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Community Level 4The-Operator


Drink me Diamond review

AdvantagesSupposedly good for you

DisadvantagesPotentially not good for your wallet.

"...up to the chaps from Yakult for starting this initiative. I've been buying mine from Steve, our milkman, for about 6 months now and I don't begrudge him the extra penny he charges for the service. I think that's pretty reasonable as the price comparison is made with Morrison's which is already the cheapest supermarket in town. So, what's Yakult like then? Contrary to all the jokey banter above, I actually find it rather nice. It is a touch sweet ..." Read review

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Community Level 5bluecrysta...


Yakult - A Yakult a day keeps the doctor away


DisadvantagesSlight gooey bits

"...always a few bottles of Yakult stocked up in our fridge. I have been drinking Yakult for many years. I always have a bottle every morning with my breakfast. Yakult is a probiotics drink. There are many similar probiotics drinks available on the market but Yakult is the most effective with over 80 years of scientific research. Today Yakult is the most popular probiotic drinks. Yakult means "yoghurt", but Yakult is really a fermented milk drink and ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Looby5



AdvantagesJust the right size for Breakfast

DisadvantagesVery sweet, expensive, generaly not nice

"...it. I short, I think Yakult is quite foul. To be fair I have friends who think other wise and loath the thicker more yoghurty products that I favour. Even if you like the taste of this product there is no getting away from the fact that it’s poorly packaged and poor value for money. Personally I’d rather take my chances with the regular evil kind of bacteria than drink any more of this stuff. As I mentioned the web site is full of information ..." Read review

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Community Level 2DerMusso


Can marketing improve your health? Yakult knows best...

Advantagestastes and looks good

Disadvantagesmight be lying to you about its benefits....

"...flora that inhabits it and Yakult is there to give us an extra helping. The question is: How do you know you need extra bacteria? Shouldn't there be a medical test to undertake? I have to say I have felt no difference whatsoever since I have started taking those little shots. I like the taste of them, I like the idea of “taking care of myself” but I don't feel better or worse for it. They have apparently done some blind test researches with ..." Read review

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Community Level 5NataliePhe...




DisadvantagesI feel the same on the outside....

"...alleged goodness. I went for Yakult because I thought the name was cute and because..well thats the while reason really. lol Yakult is available in most supermarkets and comes in a pack of 7 65ml pots. It cost about £2.60 a pack. The pot is frosted colourless plastic with red print. Quite low budget packaging come to think of it. Once youve got your Yakult home youve got to try to remember to drink one every morning. The pots have a sell ..." Read review

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Community Level 5MadeinScot...


The good, the bad and the friendly

AdvantagesIt is very good for you and tasty too (two things that do not normally go together!)

DisadvantagesYou can usually only buy it in a pack of seven

"Yakult comes in a little bottle that is 7cm high and just 4cm wide (tiny) but as they say, good things do come in small packages and this stuff is very good for you indeed. As I write this I am drinking my daily portion of Yakult, just 65ml of refreshing fermented milk-yoghurt drink. Yakult is all about good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria are harmless, or even help to maintain our health, whilst the bad are potentially harmful. The balance ..." Read review

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Verdict,Yakult- eewww splut.

AdvantagesGood for the gut-balances digestve system

DisadvantagesDisgusting Artifical flavour.

"...of the package is a yakult bottle design with 2 guaranteed ticks; Helps natural balance of the digestive system. Delicious and refreshing. I wouldn't call this refreshing,and certainly not delicious either... Whereas Actimel IS; this muck tasting sour milk looking stuff is-what can only be described as way over sweet,sickly,artifical- tasting sperm(sorry,but it is!) coloured gunk.Without wishing to upset any one who actually enjoys this ..." Read review

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Community Level 5innercircle


Next cure for Dry Skin or Eczema?

