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Community Level 4fnorth


Say Cheeeeessseeee

AdvantagesCheap and free processing

DisadvantagesOnly 24 expires

"...I thought straight away, well WOW i want one of them. But then i noticed the little (star) * next to the price, and i thought i should better ask what that little star was for. I ask her, and she mentioned it is free processing but only 6x4 and it will take about 2-3 days to process. But she also mentioned that if you are willing to pay extra you could have the next size 7x5 and you could have them done within the hour. And you could also pay extra ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dauphan123


WOW cameras

AdvantagesGood value for money at £5.99 including processing

Disadvantagesif camera gets lost you have already paid for developing

"I first became aware of wow cameras when i was given one as a christmas present a couple of years ago (when the camera first came out i think, as I had never heard of them before). For a disposable camera, it dosent look cheap as some do, as the cardboard encaseing of the camer is a mettalic grey colour. The camera is extremly easy to use but you do have to remebr to put the flash on if required as it will not come on automaticly. When you ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Guru-On-A-...


Snap Happy

AdvantagesFree processing, no major worry if it gets lost

DisadvantagesPictures aren't always very clear

"I first purchased a WOW camera quite a while ago, and have had quite a few since. I'm forever worrying about losing cameras and film and developing doesn't come cheap, so a WOW camera seemed like the perfect solution. I first used a WOW camera on a trip to Paris, and although most of the pictures came out as well as could be expected for a disposable camera, night time shots were terrible and nothing could be made out on them at all. Recently, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1johhny_b

Quick review of Wow single use camera

"check this... Bought a wow camera(£6.99).cardboard outer wrapping got wet and came off.so dumped the soggy wrapper.went back for the 'free' developing,only to be told..'that could be any disposable camera,without the wrapping,you will have to pay £3.99 more to get it developed'. Fair enough i guess..my own clumsy fault.That means £11 in total. But wot i discovered is... The camera under the wrapper is the same as any that u buy from say...morrisons for £2...or u can get in pound shops for..yep ONE POUND!! So.. with developing(at anywhere u like)being £3.99....well...you do the maths. MAX SP...wow cameras...a big con!! jb

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Community Level 1lilangel055



Advantagesclear photos, value for money

Disadvantagesonly 24 exposures, free processing only covers 6x4 size prints

"I first bought a wow camera from max speilmans a few years ago before my holidays and at only £5.99 i thought it must be worth a try. And sure enough when i returned home and had it processed the pictures were very clear and of high quality. The camera has a flash, which not all disposable ones have and included processing in the price. The free processing is only for the 6x4 size prints though, and it costs extra to have them larger. They are excellent ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kazzzz2


wow single use camera

Advantagesgreet price with free processing

Disadvantagesonly can be brought at certain shops

"...and i'd buy them again. wow cameras are cheap enought to buy a couple when your shopping ready for unexpected nights out with friends. all the photos i've had developed have aways turned out as good as the ones from my more exensive digital camera price just £5.99 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Zmiler


Honest Opinion (Edited :P)

AdvantagesFree Processing, Flash, 24 Exp, 400 ISO

DisadvantagesLike All Cameras theres the same Chance Film Will get stuck or damaged inside camera.

"Here it is the honest unbiased opinion. The Camera is lightweight, Sturdy and takes great pictures. It is Recommened that you use Flash Indoor and Outdoor whatever the occasion the 400 ISO will catch them fast paced kids you might have or the latest band playing on stage. The Only downside is that sometimes the film will fail proccessing for whatever reason. weth But this is the same for any other camera, working for klick id say 98% ..." Read review

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