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It Takes Goo, Baby

AdvantagesIt's called World of Goo, for Christ's sake

DisadvantagesWe need more titles like this

"...in return for story progression, World of Goo is a far more tactile experience, demanding an appreciation of physical forces and weight distribution to solve its puzzles. Your remit is to recover the stranded goo balls strewn across each level and return them to the Goo Corporation factory, a mysterious organisation that processes the Goo balls as a commodity. These little spheres appear to be sentient, yet oblivious to the danger surrounding them; ..." Read review

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Community Level 3southy787


World Of Goo - A fun-filled puzzle game. Review with images

AdvantagesFun, addictive gameplay with colourful graphics.

DisadvantagesWeak story detracts from the gaming experience.

"World of Goo is the creation of indie game developer 2D Boy (a team consisting of two former EA employees), and was released in 2008. The game is available on PC, Wii, iOS and Android. It has also been made available on Steam, the popular digital download service. The game is essentially a puzzle game, with the objective being to create structures out of goo balls, in order to channel any remaining goo balls to the pipes that are at the end of every ..." Read review

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Great addtive game filled with GOO

Advantagesaddictive, fun, pretty to look at, great soundtrack and effects, challenging - CHEAP


"...game designers so much, and World of Goo is no different! World of Goo is basically a puzzle game in which you have some goo, and you have to get you goo from where ever you start on the level, to the exit (where ever that may be placed on the level). To do this you click on your goo and connect it to other pieces of goo to form bridges, towers and paths to move your goo towards the exit. There can be various obstacles along the way to increase the ..." Read review

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World of Goo - PC Mac

World of Goo - PC Mac

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World Of Goo (pc Cd)

World Of Goo (pc Cd)

world of goo pc cd description manufacturer s description world of goo is a simple puzzle ... more

building game with a quirky surreal sense of
humour connect balls of goo together to form
makeshift bridges and towers to build a path
guiding the goo balls to th...

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