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Facilities (campsite, toilets, creche, etc.)
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Bryan who? Review with images

AdvantagesGood songs for all ages (current, ratpack, oldies etc), 4 gorgeous men entertaining you for a few hours

DisadvantagesSome crap opening acts, crappy blink tv

"Westlife No. 1s Tour, previously called the Red Carpet Tour, 2005 For the past three years, I have brought my mam to see the all Irish boyband, Westlife, on their tour around Europe. The choice venue for us, always in Dublin. Three years ago it was in Lansdowne Road, Ireland’s main sports stadium, host to many concerts and home to the Irish rugby team. For the past two years, the bands have chosen the Point Depot, one of the main concert holders ..." Read review

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Westlife 11/03/05 at Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

AdvantagesSome good songs and a good view

DisadvantagesExpensive tickets (£27.50) and not enough hit singles

"Westlife returned to Newcastle with an exciting start. Shane, Mark, Kian and Nicky came in through the doors at the back of the arena and took the risky chance of walking down the aisles and greeting the screaming fans before jumping on stage to sing "Uptown Girl". "Hey Whatever", "If I Let You Go", "Mandy", "Unbreakable", "My Love", "Swear It Again" and a raunchy "When You're Looking Like That" followed the opening song. As Westlife went for ..." Read review

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Very pleasantly surprised

AdvantagesGreat show, great voices

DisadvantagesCouldn't hear what they were saying to the audience

"...be offered a freebie when Westlife played Sheffield Arena last week. Now I'm sure a lot of you will think "Good fortune? pah!", but I actually really like Westlife's music - okay, so they might be a manufactured boy band, but they're inoffensive and have catchy tunes. Thousands of people can't be wrong! The freebie I received was to be in a suite/box at the Arena, to meet up with some other Secretaries I deal with regularly, none of whom had ever ..." Read review

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Four Boys on Stools.

AdvantagesImmaculate presentation of all their hits.

DisadvantagesA little short and underwhelming, without any real "Wow!"-factor.

"...fending off hordes of angry Westlife fans should that moment come. But I was taking this seriously, because I was going to the concert with my sister and my girlfriend, both Westlife devotees. I'd even done my homework, reading cover to cover a programme from a previous concert. I was impressed by how carefully the boy's image was controlled - from the interview in the programme, it seemed the wildest thing they did on tour was hide in wardrobes ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Angel_Deli...


One less but still the best!

AdvantagesWestlife (what more could i ask for)

DisadvantagesNot long enough, not great seats.

"On March 2004 Westlife set off on another sell-out tour. This tour was the Turnaround Tour and started in Belfast on the 29th. This tour had a total of about 58 dates and stopped off at Belfast, Nottingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, London, Dublin, Stockholm and many others. For anybody who doesn’t know who Westlife are where have you been. Only joking I will tell you a bit about them. Westlife were ..." Read review

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westlife in concert

Advantagesbrilliant voices

Disadvantagesleaving afterwards

"what a concert this was. being a mother of two I had to be persuaded to go. I am glad I did. The songs they sang (and they really can sing) brought back memories for all ages, as there was a good variety. As the music started you could feel the atmosphere rise. When they burst onto the stage there was a huge scream from the crowd. The did a few songs and a few moves to go with them, then they brought down a huge walkway. This was brilliant as it ment ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bryans_cla...


Brill concert, even from the back

AdvantagesSo many brill songs to listen to!

DisadvantagesRubbish seats - not Westlife's fault though!

"I have followed Westlife since they supported Boyzone on tour, so was very pleased when they announced they were going on tour. I managed to get tickets, but was disappointed when i got rubbish seats, especially as they announced another 5 nights in Glasgow after i had bought them! On the night of the concert, i looked at the stage and thought it would be rubbish as i could barely see over the people in front of me. When Reel came on i cheered ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kim100


The Fab Four

AdvantagesAll the Westlife classics and very entertaining

DisadvantagesSupport acts are rubbish

"I was at the MEN arena in Machester on Sat 26th Feb 2005. The support acts were very disappointing. There was a guy called Royston who was a bit r&b not really my thing. Then there was A guy and a lady they were a bit hip hop but it wasn't very good and I have no idea who they were!!! Then there was a russian girl called Alsou, she was ok and she sang a song that she has recorded with Nelly. She had 4 male dancers with her which made it better!!! Westlife ..." Read review

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Community Level 1westlifeno...


i love westlie i love westlife.

Advantagesbrilliant songs

Disadvantagesnot very good seats to bad.

" when i went to see westlife they were brilliant i love them to much my mum says there songs were brilliant if anyone don`t like them they are sad people "like my brothers". i have seen them 3 times and each time they amazing and the first time they flew across the concert and i was so close to Nickey the secound time they had this big block and it moved and that flew as well and i saw all of them. the 3rd time they just had another big block and it ..." Read review

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