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Community Level 8blurbubble



AdvantagesMakes a lovely Snowball

DisadvantagesNot very versatile?

"...ever seen it made by Warninks although there may well be some supermarket brands out there. The bottle has a 'classic' label which hasn't changed for as long as I can remember! It is a very thick looking, slow pouring, somewhat unappealing in appearance drink but if, like me, you have a penchant for Snowballs, you'll like it! Ah yes! Snowballs, sickly but very drinkable, especially for "the ladies". This drink consists of a measure of Advocaat, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4jamessmyth...


An egg in a glass.


Disadvantagesgets a bit much after a while

"Whoever first pitched this idea must have had a hard sell on their hands: “Alcoholic egg juice? Get the hell out of my office!” But this brave soul evidently perservered, touting his revolutionary concept around every brewer and distiller in the country until he came upon someone prepared to take a chance on the unknown: “Hey, I like eggs, I like alcohol. Here’s five million pounds – go make us rich!” And so he did, and Warnink’s Advocaat is what ..." Read review

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Community Level 2swordfish1...


Not just for christmas!


DisadvantagesCan get quite sickly

"Well, how do I start.....Advocaat is a drink you will either love or hate. I for one love it and have enjoyed the drink for many years. Christmas just would not be the same without a glass. There are a chice of brands of Advocaat on the market, but one of the most recognisable must be Warninks. I have tried cheaper supermarkets own brands but it is worth paying a little extra in my opinion for this established brand. The bottle has not changed ..." Read review

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Yellow. Sticky. Eggy. Enjoy...

Advantagestasty and comforting

Disadvantagesone for the ladies

"Many years ago my friend and I drank an entire bottle of advocaat between us and thought we were dead hard. If only some rational, sensible and slightly older person had told us: a) advocaat is a girl's drink b) it's only the equivalent of drinking about three glasses of wine and c) never brag about it to anybody or you'll get beaten up for being girl's-drink-drinking girls. Unfortunately nobody of such salient presence was around, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jitterbug


Snowballs in summer

AdvantagesMakes a lovely adult milkshake

DisadvantagesContains egg yolks, so avoid if you are allergic to them

"...perhaps the most famous is Warninks with its reknowned bright red label across the bottle. The liqueur is made with a combination of grape brandy, sugar and egg yolks which gives it a smooth and velvet like texture. To prevent this mixture from separating an emulsifying agent is added. It comes in a 70cl bottle and its strength is 17.2%vol which is quite low for a liqueur. Once opened it is advisable to use within 6 months, although I've had ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pompeysmic...


got to be warninks!

Advantagestastes delicious

Disadvantagesnone to me

"...usual tot (or two) of warninks dutch advocaat, I always buy warninks now as other cheeper brands for me just dont have the same quality taste. When I was younger my mum introduced me to this drink and I loved it. Its not a strong drink so you can drink quite a lot of it and has no ill effect. I felt so posh and grown up when I had the cherry on a stick with it. I make up the drink by pouring a small amount of advocaat in a glass first then ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shortiebab...


Tastes as bad as it looks

AdvantagesFairly Cheap

DisadvantagesNot the nicest thing to drink!

"My first try of Advocaat was a few months ago and I have only tried it again once. The first thing that I dislike about the drink is the colour. The drink is bright yellow which I find is immediately off-putting. However the packaging itself is tasteful if a little old fashioned. It is a clear bottle with Warnikins written diagonally across the bottle in red old style font. The majority of my family is a fan of the drink so I thought that I would ..." Read review

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secret in the cabinet

Advantagesdelicious, creamy

Disadvantagesstronger than you think

"...the snowballs at Christmas. Warninks advocaat is perfectly acceptable for these. It costs eight pounds approximately, and tastes much like the cheaper supermarket versions, which come in at about six pounds. Personally I like my spirits neat, but this stuff is so delightfully creamy, it is easy to forget how strong, 14 -16% alchohol it really is. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bullyfome


Liqueur Warninks Advocaat great this time of year, warming.

Advantagesnice warming festive drink can mix with other drinks

DisadvantagesNONE COME TO MIND

"...glass with a measure of warninks with a dash of cherry brandy in the middle. You can add a dash of any of your favourite liqueur or cordial. Nutty Summer Martini Ingredients: Amount Ingredient (Click ingredient for more recipes) 3 Drops Angostura Bitters 0.75 Measure Disaronno Amaretto 0.75 Measure Malibu 1.5 Measures Warninks Advocaat 0.75 Measure Pineapple Juice Breakfast Dutch Breakfast 1 Measure Hendricks Gin 1 Teaspoon Galliano ..." Read review

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