AdvantagesSmall easy to carry about bottles

DisadvantagesA little expensive, only available in 7 packs

"MY STORY I purchase Yakult because my husband suffers with eczema/very dry skin on his hands/elbows and knees. You may find this hard to believe but when Darren stop's drinking Yakult for a few days his hands/elbows and knees flare up again and go a horrible red sore colour, sure enough he starts to drink 1 Yakult a day again and the redness and soreness disappears - could it be the good/bad bacteria which has added healing powers to help clear ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Yorkiebee


Good bacteria

Advantageseasy way to get some good bacteria inside you

Disadvantagesa bit on the expensive side

"...told that regular drinking of Yakult would help clear my acne as it was possible that bad bacteria in my gut was the cause of my acne. Yakult is on sale in most supermarkets and costs approximately £2.59. There are 7 bottles in a pack which is handy for having one bottle a week. The bottle is plastic and has a foil lid just like the old milk bottles and the liquid is a porridge like colour and the consistency of milk. There are two types of Yakult, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Bellalinda


Buy Beneficial Bacteria - they're Brilliant !

AdvantagesA pleasant way to feeling healthier.

DisadvantagesYou wont want to stop drinking it !

"...money buy ? Yakult is a drink made from skimmed milk which undergoes a fermentation process with a " friendly " bacteria called Lactobacilius casei . It claims to maintain a healthy digestive system which, in turn, improves the way you feel generally. How is it sold ? Yakult is packaged in small plastic bottles sealed with a red & silver foil cap. Each bottle contains 65ml. which is your daily dose. You take it first thing in the morning. Seven ..." Read review

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Community Level 2essbee


Yakult really is good for you!

AdvantagesHas improved my life no end

DisadvantagesCan cost quite a bit depending on where you shop

"I was recommended I try Yakult by my doctor as I have had IBS for many years. I was quite skeptical but as she said nothing ventured nothing gained. I was wrong i'm very happy to say that. Yakult comes in little containers (usually 6 per pack) and is a milky type substance. On first look I thought it was going to taste really disgusting so I had a smell to see what I was letting myself in for. First surprise! It smells really really yummy and much ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lasochd


Helps my IBS - better than thicker youghurt drinks. I swear by it

AdvantagesMakes me feel better and no side effects like medication. Tastes nice as well.

DisadvantagesA bit pricey but getting cheaper.

"When a friend recommended Yakult to me a couple of years ago I didn't have very high hopes for any of the promised health benefits but I have to admit I now swear by it for keeping my irritable bowel symdrome at bay. I had suffered from IBS for a long time and had tried several things but other than peppermint oil capsules (which I didn't like the taste of) Yakult is the only thing that has helped. When I started buying it I thought it was rather ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jadsq


Better than the Yoghurt type drinks in my opinion

AdvantagesFeel a lot less bloated

DisadvantagesPricey (but worth it)

"...and overall I feel that Yakult is the one which works for me! I feel a lot less bloated than I used to do, plus yakult tastes nice, is easy to drink also (unlike the yoghurty ones which are so thick and sickly - don't quench your thirst at all ... :P) As far as the packaging goes, yes it is a bit bland, but it isnt a big deal. Overall, on the health side of things I feel that Yakult has definitely improved my digestive health - definitely reduces ..." Read review

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Community Level 5allyb2003


Top up your good bacteria

AdvantagesLemony, refreshing taste

Disadvantagescan leave an aftertaste

"...been seeing this advert for Yakult on T.V. for ages and thought I'd try it. First impressions were not bad. 7 little bottles all with pink looking liquid in them and sealed like milk bottles with foil lids. With L. casei Shirota it first produced in Japan. Yakult is a delicious, refreshing drink for all the family. Enjoy it as a normal part of your daily diet to help maintain the natural balance of your digestive system. This can benefit overall ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dunno22


as good as any and better than some

Advantagescheap , pleasant and easy to drink

Disadvantagesmaybe too much sugar?

"...i thought i would try yakult as i am suffering from trapped wind, i find the taste acceptable if a little sweet (how much sugar am i consuming?) but much better than aloa vera (disgusting, i poured it down the toilet) but i do not notice any change in my condition. still give it time. i notice it recommends consuming 1 per day.what if i drink 6 or 7?. is that harmful it doesnt say anywhere..the small bottles are well packaged and easy to carry about ..." Read review

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Yakult Fermented Milk 65ml Case of 7

Yakult Fermented Milk 65ml Case of 7

0% fat. Contains lactobacillus casei shirota. Gluten-free. Suitable for vegetarians. ... more

Yakult's unique bacteria are scientifically proven
to reach the gut alive. There are billions of
unique Lactobacillus casei Shirota bacteria in
each little bottle of Y...

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