texts, minutes and picture texts which significantly ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jt333


Are you still a virgin mobile virgin!?

AdvantagesCheap calls and texts to other virgin mobile users

DisadvantagesNot everyone has a virgin mobile but they should!

"I've been a virgin mobile user for nearly six years and i have no regrets what so ever! ** First things first - the prices!!! ** Calls to other virgin mobile users = 15p for the first 5 minutes then 5p there after. Calls to other networks = 35p per minute Texts to other virgin mobile users = 3p (bargain!!!!!) Texts to other networks = 10p Picture messages = 30p WAP = 0.5p per kb Voicemail = free Calling 789 (to top-up or find out your ..." Read review

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Virgin Mobile

Advantagesgreat customer service, good call plans, free voicemail

Disadvantageslack of different call plans

"Virgin Mobile, is a virtual network operator in the UK that uses the T-Mobile network. Virgin Mobile, is part of Richard Branson's Virgin group, hence its Virgin branding. Virgin Mobile was the UK's first virtual mobile operator after its launch in 1999. In this review, I will outline the pros and cons of joining this mobile operator, and give a short outline towards the different tarrifs for the pay as you go plan, and whether I think the prices ..." Read review

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Community Level 2deputydawg


Virgin's rule breakers are the consumer champions

AdvantagesGood value, particularly between Virgin customers

Disadvantages35p cross network rate unless you buy a bundle

"As you may know, Virgin Mobile is a provider without a network (like Tesco Mobile, for instance), in this case piggy-backed on the T-Mobile network. And that means you can guarantee three things:- First, there's little point getting fussed about network coverage. The T-Mobile network is patchy in places - including some places I go regularly - and it's T not V who are in the driving seat. Second, there will be areas where Virgin don't look very ..." Read review

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Community Level 2darky2005


virgin on the sublime!

Advantagesgood network coverages, cheap rates from virgin to virgin

Disadvantagescant think of any!

"I have been using virgin mobile for about two years now. Having previously used Vodaphone and Orange, I have no hesitation in recommending virgin to anyone. Calls from virgin to virgin are very cheap as are text messaging. The network coverage always seems to be good, with hardly ever any annoying breaking up. The only time it does seem to break up is when you are in a shopping centre or supermarket, although sometimes even then there can be a ..." Read review

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Pay 'very little' as you go

Advantagesvery cheap calls and texts to other virgin mobile users


"I've been with Virgin Mobile for the past three years now. My sister introduced me to them as she had been with them even longer and was amazed at how low their prices were. I have used Pay as you go with every phone I have had as if I were to go on contract, there would be no stopping me and the bill would be a huge amount. With Pay as you go at least you can monitor your spending and stop yourself spending money you havent got (in my case anyway!). A ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mab


Not a Virgin virgin

AdvantagesSimple, single tariff. Good support. Reasonable website. Cheapest PAYT!

DisadvantagesNot a huge choice of phones through them.

"I went back to Virgin after a spell with the other provider beginning with 'V'. The only reason I left in the first place (around about a year ago) was that Virgin didn't do picture messaging and I wanted a nice new phone to play pictures with my mates. However, this has now changed, Virgin have caught up and picture messaging is available at a very competitive price to other PAYT tariffs. Tariff is one of the most important things you look ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ickle_vick...


currently unavailble due to being out of range

Advantagescheaper than others

Disadvantagessignal!!, cards phased out, not everyone has one

"...the ads - 'txt another virgin mobile for 3p' i'd do this if i knew someone so check your friends beforehand if this option temps you. Why is pay-as-you-go better? well you don't run up ridiculous bills as you are more aware of what you are spending however if you run out of credit thats it!! and believe me its annoying. I was in a park one day talking to a mate of mine when this one chips in saying "you have one minute remaining" then it goes dead. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1andyG99


Lost my Virginity!

AdvantagesGood customer service, free voicemail.

DisadvantagesCosts 10p to call customer services.

"I've been a customer of Virgin Mobile for years, since they started in fact. I don't use my phone a great deal, so don't want anything more than Pay as you Go, and I find Virgin's tariff excellent value for money. The first five minutes of calls each day cost you 15p per minute, then it goes down to 5p per minute. Text messages are 10p, or 3p to other Virgin customers. One good thing about Virgin is they don't charge you to access your voicemail, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6ScottishWe...


Thank you Rchard Branson

AdvantagesReliable service, no hidden charges, good reception, no pushy sales staff

DisadvantagesLimited choice of phones compared to rivals

"...left the shop & visited Virgin records that had set aside an area within the shop for their new range of Virgin Mobile 'pay as you go' phones. Things were a little different there; I asked the salesman that if I wished to buy £15.00 of talk time what I would get. He must have through I was a bit stupid & replied '£15.00 of calls sir'. 'What about the service charge' I asked. He replied 'there wasn't one'. In fact the good thing about Virgin Mobile ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jasperjasper


Beware bundle doesn't catch you unaware!

AdvantagesGood coverage, service

DisadvantagesStandard charges if you don't have friends on virgin. Calls beyond bundle expensive

"I really like Virgin mobile and have been with them for a number of years, they have a good service and the free voicemail is a great feature. I have had a £20 bundle for about 6months now and have just switched back to PAYG. There is much praise for the bundles in these reviews but I feel I must point out, if you go OVER your bundle time you are not notified and the bills can be astronomical! If you can trust yourself to check your bill online ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Captain.do...


virgin-my latest provider

Advantagesgood tarif and call divert

Disadvantagesstill varies greatly to other networks

"I used virgin for my second mobile phone, the first being on orange, charges as follows......, To landlines and other mobiles 15p pm for the first 5mins then 5p pm other networks - 35p per minute texts = 3p to virgin mobiles or 10p to others this I felt was slightly better than orange (35 ppm peak 10 ppm offpeak) but then they do give the option that you can change to any tarif offered by another network. text price of 3p to other virgin ..." Read review

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Community Level 2chrishill84


I'm staying a Virgin

AdvantagesPretty Much Everything


"I moved to Virgin from Vodafone because I got a free SIM. The two main reasons I'm staying with Virgin are: *Cheaper Calls *Cheper (and better) customer services The customer services are great. I was on the phone to their customer services because my voicemail wouldn't work. The person talked to me for 30 minutes, and fixed it there and then. Also, when I tried to call Vodafone to get my PAC code (to transfer my number), they told me that department ..." Read review

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Community Level 1carless92



Advantagesgreat website, good tarrifs, rewards, they go on!!

Disadvantagesnone at all!

"...bought my phones on the virgin mobile network for a few years now and I really would recommend it to others thinking of switcing networks The service is great and you can phone up to ask any queations you want about tarrifs, phones, availability etc. The best thing I found about virgin is that you can buy your phone fully recondtioned if you cant afford it brand new (the phone had been sent back due to a fault and it has been fully repaired and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ben1777


Virgin Mobile Pay as You Go - I'll be sticking with these guys

AdvantagesGreat network coverage, good website, easy topups, choose you tariff

DisadvantagesNot many free rewards

"I have been with virgin mobile for several years now and am very pleased with them. They have brilliant coverage, the only place I have not got a signal before was in the middle of nowhere in Wales! They provide free voicemal which few providers seem to give you on pay as you go. I have never had any problems topping up and their tariffs seem reasonable though not cheap. Something I do really like is the option to switch between different tariffs ..." Read review

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