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Need Your Teeth Fixing - Look To MARIO!

AdvantagesExciting, Funny, New Objectives


"Well, lets face it, if mario was a dentist, instead of playing the games involving him, we would probably be laughing at them. Just imagine advancing to the next level in one of the mario games and seeing his smiling face glimmer with pearl white teeth. Now that would be something to enjoy. I've loved playing mario for a few years now, and think that it has all the classic elements for one of the best games ever made. Even though the fact that ..." Read review

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Mario + Dentist = Bad idea


DisadvantagesBad idea

"...the storyline and this is what I'm thinking; You have just become a dentist, playing as Mario. Peach walks in and needs a check-up. Bowser comes in and takes her away to his "Evil Dentist" place. You go through 8 Worlds and you can collect these items: Toothbrush Dental Floss Mouthwash Lives: Teeth Coins: Teeth Bad guys: (e.g. Goomba) Chocolate Crisps Sweets Yeah...a little weird... The first game would be called: "Dentist ..." Read review

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Mario...a dentist...NOOOOOOOOO!



"...would have made any difference what so ever. I mean what child honestly knew that Mario was a plumber. Old SNES games didnt have nuce cut scenes and he just looked like one of the chuckle brothers would could jump high and liked to shoot down pipes looking for coins. He wouldnt have being as popular though as the parents wouldnt want their children to be influenced to join the evil evil trade of dentistry. Lol. Only a joke so you dentists out there ..." Read review

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