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Community Level 1techs


Exceeds expectations


Disadvantagesgloss black attracts fingerprints

"I got this mostly for the quiet element of it, but also for the great looks, it is really designed well, and it's looks exceed that of most consoles in my opinion - a very modern look (piano gloss black and silver trim. I'm interested in the Kinect port, I know the older xbox fully supports it, but I think this is the greenest and cleanest for cabling - so if you're minimalist for cabling and are going for Kinect, then get this. I can't see i'll ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pd4000


New 360

Advantagesgood, sleeker and just all round better than the older 360s, the elite and arcade etc.

Disadvantagesstill temperamental like the old 360s

"Great new console. A bargain. Built in internet, 802.11n fastest and very true to its name. The only problem I have had with the xbox outside of the gaming etc is where you place it on your shelf, I have become very worried about my 360 getting the new 'red dot' and so I have had to make space to put it where it can 'breathe'. Loading music onto the 360 is a hastle and can take a very long time. Either you get music onto your ipod and try it, its ..." Read review

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Community Level 1GregorMichie


Beautiful Machine. Review with images

AdvantagesLoads of storage space

DisadvantagesYou can't transfer data from your old console without a data transfer cable (Not too expensive).

"The new look Xbox 360 is an excellent piece of gaming kit and I would reccommend this to anyone interested in getting an Xbox. In a nut shell this has just taken the 360 Elite to a new level. The 250GB storage space is extremely useful for those who have a lot of games and want to instal them to the hard-drive. Some games are 5gb or more so the 20gb model of the Xbox isn't very practical for this. The advantages of installing your games are that ..." Read review

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One of the best consoles i have played so far.

Advantageseasy set up, wireless connection, connecting to laptop.

Disadvantagesnot all xbox old games are compatible

"I bought one of these, i have to say was easy to set up, connect to the internet through wireless really easy and liked the fact it updated itself as and when it needed to. From the experience i have seen with another console on the market, microsofts server for the price of live is to me well worth the money and what your offered. one think i did like once i went on the xbox website was i could connect my laptop via wireless easy to watch films via ..." Read review

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Community Level 1trialsiain


Great console

AdvantagesWill give hours of fun, more memory than you will ever need.

Disadvantagesmic and getting hot

"I got this for 179.99 at amazon in place of my old "fat" xbox 360 as it broke i had a good 5 years play on it though :). In the box comes the console (0f course), A headset, a wireless controller, a power unit and all the neccasry cable for you to be able to play on the console. First off If you have a hd tv I highly reccomend you get a HDMI cable as it makes the graphics alot better. The console is very small and sleek, this model has a 250gb hardrive ..." Read review

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Community Level 3simon020187


New XBOX 360 no more red lights EVER?? Review with images

AdvantagesSee Review

DisadvantagesThe Price

"Well the new XBOX 360 is upon us now although its pretty pricey it does have much better qualities than the older XBOX 360 models. Microsoft say that this new machine is immune to the RROD (red ring of death) unlike the older machine which would get it probably at least once in its lifetime. This new model has also got an extra fan which keeps your console cooler for a lot longer which was one of the main concerns why the red ring of death kept ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ReviewDesk


A Sleek, sophisticated & powerful addition to the Xbox 360 range

AdvantagesPowerful and quiet , Quality Service, Aesthetically pleasing, Exclusive content and back catalogue

DisadvantagesPricing of services e.g. Xbox live, Zune, Sky Player

"...be integrated with the new Microsoft OS Windows 8, this is a promising development as Microsoft plan to re-invent the gaming experience with the user in mind. Alongside this new peripherals such as Kinect offer an exciting insight into the world of controller free gaming.Through using its motion sensing technology it enables the user to interact with the Xbox and play games with no controller being necessary, this has already enabled fantastic games ..." Read review

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XBox 360 vs PS3... 360 wins hands down!

Advantages*Smaller and quieter the its predecessor* *Built-in wifi* *Generally awesome*

Disadvantages*Fingerprints on the console*

"Despite being seven years old now, the XBox 360 still sets the bar as far as consoles are concerned in my opinion and the relatively new XBox 360 S greatly improves on it's bulkier predecessor. The new slim-line, shiny look does not make the console look cheap as I'd first feared. It's a very good looking bit of kit. I actually own both the XBox 360 and the main rival - the Sony Playstation 3 and if I were to lose both consoles somehow, the only ..." Read review

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Great Console

AdvantagesGreat Reliable System Fan not loud

DisadvantagesHave to pay for xbox live

"Lets start off with the new beautiful design. It is very slim and compact good for tight spaces. Has the best gaming controller fits right in your hand for hours of play. There are endless numbers of accessories and games you can purchase for this console so it will never get old. Online play is geat to great connection very help full customer support they also have an option for xbox live which would allow you to play with your freinds and give ..." Read review

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Community Level 1grudgebob


The great gaming system!

AdvantagesLook very nice, doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

DisadvantagesVery sensitive power and game tray buttons.

"The Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB in my opinion is a very nice system that doesn't stick out. I usually have to hide my game systems in my entertainment system. But this nice black design actually makes it look like a beautiful piece of artwork sitting right there in your room! It doesn't take up that much space either. The one and only drawback to me is the touch buttons on the front (i.e power, game tray buttons) they are really sensitive and if they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TopofTheLi...


Xbox 360 250gb (slim). Should you buy? Review with images

AdvantagesFree built-in Wifi, 4 USB outputs, optical output, touch sensitive buttons, slick new look.

DisadvantagesMight touch the "touch sensitive buttons" accidentally forcing you to dashboard or shut down.

"If you're thinking about buying the new Xbox 360 250gb you've come to the right place. I just recently bought the upgraded version of the Xbox 360 and i can tell you that it was worth it. Now let me inform you that i bought this Xbox only because i didn't have the original 360. Although, i use to own the original Xbox 360 I sold it. Months later i bought the upgraded version. Many people might think that both 360's are the same and in some cases, ..." Read review

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Xbox 360 S 250gb Go - Black - With Headset - Other

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