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Community Level 7bistro


No More 'Dirty Looks'?

AdvantagesGood level of moisturising given. Alcohol & soap free. Good value.

DisadvantagesDepth of cleansing not particularly impressive. Accessibility may be a problem for some people.

"...cleansers’ aisle in the shop Wilkinsons (‘Wilko’ for short), I was one of three women engrossed in a decision over which wipes to choose? I noticed we’d all narrowed the choice down to two. We gave each other elbowroom, and polite acknowledging glances as ladies do… united in the complexity of this choice. Initially a larger packet made by a different company, looked the better proposition i.e. less money for more wipes. One of the ladies imparted ..." Read review

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Community Level 5bingbong


Wipe away....

Advantagesthe price - 99p

Disadvantagessometimes can dry out

"...20 wipes, whilst browsing in Wilkinsons I noticed their own brand wipes. Convinced they wouldn't be that good because they only cost 99p, I brought a packet and was pleasantly suprised..... ~The packet~ The packet itself is white with the words 'wipe away the days grime' printed all over it in a soft grey colour. In the centre there is a white label which you pull back to break the seal on the wipes but also can use to reseal them to keep them ..." Read review

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Why Pay More?

Advantagescheap, do the job


"Wilkinsons is fast becoming a popular store. As well as selling branded products, they also have their own ranges. One of these ranges is Skin Therapy which includes facial products. ===Product=== Here we have the Skin Therapy 3 in 1 Facial Wipes. They are fragrance free and suitable for all skin types. Wilko's say "Skin Therapy Fragrance Free Facial Wipes have been specially formulated to cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin, effectively ..." Read review

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Wipe away the day

AdvantagesNot drying on skin, resealable plastic tab, good size & moisture, outstanding value


"Like most women, I like to use face wipes on the days I'm in too much of a hurry to carry out my full facial routine, which is more often than it used to be since I entered the world of motherhood. I have to be careful which wipes I use, because my skin is quite dry and I find a lot of wipes have a tendency to dry it out further. My current face wipe of choice is from Wilkinson's Skin Therapy range, as they are affordable, and specifically designed ..." Read review

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Quick and easy make up removal

Advantageseffectively remove make up, great value

Disadvantagescan dry the skin

"...my eye when shopping in wilkinsons - at £1 a pack (or usually an offer in the region of £1.50 for two packs) they were a great price. Each pack contains 25 wipes and opens like a packet of tissues, with a resealable opening to the pouch so that it can be resealed and the remaining wipes do not dry out. The wipes are for sensitive skin and fragrance free and are 3 in 1 - cleanse, tone, moisturise. I find the wipes really effective. They remove ..." Read review

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Give your skin some therapy.

AdvantagesWork well, cleansing, skin feels clean, make-up removed pretty well.

DisadvantagesSometimes I need more than one wipe.

"...much? === These are available from Wilkinsons stores for under £1.00. I'm not sure of the exact price because my Mum picked me up a couple of packets of these earlier in the year. === Overall opinion === I quite like these wipes. They have a textured feel to them which makes them feel like they're really working on my skin. They don't carry no real scent to them which is important to me as I tend to suffer with skin breakouts when using certain ..." Read review

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Great value face wipes

AdvantagesGet rid of make-up, leave skin refreshed, very cheap

DisadvantagesDon't get rid of mascara, don't moisturise as claimed

"I like to keep a pack of face wipes in the house - usually for when I just can't be bothered to remove my make-up before bed - either that, or for if I manage to make some sort of huge make-up mistake! I purchased these Wilkinson's Skin Therapy 3-in-1 fragranced wipes while they were on special offer. I would normally have chosen the fragrance free version, however they had all sold out, so I decided to try these. ~About the product~ Skin Therapy ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Gemerina


