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Community Level 4Raybid


Watchmen the finest graphic novel of all time

AdvantagesBeautifully written, attention to detail in story and art, a moving read of tremendous power

Disadvantagespeople may be put off by the fact its a comic, don't be.

"...mere descriptions of genre. The Watchmen Graphic Novel collects the full series of Watchmen Comics by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons. It is not a comicbook for children, infact some of the content is quite strong and it is recommended for mature readers. It begins with the murder of an ex-costumed vigilante called the Comedian and is initially narrated by excerpts from a journal by another costumed fugitive - Rorscach (a torture, sad and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Radishimo


The Watchmen: Did it live up to it's reputation?

AdvantagesRich, deep story and three dimensional, imperfect characters.

DisadvantagesBe prepared for a long read. Although you will definitely enjoy it.

"...and fight crime? The Watchmen handles this in truly believable way. Each character I met had their own little imperfections and their own reasons for being a costumed hero. Although I was initially unimpressed by Dave Gibbons' artwork, it grew on me, complementing Alan Moore's writing in a way that made the novel more than the sum of its parts. So who is killing off all of the costumed heroes? I was kept guessing all the way by the genius of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1formuladri...


Just impressive, and still is



"Who watches the watchmen? It's a phrase to think about. And it's the real motto of this limited series published years ago. Imagine yourself in the middle of a world, with only one being with superpowers, but a lot of people trying to be only a percetage of what the one and only superhero is. Mix that with a couple of people killed, mistery, maybe a complot to destroy faith on superheroes, and then you will get Watchmen. It's almost impossible ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gigglybobby



AdvantagesCreated by the greatest writer alive today

DisadvantagesYou think this is the best it gets, then read other works by Alan Moore

"...fully certified genius! Ahem* anyway Watchmen was originally published as a 12 issue miniseries in the mid-eighties. It still remains ahead of it's time and is superbly detailed in every way: art, plot, characterisation and even literary and music references. The plot is too confusing to go into, but involves the death of a murdering, rapist "hero", a fully grown man dressing as an owl, a man being disintegrated and returning to life (and travelling ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kolinkelly



AdvantagesCompletely self contained world.

DisadvantagesThere will never be a sequel!

"Widely regarded as the definitive comic book for non comic fans 'Watchmen' tapped into the comic boom of the 1980's along with Art Spiegelman's 'Maus' and Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns'. Single handedly re-defined the genre by examining how the world would really react to having super-heroes in its midst. Completely self-contained, this graphic novel requires no other prior comic knowledge and can be enjoyed by any discerning reader. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hellmonkey42


The Only Adult Superhero Comic

AdvantagesLayered, interweaving story, brilliant characterisation

DisadvantagesMessages not as clear as other Moore books (From Hell, V for Vendetta)

"I read comics when I was a kid, then went off them as I grew older. I got bored of superheroes, always winning their fights but never really defeating the enemy either. A few years later I came across Preacher. Then Transmetropolitan. Then Sin City. None of these featured superheroes or villians. They had gangsters, drug-taking journalists and a reverend trying to find and kill god. So I was wrong. Comics weren't for kids, and they didn't have ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stuzilla


Watchmen, never, well maybe at the weekends ...

AdvantagesExcellently interwoven plot, great characters, THE graphic novel

DisadvantagesThere's not enough

"...to people have you read Watchmen they've often never heard of it, so I lend it to them. Then they become trapped, and before you know it, they are lending it to their other friends. If you have never read a true Graphic Novel this is the ONE, it is the Grail of the genre. As a thirty somethinger graphic novels reappeared at the front of the bookstore with this book and The Dark Knight Returns, both of which are fantastic novels, but Watchmen really ..." Read review

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