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The Poor Sight Saga Review with images

AdvantagesGood range, online booking, efficient sight tests

DisadvantagesDismal customer service, money-grabbing attitude, broken promises

"...But my recent experiences with Vision Express have kept me awake at night, seething with impotent fury. I'm not sure why; after all, frustration comes as standard with most consumer transactions more complex than picking up your groceries. For instance I know, even before I've booked my MOT, that I'm letting myself in for the standard garage lies, delays and rip-offs. Maybe with an optician, you just expect some sort of quasi-medical professionalism, ..." Read review

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A 'Glassy' Ending To A 12 Month Saga

AdvantagesCheap frames, quick service

DisadvantagesPot luck as to which server - and service - you get

"...cheaper, hence by visit to Vision Express. When I walked into my branch, I felt I’d make the right choice. The atmosphere was more that of Primark than Selfridges – cluttered shelves, lots of browsers, a noise level about the muted whispers I’ve preciously encountered in opticians. The selection of frames on offer seemed varied and pleasing, and the sign on the wall telling me I could have my glasses made up in an hour clinched the deal. I started ..." Read review

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Express and Out to Impress

Advantagesmodern,up to date eye exam and care, excellent customer service, great with kids

Disadvantagesneed to prebook exam usually, buying your glasses costs more than mail order

"...giving me no distortion of vision until I was 5 years old, at which time I suffered a sudden devastating change to my vision. I caught the chicken pox, and was duly kept in a darkened room without TV so as to not strain the eye muscles, as advised by the doctor, but unfortunately, it was no use. The virus migrated to the nerves in my eyes and spread, causing damage that resulted in my vision going from 20/20 to 20/40 in just 10 days (I had just had ..." Read review

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Looking To The Future With Clear Vision. (Vision Express)

AdvantagesMake you feel special and ensure you are happy with your eyewear.

DisadvantagesMore expensive than some other high street opticians.

"...have been a customer with Vision Express for many years now, probably more than 10, and I think I know a fair amount about their service and their standards. I am a contact lens wearer which means I visit regularly both for sight tests every 2 years and for contact lens check ups annually. The store where I live in Chelmsford is bright and airy, and every time I have been there I have found it to be welcoming and friendly, and also extremely ..." Read review

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Peekaboo, I see you

AdvantagesChild and special needs friendly staff | Glasses ready in about an hour

DisadvantagesWaiting area a little small

"...opticians on my travels was Vision Express, and to be honest I wasn't holding out much hope, but to my surprise after the receptionist (or sales advisor as they prefer to be called) had a quick word with the optometrist she came back to say that he could be seen that very afternoon. Within three hours my son had had his eyes examined, been measured up and was wearing his very first pair of glasses. This service impressed me so much that I ended up ..." Read review

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Perfect Vision

AdvantagesVery fast efficient service.

Disadvantagesnone so far

"...opticians but find only the Vision Express shop open. Entering the brightly illuminated shop I am greeted by a young lady who on enquiring what I require, takes me through the shop to another young lady who asks me to complete a form. Now I have to tell her that I cannot see to fill in the form. No problem says she, come with me and I will fill it in for you. Two minutes later and it is complete, coffee she asks and a brimming cup is thrust into ..." Read review

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Community Level 4JoMerrington


H F P T O Z.....um....dunno after that...

AdvantagesExcellent service

Disadvantagesdazzling store interiors!

