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Great Service, Great Company, Great Warranty

AdvantagesCover for everything you need


"...covering my car with a warranty until last year and I am so glad that I did. Worth every penny, I would highly recommend. The cover is better than ANY other that I could find, and I looked for my parents car too, but it was a little more expensive than other companies but Warrantywise cover you for much more, so its worth the little extra. No need to look anywhere else, this is the best warranty. The one thing I would say about warrantywise that ..." Read review

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AdvantagesExcellent service, good communication

DisadvantagesNone found

"I purchased this warranty following the expiry of my extended manufacturers warranty. I have found it to be excellent value as my car with very little mileage has since cost this company more than it cost me to purchase the warranty. The service received has always been first class and I cannot recommend them strongly enough. Purchasing a warranty can be costly but you never know when that cost may be more than repaid. The latest incident was a disintegrating ..." Read review

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Great Service

AdvantagesEasy to select the cover you want. No lead-in time before policy is effective.

DisadvantagesFrom my one experience so far I have no negative aspects to report.

"...take out an after-market car warranty on my four year old Mercedes-Benz C320 CDI & after researching a few companies I settled on Warrantywise & opted for their premium package in April 2012. Not long after the policy was in place I had a non-starting issue with the vehicle that culminated in it requiring a new engine control unit. Fortunately I had taken out the Warrantywise cover & the dealership that had my car liased directly with them. The necessary ..." Read review

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Warrantywise the best no hassle warranty company

AdvantagesCheaper than the manufacturers warranty

Disadvantagesno email correspondance / claims

"...exceeding the manufacturers extra care warranty , but it was a lot cheaper than BMW's warranty .In my opinion this warranty company beats any other that i have ever read about . ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jimmyd.e.m


Car warranty

AdvantagesSmooth running and everything is covered

DisadvantagesNone that come to mind.

"...dubious about taking out a warranty for the car that I had just bought as it would meaning laying out more money and they are not normally worth the paper there written on. .After I read several reviews and speaking with the representative on the phone Warranty Wise did seem to instil some confidence back. The form was simple to fill in and there didn't seem to be any small print which in my opinion you would get with other company's. From beginning ..." Read review

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Community Level 1isobelcall...


Could do better

AdvantagesCustomer Services Manager superb and as helpful as able in the circumstances

DisadvantagesOffer capable of different interpretation as to offering being provided

"...vis-ā-vis claims against our Warrantywise warranty in regard to our vehicle - a Vauxhall Meriva, Reg. No: RY 04 WUW. As my husband is disabled, I handle our administrative matters, and to date, our experiences have not been entirely happy ones, so a bit of background information could well prove helpful. Our warranty insurance background began as initial members of the MotorEasy warranty scheme when it was first introduced jointly by The Daily Telegraph ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nylon6


First Car Warranty Experience

AdvantagesPeace of mind and hassle free service


"...with a 12 months warranty. The Warranty Wise booklet read very well and the Premium Protection cover seemed quit comprehensive, but you always feel there will be some problem if you need to claim. Six months after purchasing the car (a 9 year old low mileage BMW) it developed a serious oil leak from the Auto box oil cooler.I took the car to my local garage where they confirmed the problem.Contacted Warranty Wise giving them the information and the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1garswood1954


A Warranty that lives up to its name!

AdvantagesExcellent and efficient service.


"A Warranty that lives up to its name!Since my review of 2010, I've had reason to use the warranty on two other occasions. Last year, my car broke down and the main dealership (Vauxhall) declared that the ECU had failed. Despite my protestations that I considered this unlikely as it had only been replaced the previous year (by another Vauxhall dealership) they maintained that this was the reason for the fault. Warranty Wise challenged this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1garswood1234


Lived up to their promises

AdvantagesSimple, no-nonsense comprehensive cover and a number of payment options.


"...a fleet car) my manufacturer's warranty expired well before the vehicle was 3 years old. Because of the high mileage and the need to ensure that my vehicle was always roadworthy, I reviewed a number of warranty companies, including the manufacturer's extended warranty but the miles I cover meant that it was unsuitable, and sought views from a number colleagues and was 'warned off' some other companies who promised everything and then delivered very ..." Read review

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Excellent service from Warranty Wise

AdvantagesComplete peace of mind - takes the worry out of motoring.

DisadvantagesIt is not cheap but if you want cheap go to someone else and take a risk.

"...Gear and was approached by Warranty Wise who challenged him to design a policy he would approve of himself. This he did, and I was so impressed I took the plunge. You can specify the type of cover you want ie. repair hourly rate, excess, and what non standard things to cover like in car entertainment, navigation, air con, MOT failure etc. In less than a year I had a problem with the air con - the condenser was leaking. I contacted the repair team ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bazza6


I feel confident with WarrantyWise

AdvantagesFair and speedy handling. Staff easy to talk to.

DisadvantagesNone that I have come across

"I am a new member and had a wheel bearing problem only a few weeks in to the warranty. I had the work completed immediately as I needed the car back urgently as I was going on holiday and I was'nt sure, in any event, if the problem was covered. I contacted WW and left matters with them. Sometime later I had not heard anything and contacted WW again. They had been awaiting info from the garage which had not been forthcoming. I was asked if the work ..." Read review

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Community Level 1johndlellis


Warrantywise - The warranty WITH "Weasel Words"

AdvantagesAbsolutely none in my opinion

DisadvantagesHighly expensive worthless policy, impossible to contact

"...I told them about my warranty and they agreed to contact WarrantyWise with their report. Some weeks later, they'd located the electrical drain fault, dodgy wiring to the secondary tracking device (I'd already disabled the only one I knew about, thinking that it was the cause). They also replaced the door handle operating cables, telling me that it was a common fault on my particular model of car. They tried to contact WarrantyWise. No joy. They ..." Read review

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Essential Peace of Mind !!! Would not drive a Saab without WW

AdvantagesPeace of Mind

Disadvantagesnone that I have observed

"...I have always had a Warranty Wise cover, which apart from essential peace of mind has meant that I have been able to keep on driving the Saab despite three incidents which have resulted in substantial claims. Even my air conditioning which died was covered which was an unexpected bonus. Personally I would never drive a car like the Saab without Warranty Wise cover as the potential for waking up with a very nasty unexpected bill / is too high. The ..." Read review

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Toyota Avensis Repair- Mileage 15,150 (07 Reg)

AdvantagesEase of use

Disadvantagesnone known

"...July 4th 2012. I contacted Warranty Wise the same day. The claim was authorised on July 11th 2012. Following due process, the repair was completed on July 18th 2012 and Warranty Wise cheque was dispatched to me on 30th June 2012. This was a most satisfactory resolution to a potentially dangerous problem. The replacement gear cables and connectors were of a different design to the originals, which indicates a known fault. I thank Warranty Wise for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gilkeith

Quick review of Warranty Wise

"Very poor service .Do not buy a car with this warranty or a warranty with this company . After an engine component failed i tried calling over 20 times and could never get through and just got their awnsering machine . They ask you to get a valuation of the work but not to get it done till they have approved it but as they are uncontactable you can not get authorisation . I managed to get an assesment form sent to the garage after bombarding them with emails but they never paid and human contact with them is impossible .

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