Ferocious Facial Wipes Review with images


Disadvantagesleaves your skin dry, the wipes can dry out

"Wilkinson is known for many products which are good value for money, so when I was shopping in my local store the other day and spotted these skin therapy facial wipes for only 88p I had to snap them up, they were a bargain. So What Are They? Wilkinson Skin Therapy facial wipes come in rectangle white packaging with a sticky tearaway strip on the front. On the background of the white packaging it says 'wipe away the day's grime'. This product ..." Read review

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Skin Therapy Skin Exfoliating Review with images

Advantagesmoist, lasts a while, get rid of heavy make-up

Disadvantagessmell awful

"...price tags; I wandered into Wilkinsons as I knew they sold fairly cheap beauty products. I purchased the normal skin therapy wipes of 3 in 1 and the exfoliating ones. This review will be on the 3 in 1 exfoliating wipes. Packaging: The packaging design is decent; it is nothing bright and eye catching but it does not matter as the packaging doesn't make the wipes work any more or less. The colours give it a clean look which fits well as it is a face ..." Read review

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I am a big user of facial wipes!

AdvantagesCheap, Easy To Use, Good Quality.


"...I went into my local Wilkinsons store and was suprised at the quite high price of other wipes in the market so i thought i would try these out. Wilkinsons is a brand i trust and didn't think they were going to be too bad so i thought i would go for it and see how they work out. Luckily for me they worked out great! The staff in Wilkinsons are also very friendly and the prices int here are cheap so i would definately recommend visiting one of their ..." Read review

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Skin Therapy!

AdvantagesCheap and plenty in a packet


"I bought these wipes from Wilkinson's in a "buy one, get one free" offer. The packet cost 99p for 25 wipes. The wipes are called "Skin Therapy 3-in-1 Facial Wipes" and they are the Wilko brand. They can be used to remove make up or cleanse or tone the skin on your face. It's a sort of way to clean your face to get a clearer complexion. The packet is covered in the slogan "wipe away the day's grime". The packet says that the wipes have been ‘dermatologically ..." Read review

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Brilliant cleansing face wipes

AdvantagesCheap, cleans well, leave skin feeling soft and clean

DisadvantagesNone for me

"I have always used face wipes just to give my face a quick cleanse and remove make up at night before bed, I find that the bigger brand names can be so expensive at £3-£5 a pack! After seeing these in Wilkinson's about a year ago, two packs for 99p I couldn't pass these up, even if they were rubbish I didn't have much to lose. I have now been buying these religiously for well over a year now. I have sensitive skin and a lot of face wipes I have used ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Colpol


Doesn't sting, removes all your make up, feels gentle & 99p!

AdvantagesFresh, clean and you have make up free skin!

DisadvantagesDoesn't moisturise.

"Skin Therapy 3 in 1 facial wipes..you would pass these by in Wilkinson's and think that they are a load of rubbish, 2 for 99p, pfft! I picked up these when my usual face wipes were out of stock. I was so surprised and ever since using these I haven't gone back to my other ones, these baby's are great. --------------------------------------- *The Price* The price of these are 2 for 99p in Wilkinson's, great price for 50 face wipes. ----------------------------------------- ..." Read review

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Cheap yet not Cheerful

Advantages Great Price

Disadvantages Does not do what it says on the label!

"...no conformation on animal testing. Wilkinsons have a strict no animal-testing policy, yet they could not confirm that the manufacturers did not (So technically that's not such a strict policy!) It specifies that this product is specially formulated for all types of skin, so I got my husband to use them for a few days as he has a different skin type to me, and the same dryness occurred, confirming to me that it really is not that well formulated ..." Read review

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Wipe Away The Day

AdvantagesCheap, unfragranced

DisadvantagesNot for use in eye area, unfragranced

"...cheap things can be at Wilkinsons and that they stock a big range of beauty items. It is now one of the first places I think of when I want to get something that is well priced. These face wipes come in a pack of 25 and you can get any two packs for a pound (there are also exfoliating wipes and age related wipes) so I thought I'd give them a try. Although I've used face wipes a lot in the past, I don't normally use them these days as I prefer washing ..." Read review

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