"Vision Express stores can be found in most places. Store interiors have recently been changed and are now very white and clinical looking. The place looks very bright and, to be honest, if I worked there I think I’d be going home with a headache every night! I’m surprised the staff don’t wear sun glasses all day long! However, it’s not so bad when you just pay a quick visit to have an eye test, choose some glasses or arrange ..." Read review

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Community Level 3JaySee


Efficiency demons

AdvantagesVery efficient and knowledgeable staff, good layout and painless service

DisadvantagesNot the most friendly service - emphasis on efficiency, prices nothing special

"These new Vision Express Optical Lab places seem to be popping up all over the place these days, don't they? Walking around a shopping mall, bam! There's a big shiny white temple of eyewear where you'd normally see the Gap or something. Well, I broke my glasses the other week, so I had to take them back to Vision Express. So here's my opinion on the chain. Appearance and Layout As I said - shiny white temples of eyewear. The first thing you ..." Read review

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Community Level 4tagheur


The optician will see you now

Advantagesquick efficient courteous


"...Saturday and schlepped down to Vision Express at the White Rose Centre in Leeds. I didn’t hold out much hope but I thought that if I got there at sparrowfart they might be able to fit me in. Heretofore I’ve not been too enamored of these cut-price optical bucket shops but needs must when the devil drives as they say. I arrived a shade after opening time and a very pleasant young lady listened sympathetically to my tale and immediately ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stevie-boy


Glasses Galore.

AdvantagesVery friendly and informative staff, big selection, very well presented

DisadvantagesPrice is quite high, quite a long waiting list.

"...eyes, I decided to try Vision Express for my new pair of glasses, as my mum had excellent customer service and satisfaction with them. I used the Gateshead branch, which is located in the Metro Centre. My first impressions were very good, as the shop is furnished in a minimalist, clean lines style, and is very brightly illuminated. The shop itself is very clean and well laid out, with the lab in the middle so you can actually watch your glasses ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Bryn_Pearson


See for yourself

Advantagesvery rapid


"...in some prescription sun glasses. Vision express had a deal on with these, so I thought I'd give them a try. Most people have to pay for eye checks and glasses. You get it for free if you are a child or student, if you are on benefits, or if you, or a close family member suffers from Glaucoma or diabetes. I was paying. Vision Express eye tests - it took less than 24 hours to get an appointment, which was excellent. The test itself took about ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kittycatco...


Clearer on one .... or.....two.

AdvantagesFast, Wide range of frames, Easy to book an appointment

DisadvantagesNot personal. try and sell you everything they possibly can!

"A review of Vision Express - The Milton Keynes Branch 1. About My Vision... My vision is pretty bad. My prescription for those of you who know anything about this sort of stuff is usually -3.50 or there abouts. If i dont have glasses or contact lenses then i cant see, everything is pretty much blurry with no defined edges and i cant make out peoples faces all that clear. So basically i wear contact lenses every single day. I forst wore contacts ..." Read review

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Community Level 5earningstuff


no debacles for my spectacles

Advantagesfriendly efficent service

Disadvantagesnone at this stage

"Vision Express is not a high street name that has lured me in to one of their many shops around the country in the past. I honestly don’t know why but the closest I can get to understanding why, is probably better the old adage – “devil you know”. Boots, the opticians I’ve been using since childhood, have always been my first choice. Recently Boots have become expensive now I no longer get student NHS vouchers. So maybe ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Hippylongs...


They cannot seem to see for looking

AdvantagesExcellent selection of frames

DisadvantagesPoor customer service

"Vision Express has always seemed to be an adequate, if over commercialised optitcian/glasses vendor. Their premises are always very well laid out with what seems to be the highest technology in eye test equipment and the front of house staff are all courteous and pleasant. This is where the pleasantness about the place stops. I can only comment on the Vision Express in Cardiff, where I have just returned from and to say that I am cross is putting ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Belfastgirl


They actually smile

AdvantagesFriendly service, honest.

DisadvantagesSome people feel the lenses are too expensive!

"...nice as he may be!) Vision Express was recommended to me by a friend. There was also the hope that I might get some special deal if in fact I had to get new glasses. Monday morning, I decided that I would pop into Belfast, to Vision Express in Castle Court, in the hope that they may be able to give me an appointment that day, and if they couldn’t I was content to spend my hard earned pay in the various clothes shops surrounding! When I went ..." Read review

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