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The Strength of Our Democracy Review with images


DisadvantagesLow turnout, faults with FPTP

"'''If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it"- Ken Livingstone 1987'''  _What flaws are there in the democratic system in the UK?_  _To what extent do these flaws invalidate the claim to democracy by the UK political system?_ The phrase "If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it" was coined by Ken Livingstone, which he used as the name of his auto-biography in the late 1980s. This comes from a man who has been "around ..." Read review

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The Problems with Democracy

AdvantagesGives everyone a say

DisadvantagesIs that always a good thing?

"Modern democracy, some suggest, is close to crisis. I set out to consider to what extent modern democracies do suffer from a problem of declining political participation and how this problem can be solved. The alleged problem can be tackled in four stages. Firstly (1), it is necessary to see whether participation is indeed declining, by looking at empirical data, and if so, how far and whether this trend is likely to continue. In dealing with this, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jbsabbath


The Joys of Democracy

AdvantagesEveryone is equally worthy

DisadvantagesEveryone is equally worthless

"...afraid, and that ain't Democracy. So what's so good about Democracy? Other than eliminating the entire generation of grumpy old men (hopefully), it would make sure that everyone in one country who was a citizen would have an equal right to vote for who they wanted in power, and then those leaders of that particular party would henceforth carry out the public's wishes. It sounds alright, doesn't it? It would be the closest to socialism until you ..." Read review

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seeds but no harvesters

Advantagesan empty space

Disadvantagesdo we know what we want

"I can imagine that most people would answer this question by talking about democracy as it is constitutionally or institutionally. This would inevitably lead to discussion over such mechanisms as the ballot box and the political parties and who really drives them. However when talking about democracy, political structure is only as important as culture if we consider the role of human relationships in harvesting the crops: economic, political and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1brownsuga05


Is democracy a smokescreen for British politics?

AdvantagesEveryone has the right to a say

DisadvantagesThere arent many opportunities to exercise this right!

"I never really had an interest in politics until i began studying it as part of my course at college. Even though it wasnt the easiest subject to understand, i almost began enjoyed studying it because the topics were about things that happen all the time in Britain. Having said that i began to realise that ''democracy'' in today's politics is questionable. The government are able to use a position known as parliamentary sovereignty which basically ..." Read review

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