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Mud mud glorious mud

Advantagessmooth, creamy, reasonably priced

Disadvantagessickly, could not drink many, might appeal to underage drinkers

"...and came across one on Vodka Milkshake by Tazza72. I was intrigued and made a mental note to buy a bottle if I ever saw it. I did see it yesterday in Asda and bought a bottle of each of the two flavours which are chocolate and caramel What is Vodka Mudshake? It is an alcoholic milkshake. At first I thought yuck, then strange then I thought about it. I have drank Baileys, Dooleys and Cadbury’s chocolate liqueur and all of them are milk based. ..." Read review

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Swallow, Don't Spit!

AdvantagesVery swiggable

DisadvantagesVery swiggable

"...my first sip of a Vodka Mudshake. Wow! Alcoholic milkshakes and they’re rather nice as I gradually found myself sipping another and another……. Vodka Mudshakes are made by the Australasian based Independent Distillers Group who have been trading here in the UK for the past couple of years. The group’s marketing niche tends to be the Alco pop range with other products such as Everglades - a schnapps based drink, The Vodka Twistee - a two in one ..." Read review

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Community Level 2livz


Alcoholic Milkshakes - could it get any better?!

AdvantagesTastes delicious, can be purchased cheaply, screw top

Disadvantagescouldn't drink in large quantities as it becomes sickly, expensive in some bars

"I first tried the Vodka Mudshake in the banana flavour whilst on holiday in Newquay and I paid £3.15 for a 270ml bottle. Yes I know I was ripped-off, but hey, I was on holiday! I then went to the local Safeways where I found it for 98p a 270ml bottle and on a buy two get one free deal! There are four different flavours available: Banana - chalky yellow in colour, I bought it by mistake in the bar and I don't even like bananas but it tasted ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Louise90


Vodka in a shake

AdvantagesLovely taste. Comes in different flavours.

DisadvantagesThe price, depending on where you get it. Probably fattening!

"...drink I'm talking about is Vodka Mudshake. As I was a first time buyer, and liked what I saw, thought I would treat myself. I can't remember the exact price I paid, but I know it was nearly the £2 I paid for a 270 ml bottle of this drink. I was taken aback for a second as I didn't think they were so dear. Oh well, it's too late now. The bottle had been opened, and all I could do now was sit back and drink it. The bottles are clear see though ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mark_allen71


If only cows could drink chocolate!

AdvantagesSmooth, like stroking a kitten

DisadvantagesDoesn't taste like alcohol (advantage?), cost

"Vodka Mudshake - chocolate/caramel What a great marketing concept to help inebriate the Busted-generation of beverage buyers, and tanked-up tarts (like me) - alcoholic milkshake. I love the concept. It could even be what cows were invented for! I first took on the caramel flavour, which is like an iced-coffee, ideal for a summer evening. The taste is sweet and satisfying, with no real kick, which means it doesn’t taste alcoholic. (Logically ..." Read review

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Muddy Alcohol

AdvantagesNot as strong as baileys, but distinct taste of vodka

DisadvantagesNone apart from you can get plastered!!

"...shakes with a bit of vodka thrown in and I am a fan of milkshakes however if you are not accustomed to sickly drinks this may not be the drink for you! Total Calories per 270ml bottle is 285 Total Fat content of 8g Total Carbs 34g This is quite a fattening drink for those who need to watch their weight but it is also one of the dreamiest drinks ever and I am going to be a fan for a long time to come and have so far tried the Strawberry, Banana ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lolly1981


Delicious Milkly Vodka Drink!!

AdvantagesDelicious milkshake flavour, reasonable price

DisadvantagesMay encourage underage drinkers

"...and combine flavoured milk with vodka in a 200 ml ready to drink bottle. They come in eight flavours, although I have only seen six of them so far and tried five. The complete range of flavours are chocolate, caramel, banana, mint, strawberry, vanilla, cappuccino and honeycomb. The last two I mentioned are the two I have not yet seen anywhere but the others that I have tried (chocolate, caramel, mint, strawberry and vanilla) are wonderful. I could ..." Read review

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Community Level 2redsquare008


How to drink alcohol without realising!

