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Sixty Years On... We're Still Waiting

AdvantagesThought provoking - A very simplistic notion, usually disregarded.

DisadvantagesHighlights the human condition - hardly uplifting.

"...Godot's' premiere''' We are all waiting for the inevitable, albeit I guess you've got to do something pro-active while you wait - anyhow, it is human nature to do something with your time; yep this is one of the laws of humanity, not that I've read a drafted copy called: 'While Your Waiting For Godot', if I did it would have been a waste of time deciphering over it's contents. My elders made it clear to me, I cannot stare aimlessly into the yonder ..." Read review

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Community Level 5tashat


Waiting for Whom?

AdvantagesApplicable to a modern audience

DisadvantagesTakes a lot of studying to truly understand it

"...threatened. Beckett's most popular absurdist play, Waiting For Godot, is one of the first examples critics point to when talking about the Theatre of the Absurd. This is perhaps because it follows the simple rules of having no real story line but instead having a series of "free floating images" I.e. the tree, focusing on the incomprehensibility of the world or an attempt to rationalize an irrational, disorderly world and having language act as ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sandy.imy


nothing comes out of no thing

Advantagesexcellent mindcatcher


"...life that is waiting. The word waiting is very strong in the title of this play it stand s out from all other words its not wait or wited its waiting that means that it is an action that is kepp on going without any end. This waiting is the epitome opf all our life. This waiting is infinite so it makes itself at one instance useless also because its without any end. If some one has seen the first part of matrix there is one line that really is echoing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1punkdizzylaa


Waiting for a good available production of this

AdvantagesFascinating, beautifully comical, unpatronising, complete yet not satisfying

DisadvantagesProbably boring to some due to lack of real action

"...play ambling about the stage, waiting for Godot to appear and sporadically threatening to leave or suggesting that they commit suicide. Nothing happens, as Beckett himself writes in the play. A few entrances and exits, but in general nothing more than frustration and occasional wonder. It's fantastically funny, with witty and bizarre comments flying between Vladimir, Estragen and Pozzo (but not, of course, Lucky, who is treated as an animal for ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Kozinski


Waiting And Waiting

AdvantagesOriginal, funny and interesting

DisadvantagesNot everyone's cup of tea

"Samuel Beckett has been a great influence to 20th Century theatre. In the 1950's he invented a new kind of play - absurd. Now many of you may read this play and think that it is the biggest lot of rubbish, but as I always say - a play is meant to be seen and not read. "Waiting For Godot" was the beginning of absurd drama and absolutely slated by the press on it's opening. One reviewer wrote "Nothing happens. It's terrible!" But somehow, it caught ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kenigma


This really isn't for everyone but its good

AdvantagesGreat play

DisadvantagesHard to get into for some people

"Waiting for Godot was originally written in French but was subsequently translated back to English by Beckett. It was Beckett's first play, and many would say one of his greatest. There are heavy influences from Beckett's peer-group in the "Theatre of the Absurd" - which later influenced writers such as Tom Stoppard and Harold Pinter. The two main charachters are Vladimir and Estragon who are waiting on a deserted road for Godot to come along. There ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cormacbrown


Brilliantly bleak

AdvantagesOne of the best plays of our time

DisadvantagesMay not appeal to everyone due to lack of action

"...to be enjoyed or understood. However, Waiting for Godot is one of the best plays written in the twentieth century, portraying a terribly bleak view of the repetitiveness and monotony of the meaningless cycle of life and commenting on the futility of even trying to find a meaning in life. This is what the two main characters Vladimir, or "Didi", and Estragon, or "Gogo", are trying to do while they wait for Godot (presumably representing the God who ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Motley


Wait for ages and then nothing happens

AdvantagesBrilliant play and well written.

DisadvantagesCan be boring to people who do not appreciate it.

"Waiting for Godot is a classic and it seems to be either loved or hated by those who have read, seen or studied it. It is unsual, to say the very least, but when I studied, then saw and then stage managed this play, I grew to love it. Beckett has written a play about two old tramps (more or less), Vladimir and Estragon, who sit and wait for ever for a 'Godot' who never comes. We are never told why, or who Godot is (although it is a he)and much ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sarahsoo


Beckett's master piece

AdvantagesAn introduction to one of the most infamous theatre changing plays

Disadvantages'Nothing happens, nobody comes'

"...this breed of theatre. Waiting for Godot follows two days in the lives of Vladimir, an incontinent thinker and Estragon, a tramp like ex poet. These two charactes are set in a area where there is only a tree. They discuss death, life, reincarnation, birth and many other moral subjects. They sit and wait for one reason, to wait for Godot. Who Godot is, well, we never find out. The connotations of the name surely make you think that it is God or some ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lewiscrofts


absurdly brilliant


Disadvantagesdifficult to read

"This play, first written in French and performed in France, is a novel invention and is one of the great works of modern theatre. It breaks down all the conventions and rules of theatre (set up by Aristotle and his unities) and produces and almost non-play. There is no action, little characterisation and no hints at time or place, in short the audience are totally lost. It is a strange beast of a play and should be read as well as seen on the strange. ..." Read review

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