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Community Level 2inejenn


Want to be a writer? This is aimed at beginners.

AdvantagesAs a beginner you need advice on how to start!

DisadvantagesYou may already know all this

"...in a copy of the Writers and Artists' Book or the Writers' Handbook which are published annually. Your local library will probably have a copy in their Reference Section but it is well worth buying your own. Look in your local bookstore and buy a copy of any magazines about writing which they may stock. There are several titles around, all of which contain helpful hints and information. But you must make sure you read them thoroughly from cover ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Spongebob2


A little forethought can save you a lot of pain!

AdvantagesCan be good fun and you can earn some money along the way

DisadvantagesIs time consuming, rejection slips are painful

"...There are so many writers out there trying to get published you must expect many rejections before you hit the ‘big time’. Research your market ****************** You must research your market; otherwise you are almost guaranteed rejection. Browse the shelves of your local newsagents and buy copies of the magazines you are interested in writing for. But don’t stop there; buy two or three copies so you can get a feel for the type of articles they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Janeyboo


Write and Survive in Magazines!

AdvantagesVaried and Exciting

DisadvantagesYou need a thick skin

"I used to write a column and features for women's UK magazines. I only stopped because I was commissioned to write a radio script. But I had (and still don't have) any special training or friends in the business. I happened to send in an idea that appealed to the features editor of the magazine. So if I can do it - so can you! Here is some practical advice on getting commissioned and getting paid (that big stinky bugbear) SELLING THE IDEA ..." Read review

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Community Level 8thingywhat...



AdvantagesGives you independance and satisfaction.

DisadvantagesYou do get rejections.

"...consider and many disgruntled rejected writers letters to reply to. Be polite always, and never question a rejection because your work was rejected for a reason. It does not make your work invalid. It may mean that too many people thought on the same theme, or that your story did not fit very well with the style of the magazine. WRITING Having already established the market you are aiming at by doing your homework on magazines and reading submissions ..." Read review

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All write, all write, all write

AdvantagesNice work when you can get it

DisadvantagesYou have to work hard to get the work

"...if they are aspiring fiction writers and all you want to do is ask them about journalism and non-fiction, the fields aren’t mutually exclusive. If they can’t answer your questions, they probably know someone who can. You have a non-fiction book in you (and many of us have)? Great, but work up to it gradually. That’s a complete opinion in itself, but a full-length book will seem far less daunting once you’re a seasoned article ..." Read review

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Community Level 7ashford


Writing for Trade Magazines

AdvantagesGood scope. Lots of trade Magazines

DisadvantagesAdherance to deadlines is vital

" For many freelance writers there are good chances for getting published and paid through the medium of "The Trades." Quite a few of today's big-name writers first got into print in the trade journals and a lot of lesser-known writers find this an easy-to-write and sell-to segment of the literary market place. It is after all a large market place and trade magazineshave a voracious appetite for material that is closely tailored to their readership. Editors ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Voyagemag


Writing for Magazines

AdvantagesGreat Way To make More Money

DisadvantagesNeeds A Lot of research

"...crosses all national boundaries. Many writers still refuse to sell their work on the Net because they fear print magazines may not want to buy First Rights to material which has been freely available world wide. The debate still rages but the fact remains that more and more Internet publications are paying for work, some quite well. The thing to remember here is to sell only your First Electronic Rights For A Period of X Months. Also check that ..." Read review

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Community Level 3williemeikle


Staying a happy amateur

AdvantagesWritten by an editor

DisadvantagesHe's sometimes irritable and sarcastic

"Are you happy being an amateur writer? Do you want to stay in that happy state? Then just follow the tips below in all your submissions to magazines. Don't address the editor by name. After all, there may be many editorial staff at the publication just waiting to jump at the chance to read your work, and you don't want them to miss out do you? Don't use double spacing. You never see articles or stories published in double space do you? So ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dominichyde


Can I have it by 9AM tomorrow?

AdvantagesI'm the boss. Sort of.

DisadvantagesThe Ed pays my wages. Maybe

"This is the question a features editor put to me at 4pm on a day when I had to be in 6 different places at the one time and take the kids to the dentist and pick up the dry cleaning and and and... You get the idea, right? So what did I say? I said, 'Well of course, no problem; I'll make sure it's in your inbox by then...' The 'it' in question was 800 words, had to rib-ticklingly funny, had to have a Christmas theme and must not contain the word ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sajjadali


Reader first, You second.

AdvantagesGood money earner


"Writing for a magazine can be tricky, you never can be too sure of your target audience. How do you know if a sentence will be precieved well by a eight year old but also by a thirty five year old dentist. When writing for a magazine, humour is essential, don't bore you reader with facts but make it interesting so that appeals to them and they can have a chuckle. Essential in any type of writing, you should make sure that your language is good, ..." Read review

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