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Community Level 3bigfatdogs


Pepper V. Hart [1993] - statutory interpretation

AdvantagesTrue interpretation of the law

DisadvantagesMakes the law complex

"Pepper V. Hart [1993] has revolutionised the process of statutory interpretation in the UK. Pepper v. Hart [1993] (Pepper) has extended and developed the purposive rule of statutory interpretation beyond that which was previously available to the courts. The case is a landmark, heralded as both wrong and a mistake, and positively as a method of examining the true "mischief" to be remedied by legislators. The case has certainly generated considerable ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ciaobuddy


Fair or not fair?

AdvantagesSupposedly Fair

DisadvantagesLong Winded procedure

"What's wrong with British Law? Firstly it's completely out of date. Many of our laws date back to medieval times and really don't apply any more. These should be changed and bought in line with society today. Secondly our laws really are an ass sometimes. Remember the case of the illegal immigrant who had already appealed against deportation more than once? Yes he's the one who went on to kill a young boy by driving a completely unlicenced, uninsured ..." Read review

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Community Level 1latitiasmom


my daughter scarred for life, law wont protect her



"You may remember me as a member on here over a year ago now. I wrote many reviews and made a great deal of freinds. On my return today I unfortunately have bad news, far from the humerous reviews before I wrote. Hope I have your support guys. x My little girl aged three was being looked after by a neighbour while I went to work, which may I add was unpaid. I had only been there for two hours when I recieved a phonecall to say my daughter had been ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Coraleen1956


British Law Completely Out of Control

Advantagesnone to us

Disadvantagesall to us

"The British Law is completely out of control! Personally, I think there are too many people in this country to legally control. I feel they take the easy route e.g. capture people who clearly are breaking the law, like fighting outside nightclubs, and people with a tail light broken on a car. When it comes to a situation such as yours it is just too much for them to do alongside policing other situations. Perhaps we have become a lazy country maybe. ..." Read review

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