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Community Level 1Westminste...


Westminster Law School/.... A let down.

AdvantagesCentral Location, Diversity ammong students, Modernised buildings and facilities

DisadvantagesStaff, Organisation, Union, Accomodation, Support

"...University memorable. The University of Westminster in particular makes the assumption that it's students are already familiar with London (as many appear to be from here), and offers little support outside of academia. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Christabelb


The Harrow Campus: Fashion, business and media

AdvantagesDynamic course with personal tutoring, top range industry contact

DisadvantagesHarrow is not so great, student union is rubbish

"...the Harrow campus. The University of Westminster has 4 campuses around London: Baker Street, Marylebone, Cavendish and Harrow. This review is on the Harrow Campus only. THE COURSE The course I studied was based in both the Business school and Creative Industries School as it encompassed both. There were pros and cons to this. That, combined with the fact that when I started the course it was only in its 3rd year running ever meant that things ..." Read review

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Community Level 1skyrider


A little pot of gold...

AdvantagesCommunity feeling and dedicated highly qualified lecturers

DisadvantagesCampus is somewhat spread out over Central London

"...community college, The University of Westminster would be my recommendation as the number one choice. OK the campus IS spread over quite a large area, but this is a small price to pay for what you get in return. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gemimathecat


Move out of London

AdvantagesIn London

DisadvantagesUnenthusiastic staff, little support from tutors

"...experience of the University of Westminster when it was formerly PCL (Polytechnic of Central London) was dire, perhaps this was because I was on a part time course commuting into Paddington? I don't know whether the facilities have improved, I found the teaching staff depressed, lacking enthusiasm, and under a lot of stress. Also many members of staff were part time often without degree level qualifications. If the students weren't forced by employers ..." Read review

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Community Level 1michaleks




Disadvantagesquality of teaching, University ranking, staff, culture

"...to get a degree from Westminster University. Getting the right degree from a good University these days is very important and Westminster University cannot provide it (again based on my experience). Below some general thoughts after attending business related degree from that University. I have graduated with business degree. Very low level of teaching. I have started similar degree outside the UK, where level of teaching in secondary school ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kwesi01

Quick review of Westminster University

"The University of Westminster in general is an excellent, inclusive place to study, with highly-thought of research centres in several disciplines, and an admirable public service ethos, which means that it grants discounts and progression scholarships to a fair number of people who do courses there. I did an MA in public sector housing at Westminster in 1998, and so was quite pleased to be returning there this year to commence a GDL (graduate diploma in law) post-grad law conversion course. I would heartily recommend it to people like myself who work full-time, and who wish to study part-time to improve their career prospects.

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The Media University

AdvantagesFacilities, advice, learn a great deal from lecturers who still work in the field

DisadvantagesLack of teaching for some years as there are too many students

"The University of Westminster has brilliant facilities if you want to do a degree in Media. I am a third year TV student and we have great equipment, very helpful technicians and a fantastic theory department. I came to the university in order to find out how to become a pprogramme maker and producer and they have prepared me for this as I have learnt a great deal. The downside for the years below is they are over recruting students on the course ..." Read review

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Community Level 1adman_as


Westminster University

AdvantagesGreat location, impressive buildings.Lots of new investment

DisadvantagesNot all departments are as good as others, union is a bit pathetic

"Westminster uni is in a really great position, being right in the centre of London (The Harrow campus is not so great, but makes up for it by being state of the art and having everything on campus. The department I am in, Geography, is fantastic. It is quite small, so it is easy to get to know everyone, and the lecturers really try to encourage you. It also has great Media, phsycology and language departments, however a lot of the courses at the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Anita_Pind...


My experience at the University of Westminster

AdvantagesFriendly students and females

DisadvantagesDue to it being in central london, busy during peak times.

"A final year student at the University of Westminster. I believe i have chosen a great university to spend my time, money and educational opportunity with a fantastic educational organisation. The university has a great teaching system, with easy to talk to staff members who are always willing to help. I have encountered many polite staff members, who constantly want to help the students, whilst during seminars and teaching times but also after. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Frank


System failure!!!


DisadvantagesPoples are cool, you are always a strenger.

"Hi, I am a foreign student who study in this university. The university is very willing to help foreign student thus they provides first year international students have the priverage to stay at Hall of Residence. However, after one year period of my stay in. I have some opinion to propose for later comers. 1. The Hall of Residence are not necessary cheaper than you find a place your self around school. 2. The Siren system are always failure. ..." Read review

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