AdvantagesDelicious, Can't taste the Vodka

DisadvantagesCould be sickly, you can't taste the vodka, probably very fattening!

"...really is, is milkshake with vodka in it! It comes in the following flavours: Vanilla (Tastes like Baileys Glide, or diluted Baileys with added sugar!) Chocolate Strawberry Mint Banana ... and no doubt they're developing new ones as we speak! These drinks appear to be the new generation of slcopops, they're becoming more and more evident behind more and more bars despite having only been launched within the last year and a half! Like ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tazza72


Would you drink Mud?

AdvantagesRich, Smooth & Creamy

DisadvantagesToo sickly after a few!

"I found Vodka Mudshake purely by chance whilst browsing round my local Asda. Its situated with the other alcohol between the bottles of beer and alcopops. Vodka Mudshake is a flavoured milk drink with Vodka. It comes in 2 flavours - chocolate and caramel. The bottle size is 270ml and both have a 5% alcohol content. I'm not a lover of Baileys or other cream liquers, so I was a bit dubious about trying them, but one of them pleasantly suprised ..." Read review

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Community Level 2beddybear


Flavoured Alcoholic Milk

AdvantagesProbably a good source of calcium

DisadvantagesDoesn't look cool, drinking a milkshake in a pub!

"...I could not taste the Vodka at all. However, for a milkshake, I did find it quite watery, personally I prefer my milkshakes creamy and was tempted to go back to the bar and ask for some squirty cream to be added (it was only my mates that stopped me, advised it wouldn't look cool in a crowded bar on a Friday night) I would recommend this, but really in future would prefer to keep my milkshakes seperate from my alcohol, if I'm going to pay for ..." Read review

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Community Level 3woof45


Vodka Mudshake - Milky appeal!

AdvantagesGood choice of flavours, yummy!

DisadvantagesDon't realise there's vodka in it until you stand up!

"...and without realising it the vodka took control! I think they're brilliant but the only problem both myself and my friends have found is that it is easy to have too many. They're pretty reasonable in price ranging where you go for a couple of quid which is good if your a student like me! The other thing is they're nice for a change from fizzy alcopops etc but I find that they become a bit sickly after a couple. There's a good range of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jamie2k


Milkshake Madness

AdvantagesSmooth Milky Vodka Mudshake Milkshake

DisadvantagesNever enough avaliable

"Vodka Mudshake Shake it up. Smooth, easy-drinking vodka & dairy milk. Alcoholic content 4% 24 x 270ml bottles in a case. I came across this lovely vodka mudshake milkshake and just had to buy some from our suppliers... so that i can drink them with my friends... I like to get a bottle or Two mixed up with some icecream and fresh fruits with an added splash of Vodka to give it a bit of a kick. The strawberry flavour is my favourite, ..." Read review

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AdvantagesIt tasts phenomenal

DisadvantagesIt's addictive

"...at Chrstimas but this new Vodka Mudshake has changed the way I view alcohol. I can't get enough of the stuff! At £1.19 a bottle, it's a bargain too for 200ml. Because the label doesn't say much, I've yet to work out how many calories there in it but who cares. I get a chocolatey hit followed by a nice warm, fuzzy feeling - what a great combination. This isn't the kind of alcoholic beverage I would order in a pub but its nice for a treat at home ..." Read review

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Slip it in Yer Coffee Matey Boy

AdvantagesTasty, gets you Hammered

DisadvantagesGoes down too fact

"I saw the Carmel flavor variety of this wonderful elixr in my local Sainsburys for £1-05 a bottle, and since I was not in a beer drinking mood it seemed to be the ideal solution to the Sunday afternoon doldrums. I opened the first of the 4 bottles whilst it was still warm and, it slipped effortlesly down my throut. Now as I have a disgustingly sweet tooth I did not immediatley notice how sickly it actually is. The taste was like that of the worlds ..." Read review

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