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Community Level 4delawney


How To Get An Interview

AdvantagesSee op

DisadvantagesSee op

"I'm writing this op from the perspective of at times having been both a prospective employee and as someone taking part in recruitment. How you complete your application form is an essential element of applying for a job. No matter how brilliant or capable you are, you will never be given your chance to shine in an interview if you don't catch the attention of your potential new employer from the outset. Back when I was last jobhunting, it was ..." Read review

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Get that interview

AdvantagesCan help you gain employment if done well.

DisadvantagesTake a long time to do. Each application form can be different.

"...form so you can practice writing out your answers. An alternative to this is to write the answers in pencil lightly first, then go over this in pen after you have completed and checked the form. Doing one of these is very important as it allows you to make mistakes without ruining the form or having to resort to tipex, which never looks professional. It also allows you to check for spelling and grammatical errors, and to see how much you can fit into ..." Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


Painful but necessary

AdvantagesCan be very helpful in getting a job

DisadvantagesA real hassle to complete

"...that the company you are writing to will be judging you on the basis of the form. It will create an impression of you and a badly completed or untidy form will prevent you even getting your initial foot in the door. Companies will use the form to filter out the unsuitable candidate and, while it is true that an excellent application form will not guarantee that you are successful, one thing is absolutely certain - a badly filled in form will put you ..." Read review

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BASIC Tips For Job Application Form Completion Review with images

AdvantagesGives the employer the exact information they are seeking from you.

DisadvantagesVery tedious and lengthy to complete sometimes!

"...read something like "I am writing in response to your advertised position of (insert job title) in (insert where you saw the position advertised) and enclose a completed application form for your perusal." Don't use words that you don't know the meaning of (worst thing to do, especially if you use them in the wrong context)! A bulleted list of your key strengths is always useful to summarise to the employer your main skills so they can immediately ..." Read review

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Community Level 5daseaford


Think before you apply.

AdvantagesCan get you a job.

DisadvantagesTakes time and effort.

"...on-line jobs. The art of writing a covering letter seems to have been forgotten and often a skimpy, poorly prepared CV is all that is sent to the company advertising the post. It is likely that a job advertised on-line will receive literally hundreds of applicants. The first job of the receiving company is to throw out any poorly prepared applications. At this stage very little is read of the applicants details and an excellent candidate may be ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Cazz


applications to guarantee you an interview

Advantagesyou have much more scope to impress than with a CV

Disadvantagestakes more time and effot

"Application forms are often used in appointments to public and voluntary sector positions, the idea being that it levels the playing field and creates more equal opportunities, than scrutinising CVs which could have been written by an agency or adviser. However, you can be ‘more equal than others’ by having an understanding of the shortlisting process and how the application form is used. I hope my experiences on both sides of the process ..." Read review

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Funny Is Not Really The Way To Go

AdvantagesA well written form can get you an interview - sometimes even a job

DisadvantagesYou don't get a second chance to make a first impression :p

"...block capitals / own hand writing – do it  Check your spellings and grammar before you send it back / hand it over  Get someone to read through what you’ve written -- they can pick up on things that you as the author might not  Make sure all the parts are filled in – we have a back page that everyone misses out  Write neatly – even if the job for which you are applying is not ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Aspen


What Not to Say in Your Job Application

AdvantagesYour first chance to sell yourself.

DisadvantagesYour first chance to make a prat of yourself.

"It seems that all the topics in this category are geared towards Higher Education/ Graduate/ Post Graduate employment. Given which, this is probably not going to be helpful. In fact, it’s probably not going to be helpful anyway, since the opinion which follows my customary prologue is but a collection of horrors which I have had the misfortune to read. But perhaps if you read deeply between the lines (very deeply), something vaguely useful ..." Read review

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Community Level 8dynamicnurse


Where's my black pen...?

AdvantagesSee text.

DisadvantagesSee text.

"...CAPITAL LETTERS, as if your writing is like mine when writing in lower case, you can't read half of it. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2darkunit


How do I apply professionally

Advantagesthe first impression counts, shortly, tersely, frankly, completely and nicely

DisadvantagesI know nothing

"...experiences of me. 1. If The writing down Write down should be held shortly and tersely, why figured out her the right on this position and for this job are. It should be a little individual, so that you get off the ground yourselves from the other applicants, makes the head of the personnel department curiously on you, therefore no status kind writings, gives you quietly somewhat more trouble. With regard to content should be therein: - Name, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sam123


Write for success in a new job



"I must admit I much prefer to be sat in an interview than having to fill on application form. Most jobs expect you to complete one, and from the time you send off for an application form for the post you are applying for you, you are being assessed, after all the company want’s the best candidate. Filling the first part of the application is easy, it’s mostly name, address, education history, and employment history. The tough part ..." Read review

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Community Level 2felix.ferr...


That job is your's, apply for it

AdvantagesA good application form will get you the interview

DisadvantagesA bad application form will get you a rejection letter

"If your application form is filled in well, that job can be yours. But you have to make sure you follow some simple points. 1 Read the questions carefully and use the right colour ink. Many forms will say use Block Capitals and Black ink. If you can't even follow simple written instructions like this on an application form, you are less likely to be considered for an interview. 2 There is never a need to lie on an application form. The form ..." Read review

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Community Level 4BladeRunne...


The art of creativity

AdvantagesSomething I got sent by email

DisadvantagesSlightly off topic perhaps? Maybe not.

"I wish I had wrote this application, it is so out there! What follows is a real, honest-to-god application form a potential student handed into Southampton Uni. The really cool thing is that they gave him a place on the course. I love creative thought and surreality so this blew me away...enjoy:- 3A. ESSAY: In order for the admissions staff of our university to get to know you, the applicant, we ask that you answer the following question: Q: ..." Read review

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Advantagessucceeding in making preparation for interview can support the success of the interview itself.

DisadvantagesFailing in making preparation for interview can hamper the success of the interview itself.

"These are some preparation before having job interview: Several weeks before having job intervie, please contact the interviewer's office to ask about: -Some information about the company. -Detail infomation about the job you want to apply for. -The duratiopn of the of interview. Use other sources such as the company's website to find the information about the company. Find a lot of information in order to show that you have done a research about ..." Read review

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