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Community Level 3fightgear


A modern ancient martial art for today

Advantagesquick, relatively simple, plenty of clubs, effective

Disadvantagessome poor instructors around, doesn't really deal with grapplers too well

"My relationship with WIng Chun dates back to 1973. I would travel (even as a youngish teenager) across the country (well, from Barnsley to Manchester inititally but later to London and eventually to Hong Kong) to study this great fighting art. It doesn't bear reference to the Chinese kung fu films you see nor does it have any similarity to the great Bruce Lee films even though this was his base art on which he developed Jeet Kune Do. What you have ..." Read review

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Community Level 4eaglesas



AdvantagesFitness, self protection ability, Confidence, Suppleness.

DisadvantagesPain from sparring (depending on training method), time taken to learn.

"...Kung Fu originated... THE TEMPLE AND WING CHUN! ------------------------- The Shaolin temple is really the heart of Kung Fu. After numerous raids by marauders, the monks grew desperate, and in their wisdom sought a system of combat in which to defend themselves, but which also had a highly spiritual (Buddhist) base. And so Kung Fu was born! By perfecting the art of war, one gains a sense of total inner peace, or so the theory goes. This is not ..." Read review

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Community Level 2psiclone


Economy - Less IS More

AdvantagesGreat style to learn, designed to defeat other styles, economy of movement, links well with other styles

DisadvantagesNot much really. Just don't hit yourself when chain punching

"...I don't quite know why Wing Chun (sometimes spelt Wing Tsun) Kung Fu is listed under Karate, since they are totally separate arts, but there we go. Wing Chun originated from China, where warrior monks at the temple of Shaolin perfected their martial arts. The Wing Chun system was designed by several Grandmasters as an efficient system to combat forms such as Karate. It is in effect a compacted form of Shaolin Kung Fu, and focuses mainly on economy ..." Read review

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Community Level 1meeralex


a modern ancient art !


Disadvantagesyou can be trapped by the "intellectual" side

"...much. These precautions taken, let's see Wing Chun with a different angle ! Wing Chun was created by five monks of Shaolin who put together techniques that would be easier to master than those belonging to their own styles. One of this master was a nun called Ng Mui and she passed her knowledge onto Yim Wing Chun or “hope for the future” as the translation suggests. There are about 500 styles of kung fu (kung fu is a term popularised by Bruce ..." Read review

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Community Level 2TONYLS42HQ


Its all about PERT.

AdvantagesThe boost in confidance and health is enough to recomend this art alone,the skills that come with it are worth their weight in gold.youll still be doing this when your 90!!

Disadvantageswave good bye to your private life....

"Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the original styles of old China.It has been tradionaly taught in the closed door schools and has only reacently been openly taught in the western world. Its most famous practioner is of course Bruce Lee,who was taught the style by the grand master Yip Man,before he went on to develop his own style Jeet Kuen do(or way of the intercepting fist). The style is based on the principles of redirecting oposing energy rather ..." Read review

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Community Level 2beth74


seni2001 the ultimate martial arts show

Advantagesone of the best martial arts shows in uk


"Seni 2001... what can i say, one of the best exhibitions i have ever been too. In 2000 at the nec was the first time i saw the exhibition and just can not wait for this years. At the NEC this year they aim to beat last years show, with a wide range of martial arts events offering spectacular displays for all martial arts like, karate,judo, teakwondo, kung fu, and many more with deatils of where all your local clubs are. They have exhibition ..." Read review

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