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Community Level 2NattCullen


Launching us into the future of listening!!

AdvantagesLarge range of music, good quality,

Disadvantagessometimes you can encounter errors but not often

"...because my past experiences with Yahoo aren't worth shouting about. But lately the quality and general use of the server has greatley improved. And has not yet failed to impress me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~RADIO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Favorite part of Yahoo Launch(which you can find on yahoo.com or //launch.yahoo.com) is the radio station feature, I havent yet found anything this simple that is so impressive over the net. There are many radio stations ..." Read review

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Community Level 4delawney


Launch Yourself Into a World of Music

AdvantagesDiscover new music, variety, loads of information

DisadvantagesCan only listen to what it plays you

"Sometimes, you just have these moments when you stare at your music collection, but you simply cannot find anything you want to play. Either that, or you're sat at your computer and you just fancy humming along to some good tunes. That's when I go to launch.com. Launch has got a lot going for it. It's about: * listening to music * watching music videos and interviews * finding new artists * getting info on thousands of artists and bands * ..." Read review

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Community Level 3staceycav


Free Music Videos - Yahoo!

AdvantagesWatch music videos free of charge

DisadvantagesDoes not work very well on Mozilla or Netscape

"...videos around. I already had a Yahoo account before starting to use Launch but it is really not necessary. You can watch videos free of charge without being a registered member. There are other features of the site for which you are required to register and I will point these out as we go through what's available. The homepage usually shows a featured artist, which when clicked on will take you to that artists profile from where you can access ..." Read review

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Community Level 1imortal


Listen, watch and Yahoooooooooooooo

AdvantagesListen and Watch lots of differnet genres

DisadvantagesCan stop working sometimes!

"Yahoo Launch is a real source of music of the future! if you have the time and the bandwidth spend lazy days watching music videos with only a small 30second advert every 3-4 songs. Launch allows user to customers to listen and watch music radio and video, for each song played the user can rate the music played, if you like it and give it a high rating, the tune will play more often, if you hate it, you can set it never to play again. This is a great ..." Read review

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