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Wartner--use if you want to keep your warts and verrucas!


DisadvantagesDoesn't do the job

"Wartner was first available on the market several years ago. I used it on my daughters verrucas and was amazed at how effective it was. In just one application the verruca turned black and fell out, the treatment was obviously quite painful but the verruca had been very persistant so the result was worth it. I then used it on my husbands verrucas and it was just as effective. When the can became old I threw it away. This year my son and I have ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MICH51


a great find

Advantageseasy to use

Disadvantagesa bit pricey

"I brought this product as my husband had a stubourn wart that he had,had for over two years and we had been impressed by the advert. When we purchased it I thought it was a bit pricey so it had better work! It was very easy to apply although a bit painful and you may need someone else to apply it if the verruca is in an akward spot. There was no mess .or cream ju0st a spray can and apllicators. At first i didnt think it was going to work as nothing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1giggles_x


Disappointed, to say the least...

AdvantagesYou get a free foot file

DisadvantagesIt doesnt work, its expensive, misleading, takes a long time to cure, stings slightly,

"I had a verruca on my foot for around a year and I got to the point where I wanted it gone once and for all. It was for this reason that I trusted the advert and bought their product which claimed to remove verrucas in one treatment; however, upon buying the pack, i discovered that it could actually take up to 3 treatments, spead out over the course of 6 weeks! Hardly instantaneous. I followed the instructions carefully, and after the 2 weeks was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cluckypete


Wartner Wart Remover


Disadvantagesit doesent work

"I have been feeding my wart on this product for over 1 month and it thrives on it. Its supposed to be a one treatment freezing treatment but is useless . Perhaps I have a new "Super " Wart however I cannot recommend this product its expensive and ineffective This is the second and last time I will use this product and feel I have been miss sold probably because health and safety means that I cannot be trusted to use a treatment that actually kills ..." Read review

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Omega Wartner Verruca Remover (50ml contains 12 applications)

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