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Community Level 5No_name


Not only for the wise

AdvantagesA joyful celebreation of life

DisadvantagesIt ends...

"Wise Children, like all Angela Carter's novels, is very, very, very hard to quantify. The novel itself is a minefield of clichés, stock characters and contrived situations waiting to happen. My point being: this never happens. Ever. Not at all. This does not seem possible. Contextualisation: knowing the name and not much else I picked up the novel second hand, having read the first few pages in the shop. I was enjoying it but there was the niggling ..." Read review

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Community Level 3sakura42


Wise children read this book (run out of puns)

AdvantagesFunny, scandalous, happy ending

DisadvantagesStructure leaves a lot to be desired - you might get lost

"I bought this book '3 for £1' from a charity shop having only vaguely heard of Angela Carter, but when faced with a bunch of books I have no idea how to choose from, I usually go for the prettiest cover, or the author with the nicest name. In this case, having found 2 books, and faced with a shelf of unknown authors, I went with the one who shared a name with my mother. Awh. === The Author ====== Wise Children was Angela Carter's last novel ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BeckieWolf


Wise Children by Angela Carter

AdvantagesA Colourful, vibrant, rich novel

Disadvantagesthe author's lack of moral conduct

"Angela Carter's Wise Children is the life story of show businesses Chance Sisters. Dora Chance, twin sister of Nora, narrates throughout the story. She tells their colourful life tale upon the commencement of the twin's seventy- fifth birthdays. The story is set mainly in England. The twins spend a great deal of their lives based at their childhood home in Brixton, South London. I think Angela Chance has chosen this setting to exaggerate and highlight ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lisaleahjack


Pick up and don't put down!

AdvantagesFunny, heart felt, sad and entertaining!

DisadvantagesNot one!

"This is the first novel by Angela Carter that I have read and I will certainly be reading more! Having found this book when I moved house it sat on my bookcase until I was thoroughly bored and itching for print! From the first paragraph I was hooked and can honestly say that I did not put this book down from start to finish, much to the annoyance of my kids and boyfriend! The story is a journey through the lives of illegitmate twins Dora and Leonora ..." Read review

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Community Level 1aimzxx


a novel to love

Advantagesgreat ensight to carters own veiws

Disadvantageschanging of time fames can be quite heavy

"Angela Carters narrative Wise Children novels explores many themes and expresses many of her veiws. It is clear through her writting that she was a feminst thgouh the dominance of the male characters. Without giving away the novels main theme, the text explores, carnivalesque, magic realism, feminism, illegitimacy and legitimacy and the decline of the british empire through the characters. It amazes me hoe Carter can express so much in so little pages! ..." Read review

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The curse of the set text

Advantages Has the odd enjoyable moment

DisadvantagesSometimes seems to be written with the intent of being a set text

"I have to be honest with you if I had just picked this book up off the shelf and read it I would almost certainly have enjoyed it far more than I did. This is alas the course of A level English, or at least in my opinion, that by the end of the course you will almost certainly hate the set text. However the book itself is an interesting one, and an odd concept, the novel is narrated by Dora Chance and seems a kind of mish mash, of autobiography, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2quiche_nufc


twists and turns

Advantagesgreat plot


"This book can be very confusing at first glance although when you have read the whole book everything ties to an end and all makes sense. the main plot of illigetimacy is very cleever indeed. and the way that carter presents the characters is very clever. i certinaly enjoyed this book and would read it again. the plot focuses on a fmaily life which you can compare to your own and see that things are not so complicated. it is a good book to get ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gbninet


Wise Children By Angela Carter

AdvantagesEverything, all outstanding!

DisadvantagesEventually, like everything else. It comes to an end.

"One of the best books I have read! I still re-read it again and again when bored. I studied this book for my English literature AS levels with the majority of the class enjoying the book as much as I did. Yes I am a male and this book will be moreover seen to be targeted towards the women. However, personally as a student with many other males in the classroom it proved that the male's would enjoy this as much as the females. The novel starts of with ..." Read review

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Community Level 2d4u04


Wise Children

Advantageswarm, entertaining, ammusing


"this is the first book i have read by Angela carter and didn't quite know what to make of it, it catches you by surprise because the way its set out, like a play, when main character Dora introduces herself in a conversational way, she and twin Nora take us through a highly ammusing detailed recollection of their long lives, starting with their birthday (75 today!) they take us back in time and introduce all their aquantances, many now dead, the book ..." Read review

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