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Community Level 4steffee


Which? Online - The Online Which? Review with images

AdvantagesArticles accessible from 1996

DisadvantagesDrowdy Forums

"...if I joined up to Which? Online's free 30-day trial, I would receive a whopping 225 ipoints, and, as if that's not enough, a free mini digital camera to boot. Now this is an offer you'd have to be crazy to refuse, so off I rushed to the Which? Online website in case suddenly was to vanish into thin air, or the internet sporadically crashed because of the crowds of other emailees were like-minded resulting in a chaos not dissimilar to the Census 1901 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sroylewis


Top hole!

AdvantagesExcellent content, good sense of community, good payback.

DisadvantagesNone really.

"With Which On Line, you get that real confidence that continuity of service is guaranteed. That's very valuable when we see how big providers like Lineone with huge parents like BT behave in building customer confidence then terminating contracts. The Consumers' Association is of course risk adverse, cannot be funded by advertising, and has to have the interest of consumers at heart, so it's unlikely to do anything that is unsustainable. Which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jmmaury


Good value service

AdvantagesCan always connect, access to excellent consumer reports

DisadvantagesIt costs monthly and call charges

"...times. I signed up with Which? before the ISP market got saturated (maybe even before it really took off) and am still with them as my back-up ISP. The advanage I see with WOL is that they *actually provide a service* rather than being just a glorified portal. Their service is access to the wealth of knowledge and research conducted by the Consumers Association. I personally don't like subscribing to hard copy magazines anymore - I don't get ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Rousfart


It's Which Jim...

AdvantagesContent. Access.

DisadvantagesCost of calls.

"If you are a member of the Consumers Association, it doesn't cost much to subscribe to Which Online. Approximately five pounds per month. I've no idea how much it is for a non-member. Connection has always been first time and have never experienced the sort of slowing down that I have from some 'free' providers. Content is very good indeed with access to the C.A.'s huge library of product tests. Another bonus is you receive further discounts ..." Read review

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Community Level 3susancarter


Watchdog Needed to Watch Consumer Watchdog!

AdvantagesConsumer Watchdog, loads of information at your finger tips

Disadvantages"Free" trial not free, they don't return money taken by mistake

"...heard good things about the Which? online 30 day free trial, I thought I'd give it a go. Unfortunately, it is not platform independent (i.e. it is designed for Windows users) and I use Risc OS so I was unable to access all the features. The actual service seems okay but I would advise people not to sign up for the trial unless they expect to remain subscribed. I cancelled my subscription following the terms of the "free" trial as I couldn't access ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Houseofhub...


Which made the purchase of a new tumble drier a cinch!

AdvantagesQuick, easy to use and informative

DisadvantagesNot always clear quite how much information is available on many subjects without digging around

"Recently our old faithful tumble drier broke and was labelled unfixable. As a working Mum with 2 young children I felt a rising sense of panic. What to buy, where from etc and all on a budget with no knowledge. A friend suggested I join Which and follow their review process and check out their Best Buys. It was very easy to join (with a month free) and so very easy to follow their testing information. The way it was all separated into budget and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pdfisk


Which? Switch good for energy supplier comparison.

AdvantagesLots of data and easy to use.

DisadvantagesOne minor glitch,

"...found the Consumers' Association site Which? Switch (http://www.which.co.uk/switch) great for comparing energy suppliers. It is part of the main Consumers' Association website, but I was trying to work out which energy supplier I should consider under various combinations of solar energy generation and types of tariff. It enabled me to understand how I should make best use of Economy 7 or equivalent, by giving details of the tariff from many suppliers, ..." Read review

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