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Community Level 9Amy69


I scream for you, ice cream for me! Review with images

AdvantagesDelicious, fun, variety in texture

Disadvantagesaddictive, calories and sugar, doesn't cool you down

"When it's an extremely hot day, and you're sweltering in the heat, it would seem that the last thing you'd want to eat is chocolate! So why do I get enormous cravings for the smooth and creamy Magnum White ice creams? No matter how much I tell myself "No!", I never listen! I just can't help myself when it comes to indulging on this cooling temptatious treat! I'll walk along to the shop, lethargically dragging my feet behind me, longing for my sugary ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scampi1


Probably the most powerful ice cream in the world

AdvantagesYou know you want one

DisadvantagesAll those calories

"Now that summer's here (well I know it rained today but what else do you expect in Britain ?) I was looking for the ideal thing to cool me down on a summers evening and I do believe I've found it. Loitering with intent to be purchased in the frozen foods department of my local Morrisons were Walls Magnum White Ice Cream Lollies. So who could resist ? *Where from and how much ? Magnums are widely available just about everywhere but as I've just ..." Read review

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Community Level 6craigy_bab...


Creamy white heaven...

AdvantagesDelicious taste, big ice-cream!

DisadvantagesHigh in fat, over-priced

"Located about a mile and a half from my home is the Walls’ and Birds Eye Factory of Gloucester. Every year they used to hold an open-day, where you could experience just how they make the ice cream and even have a few freebies as well. I used to try and beat my own record of just how many different ones I could manage to eat each year. That was until I tried the Magnum. Now I won’t eat any other Walls’ ice cream. When it comes ..." Read review

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Community Level 7andycharger


The Anemic Nag mum

AdvantagesCreamy, rich and tasty

DisadvantagesMelts far too easily. Brittle chocolate

"When it comes to Ice creams on a stick, Magnums seem to have taken the market by storm in the last 10 years. Along with the Original Chocolate variety, one of the first variants on the shelf (or freezer) was the White chocolate Magnum. Strange concept? Not really. I dont know why somone has not thought of it sooner. Anyway. What does it look like? A large oval ice cream lolly with a flat top and bottom side. It is creamy ice cream covered ..." Read review

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Sweet Sophistication

Advantagescreamy, rich chocolate

Disadvantagescost at times

"In the summer months when the temperatures start to rise, it’s always nice to reach for ice cream and have something refreshing to help cool me down. I would say my favourite ice cream brand was Ben & Jerry’s but on the hot days it’s the last thing I want to reach for. I do like a fruity ice lolly like a Solero but lately I have been buying multipacks of Magnum more as they have been on offer. I always have loved them but they cost a lot at about ..." Read review

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Milky Mayhem


Disadvantagescan't think of a single one

"When you think of magnum what first springs to mind A bottle of finest bubbly is the answer I think you’ll find. So re-adjust your brainwaves synchronise with mine prepare for a trip to heaven with a taste that’s so divine. Taste the Creamy white chocolate surrounding vanilla ice cream It’s better than having an orgasm I can almost hear you scream. The crunchy white exterior protecting the hidden delight flakes off as your biting exposing ..." Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


Blond heaven


DisadvantagesProvokes a fight

"The Magnum adverts always were extremely good at drumming up your interest, evoking the devilish pleasure which awaited you as you took your fill of the delightful ice cream treat, but for some reason I was never too impressed by them and definitely wasn't sold in. The problem is that I have a morbid and inexplicable fear of sweets and messy food, like kids' lollies and it always seemed to me that Magnum would be more trouble than it was worth, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2PhOeBeBuFf...


Why can't it be more chocolate???

Advantageswhite chocolate, tasty ice cream


"The last few days – here in good, old Germany – were unbearable, it was so hot and the wind was somewhere else. So I needed a cooling and therefore I bought a creamy ice in one of our supermarkets. I decided to take a Magnum with white chocolate. +++ PRICE +++ Normally you should get Magnum in every good supermarket, even though not everyone has Mangum with white chocolate. In Germany you have to pay about 1,50€, sometimes it is cheaper. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3elle2


the kool ice-cream Review with images

Advantagesvery tastey

Disadvantagescan become addictive.

"for me im am a ice-cream nut, but im sure im not the only one, ice-cream has been going for years and has got better through out the years. i have bought a pack of 3 magnum white chocolate ice-creams and i have got to say that they are lovely well worth every penny. you can buy them for about £1.50 i got mine from the local co-op but you can buy them from anywhere. any supermarket or any corner shop. they have a cream coloured wrapper and have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2princess_lu



Advantagesbeautifully creamy and rich

Disadvantagessickly and fattening

"I'm a big fan of white chocolate, so this was the ideal choice of icecream. Unlike Cadbury's Dream chocolate, which I find has a horrible bitter aftertaste, Magnum have found the perfect recipe for a White chocolate coating, along with a sumptuous inside. Packaging Gold and White, a foil wrapper which screams *eat me*! It definitely looks sophisticated and upmarket, but considering it is a rather expensive icecream, it's not surprising that ..." Read review

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