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Pink Grapefruit, Pink Lemonade, Pink Sands - Which One Is It?? Review with images

AdvantagesFlowery, fruity, zingy, sweet & refreshing.

DisadvantagesThe scent has been done before. Inconsistent long lasting effect dependent on quality of tarts.

"...my mother introducing me to Yankee Candle, I'd still be gassing out my home with incense sticks. Although her first scent and therefore favourite scent is "Wedding Day," there have been oodles of scents that she has approved of over the years including a rare line up of fruity and perfume fragranced candles under the name of "Pink Grapefruit," and latterly "Pink Lemonade." In each case, the Yankee Candle fragrances were both fairly fruity, full of ..." Read review

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Feeling in the pink (sands)! Review with images

AdvantagesSmells beautiful

DisadvantagesCan't detect any citrus notes

"...aware of the delights of Yankee wax tarts just before Christmas time last year. I've always been a fan of scented candles but hadn't yet tried this brand, though after reading so many positive reviews about the wax tart format in particular I was extremely tempted and knew I *needed* to try them out for myself. After purchasing a wax tart burner around November time last year I've since been testing out the many varieties on a more or less weekly ..." Read review

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Citrus Scents

Advantagessmells lovely, original

Disadvantagesnot too strong

"I am loving the Yankee Candle range and want to try as many of them as possible to get to smell all of the lovely candle scents. Another one that I picked up while at the Clintons sale was this Pink Sands tart, I only wanted a small one of this to really see if I liked the smell before getting more. Pink Sands sounds like quite an unusual name for a scent but I think the fact this had quite a sweet smell is what made me want to buy this candle as ..." Read review

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A Pretty Pink Perfume..! Review with images

AdvantagesRefreshing, summery smell - Lasts well..

DisadvantagesCan become too overpowering after prolonged use..

"...possible. Most of the fragranced Yankee Candles come in a variety of formats and sizes so you can choose the one which suits your needs best. There are "Wax Tarts" available which are small 'cake' shaped blocks of wax which, in my experience, seem to have a slightly stronger fragrance than some of the larger candles. The Wax tarts do not contain a wick in the way that other candles do, and they need to be placed in a burner with a tea light underneath ..." Read review

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Yankee Wax Tart Pink Sands

AdvantagesA lovely sweet f ragrance

DisadvantagesNone at all

"...have written I love the Yankee products and have tried a variety of fragrances in both candle and wax tart form. I particularly like the Yankee wax tarts as they make lovely air fresheners and they are so long lasting making them very economical. One of my newest wax tarts that I have tried is the Yankee Candle Pink Sands. I have to admit I was actually drawn to this particular one firstly because of its light pink colour and also because of the name ..." Read review

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An exotic Island escape Review with images

AdvantagesSmells lovely, intensity of fragrance is just right, scent lingers


"There are some Yankee fragrances where you know exactly what you're going to get from the name of the candle. For example, Sweet Strawberry, Juicy Peach and Fresh Cut Roses all pretty much explain themselves, however there are other scents where the name is more of a mystery. With the 'fantasy' range of fragrances such as Home Sweet Home, Beach Walk, and this one, Pink Sands it can be a little harder to know just what the candle will smell like from ..." Read review

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A desert island candle

AdvantagesVanilla and fruit smelling

DisadvantagesNot as strong as could have been

"...become a little obsessed with Yankee Candles and have found I can spend at least half an hour in the shops just smelling these and deciding which one to buy. My mum went shopping last week and a little independent shop had their fragrance of the week offer on which meant she was able to buy a tart for Pink Sands for around 80p. *How to use*: All you need to do is remove all the wrapping and place on to the top of an oil ..." Read review

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Smelling Like Pink Sand. . . .

AdvantagesGorgeous smell, long lasting, cheap.

DisadvantagesNone at all.

"...had always looked longingly at Yankee but never actually purchased any until I was introduced to a sale where they were selling wax tarts and votive candles for silly cheap prices and I bought this “Pink Sands” wax tart for just 80p along with a range of other scents however as I have this burning at the moment I thought I'd review it. *~* Cost And Availibilty *~* I found this particular scent both instore and online in a variety of forms: Wax ..." Read review

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~Pinky Power~ Review with images

AdvantagesSmells wonderful

Disadvantagescould be a little stronger

"...getting my teeth in the Yankee Candle range and it wasn’t' until Himself found my stash of over a dozen half used Yankee Wax tarts the I finally thought I may have to stop buying them and use the ones that I already have. Thank goodness Himself didn't seem the bag under the sink which has about a dozen brand new tarts which are yet to be tried and tested! ==Price and Availability== My local stockist loves me because each time I go in there I ..." Read review

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What does pink sand smell like?

AdvantagesBurns well, nice scent

DisadvantagesToo subtle for me

"...this Pink Sands offering from Yankee Candles I wasn't sure what scent to expect really. I got it from ebay and if I remember correctly the seller didn't have a description of the scent. This review relates to the wax tart of this fragrance which has an estimated burn time of approximately 8 hours but the scent is also popular in other areas of the range including the large jar candles. I think I paid somewhere around £1.20 for this tart. I chose ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ParkParks


One of the more distinctive scents from Yankee! Review with images

AdvantagesLasts ages, fills the room with scent, interesting scent

DisadvantagesCan be slightly sickly after a while

"...very girly! As with all Yankee tarts, the scent fills the whole room and lasts ages, and I would only ever use half a tart at one go as it is more than adequate to give off a scent. This scent is ideal for those who like perfumed scents that are more on the sweet side without being too juvenile. The only thing I would say is that it becomes slightly sickening after a while, however it does generally give the room a nice perfume. All the Yankee tarts ..." Read review

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