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Do you dare enter the Wetlands?

AdvantagesInteresting subject matter, had me gripped till the end

DisadvantagesDo not read if you have a weak stomach

"== Wetlands == === by Charlotte Roche === I heard an awful lot about this book. Which strikes me instantly as unusual. Normally, hearing people talking about a book would just pass me by, the mere mention of a book is usually enough to turn my mind to something else in an instant. Not because I don't read, in fact quite the opposite, but because I tend to make up my own mind which books I read, and who they are written by. I don't usually get involved ..." Read review

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Not in the slightest bit wet after reading ....

Advantagesunusual, might arouse some

DisadvantagesQuite yucky.

"My boyfriend gave me this book for valentines day last year . I'd asked for it after reading an article in the paper that described it as being so graphically erotic that readers had actually fainted ! Faint inducing erotica - well, count me in ! It tells the story of 18 year old Helen , who begins the book in hospital awaiting treatment for an infected abcess on her bum . I say it tells her story, but really I found this novel to be nothing more ..." Read review

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